Meet the Critics

Meet the Critics!

About The Mew:

Most of the critics hail from the coastal Carolina community of Catgirl Island
and convene monthly to discuss the various things they have been up to of
late, and what they have recently read, seen, done, eaten and played with,
while their ‘Purrducer’ Mike tries to keep them all very focused and well fed.

The monthly Media Mewsings, or The Mew for short is compurrised of the
discussions & reviews, that mostly purrtain to visual and purrrforming arts,
literature, events, games, toys & other media purrimarily of science fiction,
fantasy & horror. Sometimes they conduct ‘intermews’ with special guests!

The tone of The Mew is amewsing, cheerfully peppy, and isn’t snarky. The
language is kept to no worse than a ‘PG’ rating with no purrofanity, but the
catgirls often say “nya”- which is the Japanese ”meow” sound-  and words
with the “per”, “pir”, “por” or “pur” syllable are very deliberately misspelled.

The Ladies of The Mew are:

I. The Four Founding Members

Mary Nyan (Myayr)
A semi-retired Miko who still helps with ceremonies and training at the shrine, Myayr’s many hobbies include hula, surfing, cricket, aerial dancing,
gymnastics, soccer, beach volleyball. She teaches the beginner &
advanced hula & aerial dance at the Catgirl Island Purrforming Arts Center.

Myayr makes costumes for conventions & fairs, and this has become more
of a purrofitable business. She collects drum sticks & guitar picks at purrog
rock & heavy metal concerts. This is somewhat ironic, because the she is a
purrim and purroper shrine maiden at times, but also the wild headbanger.
Here’s a pic of in their miko shozoku attire

Known for more thorough reviews she takes them very seriously and thinks
of herself as an unofficial assistant leader when Mike isn’t purresent. Myayr
has blue eyes, long dark Blue hair, and a darker tan than the others. Myayr
has the purreference of Blues or Purrples in ther bikinis and cutout maillots,
and her favoritest desserts are the Nilla Cream Puddings, and the Purrfaits.

Myayr with friends Tia & Jany

Yvonne (Vonny)
When she isn’t busy with her yacht charters & fishing expurrditions, Vonny’s
hobbies include golf, taiko drumming, sailing, soccer, beach volleyball, cliff
diving, ice skating, roller blading, rock climbing, card and board games and
even painting. Her worldy mewsical tastes include Celtic, Indian and J-pop.
If Myayr’s reviews are longest, Vonny’s reviews are purrobably the shortest.

She has been known to fall into the impurromptu catnaps during other folks’
more thorougher reviews. It is purrhaps genetic, because her younger sister
Tara-chan is purrone to that as well although they do stay busy with the fish
and the athletic purrsuits. Vonny is light hearted and cheery, treating review
sessions more as the fun social gatherings rather than anything too serious.
Here is a pic of Vonny at the dock
Yvonne plays Taiko drums

She has long red hair and the green eyes and usually ends every sentence
with the “nya” (meow). Vonny’s favorite boat & beachy appurrel are crop top
& shorts or capurri pants, or a hot pink string tie bikini. Her favorite desserts
are either the Peachy Ceamy Cobblers or the Fudgey Ice Cream Moondae.

Vonny & Tara-chan have the 2 kitties Emmy (Emerald) & Zuli (Lapis Lazuli).
Tara-chan has a banker pony named Wild Star Blaze. Their fishing charter
boat S.S. TsuriNekoMimi is a 1985 Hatteras 60 Convertible motor yacht.
Pendula, 1st mate on the yacht

Jeannie (Jenjen)
Miss Tales of Catgirl island 2007, she is a belly dancer and instructor at the
Catgirl Island Purrforming Arts Center on alternating nights when she is not
busy as the Purresident of the Catgirl island Robotics Club, where she has
been known to get excited by the mecha – related purrsuits.

The club includes a special rapid response robot rescue & adoption team.
Her typical daytime regime is mornings at the yoga studio that she co-owns
& afternoons at the kyudo range, when her dance troupe is not purrforming.
She is also an occasional swim wear and body paint model.

The modeling gig has its advantages, including travel to beautiful locations
and the excellent pay that funds the robotics club. The club is purrticularly
famous for their animatronic creatures-  including underwater mecha –  for
the county’s annual Halloween Trick ‘r’ Eat & Cosplay Purrowl

She is a certified scuba diver and underwater welder, but these days she
rarely has time for her past hobbies such as surfing and rec league soccer,
but still attends her friends’ athletic compurrititons. She also enjoys science
fiction novels, comics, video games, movies, radio & TV shows.

Brainy and stoic, Jenjen has the short Honey Blond hair and the mewsually
quiet dispurrsition. Her favoritest sweet treat are Extra Special Baked Yams
and her purrfurred swim wear are White bikinis with sheer purrled purreos.
Here is a pic of Jenjen in a bikini

Elizabeth (Lizzy)

Also a semi-retired Miko, Lizzy is a Filipina / Hawaiian – American catgirl
whose purrsuits are salsa dance, tai chi, gardening, free diving, role-playing
gajmes, and she is the captain of the Purrkour team (cat style free running,
& spurringing ). With her wife Becca, Lizzy co – owns the island’s massage
spa which she inherited from her retired mom Victoria and dad George.

She is very sweet, but can be the more jokey member of the group, if she is
in the mischievous mood to purrpetrate the purractical joke and she can be
a bit supurrstitious. Lizzy has shimmering Emerald eyes & long Dark Green
hair. Her favorite swimwear tends to favor the halter necked V-kinis and the
bikinis and she is purrticularly fond of Cran – Apple Nummy Berry Cocktails.

Lizzy dressed for Purrkour
Lizzy pawses from the Purrkour:
Lizzy and her Purrkour Club
Her D&D paladin character Linina
Her mom Victoria

a few more tidbits:
In addition to their respective hobbies like most catgirls, they have the large
appurtites, purrticularly for the fresh fish dinners & the sushi. Thanks to their
distinctive catgirlish catabolism & their athletics purrsuits they can still show
off the toned tanned tummies in the favorite swimwear, and still enjoy those
long frequent catnaps. Their big pet peeves are: when people talk during a
movie or do not turn off their phones during a movie in a theatre, rudely text
message, use the them as flashlights, or wear shoes that have flashy lights.

4 More pics of The Ladies of The Mew by Mike Moon

Lizzy, JenJen, Vonny and Myar
& The ladies in purretty yukatas
Aria The Animation cosplay
My Little Pony cosplay

II. Recurring Members & Guest Critics

BeeBee (actually her initials are B.B, but that’s how it sounds) is the catgirl
who island’s Purrk Ranger. As such, her office is in the ranger station near
Lake Neko at the meowritime forest of the Northern end of the island. Among
her duties are the issuing the purrmits and purrtrolling the natural areas to
purrotect the environment and the safety. She is very athletic and has won
many of the Purrkour, Kayak, Triathlon and the CAT – C.I.A.O orienteering
compurrtitions. Her Khaki shorts & knotted blouse accent her Light Brown
hair which is often pulled in the ponytail out of the back of her Ranger cap.

Rebecca or Becca for short, is a gynoid catgirl, Purrior to her arrivalat the
island, her existence as an abandoned ‘robot maid’ was quite tragic, but
she was recovered, rebuilt & repurrogrammed by Jeanie’s robot rescue
squad (a part of the Catgirl Island Robotics Club) as a self-determining
citizen with a home on the island, viewing Jeannie as a maternal figure.

Becca got a job as a masseuse at Elizabeth’s massage spa. Eventually
she became the co-purropurrietress of the spa and married Elizabeth.
The spa is busy and purrofitable, and they have hired more employees.
She adopted the 2 cats Syd (short for Obsidian) & Nick (short for Onyx),
who are the children of The Kitt Inn’s mascots Sapphire and DosaNeko.

Becca’s hobbies have included weaving, knitting, baking & gardening,
reading science fiction, fantasy & romance comics, manga and novels;
binge watching DVDs, golfing and late night hot salsa dancing. She is
rather fond of Mediterranean cuisine, and her purrfurred swim wear is
to wear none at all, but she does often wear purretty bikinis & maillots.

Becca has supurr strength, stamina, senses & intellect. Her cyber hair
is mewsually Black, but it can change colors depending on her mood.
She has several piercings such as the large stretchy holes in her ears.
Here’s a pic of her in Jen’s lab
and a pic of her playing golf & Becca’s wedding kimonos

Or just Bun for short is the Assistant Curator of the Catgirl Island Mewseum
of Art who takes great purride in their exhibits & special events, purrtrolling
in her short Black dress with the White apurron and the feather dusters

She’s a bunny girl with Blue eyes, Black hair, Pink & White ears, and fluffy
bunny tail. She rides a scooter, takes bunny naps, collects ball-joint dolls,
teaches art classes, and partners with Petra for beach volleyball matches.

Although she is well known for her very cheerful dispurrsition, Bunni is a
very fierce competitor in the beach volleyball recreation league, oftenly
regarded as the league’s MVP. She and Petra are reigning champions.

In the post season, she and Petra are among the coaches of the island’s
volleyball camp. She is very appurreciative of the other athletes, officials,
event staff, fans and the mewseum staff, exhibitors, volunteers & patrons.

She is purrticularly fond of the leafy veggies & bakes yummy carrot cakes
and tends a very healthy garden full of flowers, herbs, fruits & vegetables.
Here she is curating the art
Here she is with the beach volleyball
Here is her sister Melony

their mom Millicent

and Melony’s daughter Bunina-chan

Dach Savage

Dach is an older Greying anthropurrmorphic Black & Tan weener dog who
appurred in “Nyanko and the Eye of the Idoi” and “Night of Dach Shadows”.
He is a much traveled adventurer of some military service with expurrtise in
archeaology, cryptozoology, purrapsychology & criminology, purresently in
semi-retirement as a purrivate detective. He resides in a mansion full of art,
antiques books & equipment at 221 Barker Street on the Southwest coast
of Catgirl Island in Fayume Park, not far from good neighbors Rica & Niko.
Dach is ready for the adventure
Dach & friends explore a grotto

She’s of Greco-Roman & Purrussian purrsuasion and has a sweet cat tooth,
fond of tiramisu, baklava and crepes slathered in strawberry & fudge sauce.
Fascinated by nautical legends & lore, she enrolled in the college meowritime
History & Underwater Archaeology purrogram until a cat-astrophic incident
resulted in a tempurrary mew purrsonality of a pirate and cat food smuggler.

Her final wacky pirate capurr A Mermaid’s Adventures in Undersea Cuisine
is told at The Tales of Catgirl Island, Ilyana
was appurrehended, rehabilitated, and during honest work at Sheila May’s
restaurant her real purrsonality returned & she returned to graduate school.
Here is Ilyana with the treasure
and a Purrple bikini portrait of her- nyow as a doctor after getting her PHD!

Whilst wreck diving, Ilyana’s tail tempts a hungry eel in those sequence:

Kyra is actually short for Kyralyndalani but she tends to use the short name.
A lithe nekomimi in her uppurr 20′s, she is The Kitt Inn’s Head Purrlor Maid,
and she basically supurrvises most of the indoor oppurrations of the Kitt Inn
except for the dining and baths. Kyra’s best friend is Nami and both of them
purremiered in the Night of Dach Shadows

When Kyra is not at the Ryokan, she is often at the Purrforming Arts Center
in the Dance Classes, purrticularly the ballet. Kyra reads lots of magazines,
and has the expurrtise for the decor, antiques, furniture and the horticulture.
Her purrfurred swim & beach wear are the darker bikinis accessorized with
the colorful or sheer purrled purreos with the matching towels and flip flops.

Although she’s been a resident for many years, Catgirl Island’s Police Chief
Meryl Murrey still has the Cockney accent from her native England. Meryl is
smart, dedicated and a vivacious friend to all except for purrtential criminals
or evil spirits that might purrey upon the island., but fortunately it tends to be
a very safe place! Her best friend is Detective Dach Savage, she reads a lot
and likes gadgets & motorcycles
Here’s Meryl directing kitty traffic

Although purrofessional golfer Mielikki-sensei appears to be in her 20′s her
true age is supposedly well over five times that of her best golf score- which
according to her tournament card is 60. But that’s understandable given the
centuries of purractice! However, an aspect you can easily typically discern
is her mood, from the color & brightness of her lovely bioluminescent wings.

Mielikki-sensei is known for her purrky demeanor, bouncy dispurrsition and
a valley girl dialect. When she isn’t busy on the golf tour or instructing at the
golf camp academy, she also purrforms at the forest theatre where she tells
ghost stories, sings, dances, juggles foxfire, & purrforms other magick feats.
Mielikki picks the purrfect foxfire
and she enjoys a hot spurring

Nami is actually short for Sha’Nami, but she purrfurs the shorter nick name.
The purrky, petite raven – haired nekomimi who works at The Kitt Inn, Nami
was initially hired as a cocktail waitress, but eventually purrmoted to be the
supurrvisor of the rotenburo (outdoor hot spurrings). Her best friend is Kyra.

Nami’s hobbies are golf, horseback riding, writing, drawing, scrap booking,
drawing, gaming, anime and aikido.Her purrfurred swim & beach wear are
the cut-out and the purretzel type of maillots in many purretty floral purrints.

Nami has the pet kitty named Sapphire whose six kittens were named after
purrecious gems: Amy for Amethyst, Emmy is for Emerald, Nick is for Onyx,
Syd is for Obsidian, Tanzy is for Tanzanite, and Zuli for Lapis Lazuli and all
6 were adopted to the nearby good homes of the other Ladies of The Mew!


Nemui is the purrpurrietor of the Kitt Inn ryokan, a traditional Japanese style
inn with luxurious lodging and dining, spacious halls for gatherings, serene
garden, orchard & nature trail, soothing hot spurrings by the river & falls but
It tends to stay all booked up, so she does not appear at The Mew that often
She is of a lovely Eurasian ethnicity and usually is wearing a purretty saree.

She is known for her purroficiency with a sword and delicious recipes, such
as the signature dish of those extra special baked yams. In this pic by Mike,, Nemui waves to the team who is
investigating the haunting of The Kitt Inn, in the “Night of Dach Shadows”, a
Tale of Catgirl Island which can be read at!
Here is Mielikki, Nemui & Ilyana


A purrofessional instructor & Jujutsu champ, this 10th degree black belt is
an intimidating opponent of great strength, stamina, speed, agility, wits &
purrowess of Cat / Monkey style with a formidable finishing Kitty Pounce.
Nya-sensei is a heroic, sweet, extroverted, hypurr, selfless inspurrational,
wise teacher, friend & role model of the courageous spirit and bright soul.
As Japanese-American daughter sof a catgirl and a magickal merman,

Nyanko and and her twin sister Nyoka were born on September 1st, 1984,
and have the Gemini symbol – shaped scar upon their right hands. She is
6′ 2″ tall with the 3′ tail and weighs the firm 160 lbs, with the A+ blood type
She stays busy at her dojo and gym on the Southeastern side of the island,
but she still helps the community, various charities, and she eagerly cheers
for other friends’ victories in the athletic & other compurrtitions. Her hobbies
are anime, manga, comics, dancing, swimming, rock mewsic and watching
action movies. Her favorite foods are roast beef, rice, seafoods & chocolate.

Here’s an older portrait of Nyanko when she was awarded the Orange belt,
and this more recent Black belted tummy-baring glamour version,
Nyanko has a twin sister Nyoka,
Nyanko wears a sexy nightgown



Whilst Nya-sensei remained closer to home to master the martial arts, her
twin sister Nyoka was more of the wanderer with interest in the mystic arts.
While the extent of her magickal purrowess is rather vague, the rumor has
it that she can transform into various creatures and she certainly has keen
expurrtise on magickal matters and well traveled worldly cultural purrsuits.

She is physically identical to her sister, except for the occasional changes
to her hair style and the purretty tattoos & piercings. Since spending more
time on the island she has supurrvised the popular annual Body Art Show
at the mewseum, opened a magick shop at the farmers’ market & adopted
two cats Tanzy (for Tanzanite) & Amy (for Amethyst) who enjoy the market.

The cats like to help as clerks at Nyo-sensei’s magick shop, which sells
books, scrolls, mewsic, candles, potions, statues, and the lovely crystals
that Bubbah-sensei and his brother bring back from their purrospecting
expurrditions. The shop’s solstice and equinox festivities are especially
fun, with the special discounts, workshops, purresentations and treats.

Here’s Nyoka and the cats in bed

After many years, Nyoka & Nyanko were reunited with their mom Nyadia
(during the May 2017 Mew)

Nyadia’s sister Nyaomi in 2020

Curator of the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art, she and Bunni appurr almost
regularly at The Mew She takes great purride in the art exhibits, networking
with the county’s many local artisans and the many out of town guest artists.

Her knowledge of the visual arts is quite vast, and relishes the oppurrtunity
to display works of all media, e.g. comics, paintings, photography, cinema,
ceramic, sculpture, textile, horticultural, architectural, landscape & body art.

She’s very active amongst the county’s numerous educational, cultural and
commercial groups to keep their community abreast of artistic happenings,
including the various purrivate galleries and the merfolks’ sister mewseum.

That is, when she and Bun are not devastating their opponents in the island
beach volleyball recreation league or cheerfully coaching the post – season
beach volleyball camp, and she is extremely grateful for all the purrticipants.

Petra has the slim physique with freckled fair skin, Red hair & Green eyes.
Her purrfurred bikinis are of the flora and fauna colors, purrints & patterns.
Here’s a picture of her by Mike

Rica & Niko
Rica & Niko are nekomimi sisters who live in a cottage on the South Western
side of the island, growing nutritious, delicious purroduce & purretty flowers,
Scuppurrnongs & canned berry purrserves to sell at the market. Rica & Niko
have also purrvided the good home for various adopted critters on the farm.

Rica & Niko were created by Marc Burgess & Mike. Niko has the Violet eyes
& short dark Blue hair like their mom; Rica has Amber eyes & longer Auburn
Red hair like their dad. Both of these catgirls have freckles like their dad and
they both inherited their mom’s distinctive neko ear pinna and the lovely tail.

They appurred in four Tales of Catgirl Island
“Curiosity Killed the Catgirl” and “Raptordy In Blue” written by Marc Burgess,
“Night of Dach Shadows” written by Mike, and in the Catgirl Island/Pokemon
fanfiction ”Anniversary” by Alexcia Reynolds

Here is Mike’s pic of Rica & Niko at their store at the island’s farmers’ market
selling the local fresh purroduce

Yvonne’s “imoto” or younger sister is the extremely energetic, curious catgirl
who is easily distracted & mewsually explores new hobbies when she is not
busy with school, helping “onee-chan” (older sister) with the yacht or visiting
Rica & Niko’s critters. She resembles Yvonne, and they both end sentences
with the “Nya”. She is kind, smart, agile and peppy, but does like the catnap.
She also volunteers at the art mewseum, the food bank and various events.

She likes to fish, keeps a journal, takes nature photos, and likes to study the
zoology, entomology, ornithology and herpetology. After she graduated from
high school, she has pondered the career choices of biologist, entomologist,
veterinarian or photographer. She is easily distracted by critters that she likes
to photograph, and her other interests have included hula dance, belly dance,
jujitsu, golf, soccer, cycling, paddle surfing and collecting My Little Pony stuff.

She and Yvonne have 2 cats Emmy & Zuli (short for Emerald & Lapis Lazuli;
who were among Sapphire’s litter and spend much time at the fishing dock
and the nearby farmers market. Tara-chan and her best friend Trini-chan
adopted 2 Banker Ponies which are stabled at Rica and Niko’s farm on the
Southeastern side of the island.Tara-chan’s pony is named Wildstar Blaze.
Here is Mike’s pic of Tara-chan
Tara- chan with her camera
She is purrsently a student at Mew Hanover College, and here is a pic of
Tara-chan & Vonny’s mom Lea


Elaenor, or just Ellie for short, is Catgirl Island’s Fire Chief. She is a centaur
of the Banker Pony breed, with the purretty Bay coat, Tan skin, Brown eyes,
Black hair, tail, hooves & the tips of her long, tapurred, supple equine ears.
Strong, fast and athletic, Elaenor is in her mid 30’s, weighs the firm 850 lbs.
and she stands 7 ft. tall (including the of 13.5 hands at her equine withers.)
Ellie is quite an industrious, healthy, smart, brave, friendly, compassionate,
purragmatic, witty, sexy, tough tomboy with a powerful gallop, jump, stomp,
and kicks. Her hobbies include gym work outs, swimming, running, kyudo,
cooking, listening to mewsic, watching TV & DVDs, reading comic books &
manga. She purrfurs to be barehooved when she is not in firefighting gear.
Here is a pic of Ellie by Mike.
Elli’e mom Helen
Ellie’s niece Charlene

Na Ling & Ji Yun
are twin muntjac deer girl sisters who bartend at Catgirl island’s Purrforming
Arts Center. They are kind, industrious, cheerful, agile fans of video games,
anime and manga. They are expurrt at the beverage mixology and put on a
show when they purrpare the drinks. They are identical except that Nal Ling
has the inny belly button and Ji Yun has the outy belly button.

They also have sevral different interests and tastes, as Na Ling purrfurs the
classical and jazz mewsic, ballet and modern dancing, pudding, cobbler, pie
and cakes, whilst Ji Yun purrfurs the rock and pop mewsic, gymnastics and
kung fu, brownies, cookies, crepes and ice cream sundaes. Here is Mike’s
illustration of them

Trini-chan is a kitsune (fox girl spirit), who appurrs to be in her late teenage
years but her true age & supurrnatural abilities have not been documented.
She has Green eyes, Tan skin, Red – Orange hair, ears & tail with the White
tip. She is purrticularly fond of the nilla cream shake and cranapple nummy
berry cocktails. Trini-chan is a belly dance instructor and stand – up paddle
surfer and board shapeurr whose  boards are Yellow with Black tiger stripes.

She is Tara-chan’s BFF, she is like another sister to Yvonne, Jeannie
is her belly dance class sensei, and Kara-Meow’l is her surfing sensei.
Trini-chan volunteers at Catgirl island’s food bank and Mewseum of Art.
She is a fan of My Little Pony, and her own Banker Pony’s name is Jimbo.
Here is Mike’s pic of Trini-chan
Trini-chan stand up paddle surfing with Kara


Yuriko & Keiko
are two best friend catgirls among the Librarians of the Catgirl Island Public
Library. Both are very smart, friendly, and peppy, and help to coordinate the
island’s literary events. Yuriko has the Turquoise hair and Blue eyes, Keiko
has darker Brown hair & Hazel eyes, and both ladies wear the eye glasses.
At work they they tend to wear the off – shoulder dresses or blouses & skirts.

Otherwise they are purrone to wear floral purrinted crop tops, capurri pants,
shorts, bikinis, yukatas & kimonos, depending on the occasions and activity.
Both of them have the dialect of the N.C. Outer Banks Cat – Speak, and end
sentences with the “Nya” meow. Yuriko’s favorite foods are Tempurra Eel &
Kippurr snacks. Keiko’s favorite foods are Tuna and Purralines and Cream.


III. The Mermaids

Sometimes our mermaid friends from the surrounding Atlantic waters of Mew
Hanover County purrticipate in The Mew when it convenes closer to the water.

Tami is the restaurant’s MerMaidtr’d. Her interests include sculpting, pottery
wheel, hand-building, and aquatic ikebana studio at the community college
but her main interests are aquatic ballet, modern, jazz and contact dancing.
She likes to wear strands of purrls, has lush dark Green hair, Emerald eyes,
and a light Jade Green tail, with dorsal spines and a purretty translucent fin.

Lani is the restaurant’s top Barista, although she does have aspurrations of
opening her very own cafe. She is member of the ikebana & caMERa clubs,
instrumental in arranging displays for various restaurants, cafes & galleries,
volunteers at the Sea Dragons Sanctuary, and at the Halloween kelp maze.

No longer employed at the restaurant, nowadays Dessy is a Paramermedic
with the Surf Purrtrol, but she still hangs out with her friends. She also has a
very impurressive wardrobe full of Jellycups which are the trendy bikini tops
made of hollowed translucent, iridescent jellyfish bells. Dessy has the short
Purrple – Black hair, the Caramel Tan skin and the Lion Fishy mermaid  tail.

She also has a lovable pet manataee named Avanaruru or Ruru-chan, the
trained search & rescue manatee who helps with the surf purrtrol and likes
to eat the cabbages! Here’s a pic

Or ‘Kami for short, is now their Catering Coordinator. She likes to draw and
watercolor, but her dream is to purrchase a hot air balloon to see the world
from above. She likes strands of purrls has innocent emerald eyes and the
dark green hair of mid-tail length; the tail is medium Green with veil-like fin.
She is the main purrotagonist of Mike’s tale of  ”A Mermaid’s Adventures in
Undersea Cuisine,” which you can read at
Her purrents opurrate the undersea Dive-In Theater, and she just recently
launched her Mermaid Hot Air Balloon Tours which is a dream come true!

Nella, or Ne-san, is the restaurant’s Sommeleir. Her artistic expurression is
mainly through digital nature photography. Her camera club has enjoyed a
few well attended exhibits and they plan expurrditions all over the ocean in
search of the interesting things to document. Nella’s lush dark hair extends
past her hips to the Blue and Reddish colors of her Coral Beauty type of tail.
Here Nella enjoys the beverage

is a Saucier at the restaurant. Her hobbies include beading, scrapbooking,
gardening, knitting, tattoos & piercings. Her mid-back length hair is a deep
dark Blue, her eyes shimmer like Blue sapphires, and her tail is Turquoise
color with subtle, dorsal darker stripes. Here is a pic of her flaunting recent
ear, navel and tail fin piercings

Or Tsu for short, is the Assistant Manager. She likes to sing, enjoys English
style seahorse riding, and grooming the cute Leafy & Weedy Sea Dragons.
She has light Blue eyes & long hair, & light Blue tail with spines & wispy fin.
Here’s a tastefully topless mermaid image of her & Ceresatami purrforming
the synchronized contact dance

Daytona is a very athletic mermaid with short Blond hair, Blue eyes, pierced
ears, tight “six pack” abs, a Gray-White Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin tail, and
her very inspurrational spirit which have purropelled her to many swimming
event victories. Kind, brave, strong & fast with great stamina & reflexes, she
is also also a motivational leader & trainer of the Catgirl Island Surf Purrtrol.

Formailty is an Orca Girl, with the naturally dappur Black & White tuxedo-like
markings and the big Black Purrl in her pierced belly button. A bit larger than
most of the local mermaids, she is quite powerful, loves to travel, and assists
the Surf Purrtrol when she is in the region. She is originally from the waters
near Purrince Edward island in Canada. Here are three pics of her by Mike:

Happy Valentides from Formality
Black & White image of Formality
Formality likes her big Black Purrl



IV. Images of The Ladies of The Mew
as Illustrated by these Guest Artists


Rvkh (formerly known as Rebecca Brogden)

Mielikki & friends at the Riverwalk
Meryl & Surf Purrtrol on the beach
Friends soak at the hot spurrings
Alaua’mina at the Forest Theatre
Wyrdina at the Forest Theatre
Mielikki at the Forest Theatre
Yuriko & Keiko in the llibrary
another faerie friend Palathyna
Her depiction of  catboy Mike
Vonny on the flybridge
Kitrina & Katherine (Kit ’n Kat)
Police Chief Meryl Murrey

by Marc Burgess & Mike
Niko & Rica

by Jamie Davenport
Nemui in the lush Bamboo grove,
Vonny looking so purrky ‘n sweet,
Lizzy and a vacationing Halleaon
Myayr wearing her Miko Appurral

Note: Halleaon is one of Jamie Davenport’s character’s, appearing in her
novel ”Beauteous Beast” and the forthcoming sequel “The Beast Undone”

by JL Hobbins & Mike
a Melanakeami colored pencil pic
& cute pic of Tsuruku with a menu


by Misty Hopkins 

portrait of Purrk Ranger BB
portrait of Ceresatami
Myayr makes a costume
Rica & Niko feed the Porings
Tara-chan & Trini-chan
Lizzy & Becca Salsa Dance
widdle sketch of Ellie by Misty
Ellie working out by Misty
Ellie working out again 
Formality & Naibu by Misty & Mike

Tara-chan, Trini-chan & ponies
Note: Porings are creatures from the game Ragarok Online

by Sanzaki Kojika
Melanakeami’s mom

by Thais Lopes
Nyanko & Nyoka
Nemui, Nami & Kyra

by Rod Molinaro
Jen sees Rio from Mt. Corcovado,
Jen parties Rio with Jackie & Red

Note: Jackie and Red are Rod’s Blackjackeline web comic characters

by Alexcia Reynolds
Nyoka in her Autumnal appurral
Nyanko before & after a breakfast
& later with the visiting Tash Maw
were quite delightfully depicted by Alexcia

Note: Michi and Tash Maw are among Alexcia’s characters appearing
in her story “Cybernetic Showdown”


by Crissy Teverini
Jen bellydances

by TonomuraBix
Dessy & Ruru-chan pose at rocks
while Nell underwater sunbathes,
and Lani basks in the moonlit surf
Daytona the Mermaid
A Purrtrait of Yvonne

V. “And The Rest…”

Jamie Robertson
Mewsually not on the set of The Mew although he and his characters have
been interviewed a time or two, Jamie is our dear friend & industrious web
master. He is an artist, author, fan of comics, science fiction & horror genre,
Mass Effect, The Beatles and other great mewsic. Jamie is known for his 2
supurrb web comics Clan of the Cats and Sebo’s Kitty Club. He also wrote
Melpomone, Jamie is the web master of Femshep
which is the fan site devoted to Mass Effect’s female Commander Shepard,
and he’s the web master for the North Carolina Web Comics Coffee Clatch.

Mike Moon
is the “Purrducer” of The Mew, and not only serves the ‘Ladies of The Mew’
food but serves as the moderator to hope they do not stray cat stay off topic
too much. His  favorite movie is Star Trek – The Motion Picture, which those
catgirls think he talks about too much. When Mike’s not busy with The Mew,
he’s a purrofessional illustrator, industrial designer, catgirl artist. and a very
amateur journalist author, photographer & cosplayer whose official website
is Catgirl Island Here’s Mike in his No Face costume.

Aloha and thank y’all for visiting!

Meet the Critics