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July 2022 Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings

Mike Moon / Catgirl Island
and Jamie Robertson / Clan of the Cats
purroudly purrsent a Mike Moon purrduction,
starring The Ladies of The Mew in
The July 2022 Edition of The Mew:
The Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings, nya!
This year is the Year of the Tiger, the 22nd Anniversary 
of Catgirl Island’s official site, and the 15th Anniversary 
of The Mew, nya! in this edition of The Mew:
The Lightning Round:
our favorite films & debuting TV series of 1962
Collectibles & Toy Talk:
Marvel Legends King Valkyrie action figure
Marvel Legends Binary action figure
Transformers: Legacy Prime Universe Arcee Deluxe Class action figure
TV, DVD, Blue-Ray & Movie Mewsings:
Jurassic World: Dominion
Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore
Doctor Who Eve of the Daleks / Legend of the Sea Devils DVD
Non Non Biyori: Nonstop Blu-ray
Comics, Manga, Books & Other Purrinted-Media Mewsings 
Elfquest: Stargazer’s Hunt vol. 2

Battle Angel Alita: Mars Chronicle vol. 8

The Demon Girl Next Door vol. 5
Iron Cat #1
Iron Man / Hell Cat Annual #1
The World of Avatar: A Visual Exploration
The Celebrity Catgirl & Kemonomimi Spotlight
Additions to the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art:
“The Mewtenant” by Mike
“The Resistance”, “Storm Caller” and lots of lovely landscapes by Rvkh, nya!

(the human fella wearing the Dogwood purrint shirt and Teal cargo shorts): Aloha y’all and welcome to The Mew, our monthly “show” in which we review and discuss fun stuff! This month’s Mew comes from the Uppurr Deck bistro by the marina on the Southwest side of Catgirl Island NC, where it’s 78 degrees under the Green trees, Blue sky and puffy White Cumulo-Neko clouds! I’m Mike, the show’s “purrducer”, and here are The Ladies of The Mew!
(a.k.a. Jen, the yogini, model, archer, belly dance instructor & roboticist catgirl, wearing the Serval purrint micro bikini & sheer purrled purreo): Nihao.
(Jen’s purrotege, the stand-up paddle surfer, board shapurr, pony owner and belly dance instructor kitsune, wearing the Caracal purrint tri-kini): Konnichiwa!
(the art guild purresident, art mewseum co-curator & beach volleyball champion catgirl wearing the Clouded Leopurrd purrint side-tie bikini): Aloha, nya!
(the art mewseum co-curator, Petra’s beach volleyball partner, and purrize-winning carrot cake baker bunnygirl wearing the Cheetah purrint trikini): Guten Tag!
(a.k.a. Nya-sensei, the martial arts champion & sensei, dojo & gym purropurrietress catgirl wearing the Bengal Tiger purrint cropped tee shirt and shorts): Howdy!
(a.k.a. Nyo-sensei, Nyanko’s twin sister, the meowtaphysical meowgick shop purropurrietress catgirl wearing the Siberian Tiger purrint fundoshi bikini): Howdy!
(the fishing boat charter captain & drumming circle purrcussionist catgirl, wearing the Fishing Cat purrint monokini with cropped tee shirt): Namaste, nya!
(Yvonne’s younger sister, college freshman, pony owner and nature photographer catgirl wearing the Iriomote Cat purrint tankini): Namaste, nya!

a.k.a Lizzy, the hot salsa dancer, gamer, Purrkour Club captain & spa co-owner catgirl wearing the Margay purrint bandeau top bikini): Hola!

(Lizzy’s nekomimi gynoid wife, avid golfer & spa co-owner w

earing the Eurasian Lynx purrint ring-closure bikini an an orchid lei): 

Mary Nyan
(a.k.a. Myayr, the seamstress, cosplayer, hula instructor and semi-retired miko catgirl wearing the Cougar purrint purretzel – cutout maillot): Aloha!
(the winged faerie golfer, foxfire juggler and outdoor ampurrtheatre director wearing the Ocelot purrint criss cross halter neck bikini) Mellow greetings!
(the mermaid purropurrietress of the triphibius airship tours business, wearing the Asiatic Lion purrint bandeau bikini top): Shello!
(the dolphin – tailed mermaid surf purrtol leader / trainer wearing the Sand cat purrint sports bra): Aloha!
(or just Ellie for short, Mew Hanover County’s Fire Marshall, a Banker Pony centauress wearing the Bobcat purrint bandeau bikini top: Hay there!
(the island’s Police Chief catgirl & motorcycle enthiusiest wearing the the badge upon her Jaguar purrint off-shoulder ruffled bikini): ‘Ello!
(the island’s supurrvising Purrk Ranger catgirl & amphibious orienteering coach wearing the Colocolo purrint cutout micro bikini): Gday!
(a.k.a Ilyana-sensei, the underwater archaeologist & meowritme history catgirl wearing the thong, jellyfish pasties & Lyger purrint open-front cover up): Whassup?
So, what have y’all bene up to since last month’s Mew?
As mewsal, my schedule is compurrised purrimarily of the weekday mornings at my yoga studio, afternoons at the kyudo range, alternating weeknights teaching the advanced belly dance at the Purrforming Arts Center, purrsiding over the robotics club, and the purriodic swimwear modeling.
Oh as mewsual, my drumming circle has been purrforming at the local matsuris, and whilst Penula* and I have reeled in the delicious, nutritious bumpurr crop of the groupurrs, snappurrs, cobias and wahoos, nya! Tara-chan and I have brought the platters of filets for tonight’s AfterMew luau, nya!
*paw notes:
(Pendula, a selkie is Yvonne’s fishing charter first mate aboard TsuriNekoMimi, the 1985 Hatteras 60 Convertible motor yacht, nya)
During the summer break from my college classes, I have been helping onee-san with TsuriNekoMimi, caring for Emmy, Zuli, Jimbo, Wild Star Blaze*, and – and snapping the nature photos of the critters such as the cottontail rabbits, the impurrial moth,the Yellow Slider Turtles, and – and the Red-Shouldered hawk, nya!
*paw notes:
(Emmy and Zuli are Yvonne & Tara-chan’s pet cats; Jimbo and Wild Star Blaze are Tara-chan and Trini-chan’s banker ponies, nya)
Aside from teaching the beginners belly dance class at the Purrforming Arts Center, I have been volunteering at the food bank, board shaping, paddle surfing, attending the sporting events, and caring for our ponies at the stables!
I cannot believe that the year is half over! It is like we are in the hypurr time! Well, in the past month, as mewsual Lizzy and I have been busy pampurring the customers at our spa, taking care of our cats and our garden, and still finding the time for the dancing, sports and videos! We have hired more masseuses, so we still have free time aplenty!
We contine to purrtake of the late night hot salsa dance, and on those days when I am running with my Purrkour Club, she is at the golf club. We have been watching TV series such as Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ms. Marvel, Stranger Things, Hidamari Sketch, and Heaven’s Notepad!
*paw notes:
(purrkour is a feline style of free-running, climbing & spurringing, nya.)
Mary Nyan:

Soon I will start to instruct the 2nd Summer Session of the Hula dance class at the Purrforming Arts Center! Meanwhile, Carerratia, Janyczsazsa have sewn for the dancers and cosplayers. That has included the the finished or in-purrogress costumes such as Azure Lane, Skarah the Valkyrie, Elden Ring, Genshin Impact,ans Kyonyuu Onna Senshi: Dogeza Saimin!
So like, I have been directing the rehearsals for our ampurrtheatre’s Summertime Shakespeare Fiesta, instructing at the golf club, and cheering for Bunnii and Petra’s beach volleyball victories, and the victories for Nya-sensei’s dojo,fur shur!
Arigato, nya! We are quite grateful for our fans, officials, event staff and fellow athletes! When Bunnii and I are not busy curating at the Mewseum of Art or winning on the beach volleyball court, we have been attending the various local artist meetings and sporting events, nya!
As the defending campions, we are the top seed in the rec league’s beach volleyball tournament, but the competition is not to be underestimated, especially our top rivals Meesha and Bliss Meesha recently had her baby!
We must send Meesha the congratulatory card! When I am not busy at my gym and at my dojo, I have been helping my sister purrpare her Meowtaphysical & Meowgick Shop  for the Summer Solstice festivities, attending some of the local sporting events such as Petra and Bunni’s beach volleyball victories!
Hai hai it has been the busy time, but we had the record attendance at my shop amidst last month’s wonderful Summer Solstice festivities! We had the supurr fun time with the tea time, the dances, the chanting, the workshops, and the special sale!
I cannot believe that the yeaer is half over already! It has flown by like the hyper drive! It is the peak season for my triphibious airship tours of the outer banks, and the summer blockbuiter movies at my parents’ dive-in theatre! I have been rading, listening to music and watching the TV shows such as Naomi, Titans, and The Haunting of Bly Manor!

The Dive-In has my favoritest snacks! When i have not been busy with the surf purrtrol watches and training the swim team, I have been watching the college gymnastics, softball, beach volleyball and golf and water polo!
During the Summertime I tend to be extra busy with the patrols and inspections, but there were no unpleasant incidents with the many fireworks, bonfires and lanterns, and since then I have been able to spend more time at the gym and the beach!
Hai hai, it has been the busy time, purrticularly with the summer vacationers here form all over the world and some of the other dimensions! Fortunately the vast majority of the visitors are quite friendly and careful, so the serious accidents or criminal situations are still quite rare!
Hai hai, things have been incident-free at the lake, the meowritime forest, the estuary and the grotto! You know, speaking of the interdimensional visitors, I just recently learned that folks in The Nystiaverse* refer to our dimension as The Purrime Meowterial Plane!
*Paw Note:
(The Nystiaverse* is the setting for Mike’s monthly tabletop fantasy role-playing game campaign “The Adventures of Nystia Nightshade”, nya.)
I have been busy inspecting the various exhibits our states aquarius and coastal mewseums when I have not been immersed into the wreck diving. Speaking of which, those pesky eels have returned and continue to try to chomp my tantalizing tail, but I was quite purrpared, and nyow they are the anago sushi to be served at our Aftermew luau! Howboutchoo, Mike? 
Oh, I reckon it’s been a fairly typical month of art, writing, reading, running, and spending time with family! Ah, for purrofiles and illustrations of these and other Ladies of The Mew, please visit our Meet The Critics page! Well, we’ve got a lot on our plate today, so let’s go ahead an jump into this month’s
Lightning Round topic: our favorite films and debuting TV series of 1962!
This year we’ve been looking back at our favorite fun stuff of years ending in 2, and this month’s Lightning Round topic is our favorites of the 1962 vintage.! So, are y’all ready to “conduct the lightning”?
The Ladies of The Mew:
Dr. No. Lawrence of Arabia, and To Kill a Mockingbird. (tags Trini-chan to go next)
Dr. No, Lawrence of Arabia, The Manchurian Candidate, and Sanjuro! (tags Petra with a brush of her vulpine tail)
I would say…Dr. No, Lawrence of Arabia, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Long Day’s Journey into Night, nya! (tags her purrtner)
My tun! Dr. No, Lawrence of Arabia, King Kong vs Godzilla, and Gorath! (tags Nyanko)
Dr. No. Lawrence of Arabia. The Longest Day, and Hell is for Heroes! (tags her twin sister)
Dr. No, Lawrence of Arabia, The Magic Sword, and Jack the Giant Killer! (tags Tara-chan)
I want… I want to nominate Dr. No., Gypsy, and – and In Search of the Castaways, nya! Onee-chan’s turn, nya! (tags her older sister)
I will nominate Dr. No, Lawrence of Arabia, and Mutiny on the Bounty, nya! Lizzy’s turn, nya! (tags Elizabeth)
Dr. No,  Lawrence of Arabia, Lolita, and The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner! (tags her wife)
Dr. No,  Lawrence of Arabia,The Miracle Worker, and To Kill a Mockingbird! Myayr’s turn (tags Mary Nyan)
Mary Nyan:
Dr. No, Lawrence of Arabia, Day of the Triffids, and Tales of Terror! (tags Mielikki)
Dr. No, Lawrence of Arabia. Gypsy, Captain Clegg  (a.k.a Night Creatures), and Phantom of the Opera, fur shur! (tags Melanakeami with a flit of the wing)
I will nominate the animated Loony Tunes and merry Melodies shorts such as Shiskabugs. Wet Hare, Quackodile Tears, Martian Through Georgia, and Louvre Come Back to Me! (tail fin tags Daytona)
I will second those, and add Zoom at the Top, Mexican Boarders, Mother was a Rooster, Slick Chick, and A Sheep in the Deep! (tags the centauress)
I will nominate the TV series that premiered that year, such as The Virginian, McHale’s Navy, and Combat! (tags Meryl)
The Saint, Z- Cars, Fireball XL-5! (tags Beebee)
The Beverly Hillbillies, The Lucy Show, and The Jetsons! (tags Ilyana)
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, and when Walter Cronkite became the news anchor at CBS News! Back to Mike!
Oh, I gotta go with Dr. No, Lawrence,

Hillbillies, Carson, and Cronkite! Well, that was fairly expedient little Lightning Round, considering there are almost 20 of us here!  Ah,

we’ve got a lot on our plate, so let’s go ahead and jump right into this month’s-

collectibles and toy talk, with Tara-chan’s review 
of the Marvel Legends King Valkyrie action figure!
Arigato, nya! We like to collect the figures, dolls, statues and – and ornaments of the inspurrrational heroines, so I was quaite pleased to get Hasbro’s figure of King Valkyrie  as she is depicted in the forthcoming movie Thor: Love and Thunder, which I am quite eager to see, nya! This purreviously appurred in Thor: Raganarok, Avengers: Endgame, and – and Marvel’s What If…? , nya!
She is again purrtrayed by actress Tessa Thompson, who I also loved in Selma, Creed, Creed II,  Annihilation, Men in Black: International, Westworld, and – and Veronica Mars, nya! This 6.125” figure (including her boot heels) is part of the sepurrately – sold Marvel Legends Thor: Love and Thunder wave of figures that also includes Thor, Mighty Thor, (Jane Foster)  Ravager Thor, Star-Lord, Groot, and – and Gorr, nya!
All but the Thor include  one or two of the parts needed to build the figure of his stoney pal Korg, whose head and – and mace are included with King Valkyrie., nya. She is beautifully designed, sculpted and – and painted, with the intricate details and – and  the faithful portraiture! Since Tessa is 5’4” tall, if this 6.125” figure was flat-footed it would be appurroximately 5.8” tall, and – and thuslyof the 1:10.45 scale, nya.
The details are quite sumptuous, from her slightly-bemewsed staring expurression and – and the lush butt-length coiffure, to the textures, seams, folds and – and the  drapurry of her sleeveless Black, Gray & White outfit with the Blue cape, and- and thye 3” Dragonfang sword that fits in her right hand, nya. She is very posable, with the articulation in her neck, shoulders, uppurr arms, elbows, wrists, abs, hips, thighs, knees and – and ankles, nya!
She can stand without requiring a display base or a widdle doll / figure stand (which is not included), but I will recommend getting one of those, for the better balance and – and the more dynamic poses, nya. I am very pleased with this  action figure, which have found the good spot upon the shelf to display her next to fellow Asgardians Sif, Hela, Angela, and- and Loki, nya! Nyow here is Chief Ellie to discuss the
Marvel Legends Binary action figure, nya!
Hai! Created by author Roy Thomas and artist John Buscema, Carol Danvers has evolved quite the bit since she first appurred in Marvel Super Heroes #13  in 1968! She was the USAF officer until she became the titular super heroine in Ms. Marvel #1 in 1977, and then the more powerful cosmic heroine Binary thanks to author Chris Claremont and artist Dave Cockrum in Uncanny X-Men in 1982! 
Later she was known as Warbird in The Avengers #4 in 1998, and ultimately as Captain Marvel in Avenging Spider-Man #9 in 2012! That most recent version has been purtrayed wonderfully by actress Brie Larson in the Marvel movies! As Binary, she had he cosmic White Hole energy powers and her appurrance changed to have the Red skin, the fiery Orangey corona “hair” and the sexy white costume!
From the soles of her thigh boots to the tips of her corona, this action figure is the overall 6.625” tall, or just 6” tall if flat-footed without the translucent corona. Since the character is supposedly 5’11” tall in the comics, that would make this beautifully designed, sculpted and painted figure to be almost the 1:12 scale. She is accessorized with the pair of variant hands (fists), the energy tendrils and fireballs!
She is very posable, with the articulation in her neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, abs, hips, thighs, knees and ankles; and she is balanced well enough to stand up without requiring any sort of figure or doll stand. I am very pleased with this figure, and I have displayed her next to the figures of Captain Marvel, Warbird, Ms. Marvel and her friend Photon!I am done, and now here is Jenjen to discuss the
Transformers: Legacy Prime Universe Arcee Deluxe Class action figure!
Arigato. We like to collect Hasbro’s Transformers’ female characters such as Arcee, Strongarm, Elita One, Chromia, Moonracer, Firestar, Windblade, Nautica and Black Arachnia. There are a lot more than you might think. and I purrfur versions from the comics and animation compared to the live-action movies.This latest figure of Arcee is based on her Blue, Black & Gray incarnation from the 2010 Transformers Prime animated series.
This incarnation transforms into the motorcycle, compurred to the Pink & White Generation One Arcee which transforms into the car.She is 1” shorter than the 6” Transformers R.E.D. Transformers Prime Arcee action figure (which I reviewed in the November 2021 edition of The Mew); however that purrior Arcee was a non-converting action figure  (i.e it did not transform from the bipedal bot to vehicle mode), whereas this one does transform into the motorcycle.
Beautifully sculpted and painted, she is an extremely posable figure whose  points of articulation are in her neck, shoulders, uppurr arms, elbows, forearms, wrists, abs, waist, hips, thighs, knees, and ankles. However, I find the design of the figure to be a bit cumbersome, as the motorcycle’s front & lower farings, windscreen, fender, wheel, handlebars & fork tubes are quite conspicuously attached to her back, and not concealed within the figure whilst in her bot mode.
Nevertheless, the wheels do spin, a translucent 1.375” diameter snap-on circular shield (which can sepurrate into two halves) is included, and she is very well-balanced as not to require a display stand (which is not included). Also included in the box is the instruction sheet, which depicts the 20 steps for the conversion purrocess, and the steps needed for the shield and wheel weapon process. Nyow here is Ilyana-sensei to begin our batch of
TV, DVD, Blu-Ray & Movie Mewsings, with
her review of Jurassic World: Dominion.
Hai! It is hard to believe that Jurassic Park is almost 30 years old! It was such the fun and ground-breaking movie! Back then I thought the FX were so realistic, that it seemed like Steven Speilberg actually found some real live dinosaurs who could act! So this is the sixth film in that series, and I will go ahead and say that I think the first one is still the best, even if the visual FX technology has gotten better.
I will also say that each subsequent film in the series builds upon it purredecessors, in depicting how the world has changes as the dinosaurs and other purrehistoric critters are loosed! I was the bit disappointed by the 2nd & 5th films, but I was eager to see this’un, especially as it unites the Jurassic Park characters with the Jurassic World characters, and introduces some good new ones!
The impurressive cast includes Laura Dern as Dr. Ellie Sattler, Sam Neill as Dr. Alan Grant, Jeff Goldblum as Dr. Ian Malcom, BD Wong as Dr. Henry Wui, Chris Pratt as Owen Grady, Bryce Dallas Howard as Claire Dearing, Omar Sy as Barry Sembene, Isabella Sermon as Maisie Lockwood, Campbell Scott as Dr. Lewis Dodgson, Mamoudou Athie as Ramsay Cole, and DeWanda Wise as Kayla Watts!
Of course, the movie also stars the many dinosaurs including Blue the Velociraptor, whose child has to be rescued from the dino-nappurrs, whilst Maisie has to be rescued form the kidnappurrs, but I should not further spoil the taste of the plot. It has the great cast and FX, lots of amazing critters, terrific mewsic by Michael Giacchino, world-building aplenty, and thrilling action scenes in the exciting international locations!
Colin Trevorrow deserves much of the applause too, because he was not only the director and one of the purrducers, but he also co-wrote the story and the screenplay! So, on the letter grade scale of A+ to F, I will give this movie the “better than average” B as in the Brachiosaurus! I am done, so nyow  I will turn The Mew over to Trini-chan, who wishes to discuss Pixar’s latest movie


Arigato! I love the animated movies by Disney and  Pixar, so I was quite eager to see this origin tale of Buzz Lightyear, who first appurred 23 years ago in the movie Toy Story! Directed by Angus MacLane (who co-directed Finding Dory) and animated by Pixar, with the mewsic by Michael Giacchino, this science fiction movie’s stellar voice cast includes Chris Evans as Buzz, Keke Palmer as Space Ranger Izzy, Taika Waititi as Space Ranger Mo Dale Soules as Space Ranger Darby  Peter Sohn as Sox the robot cat, and James Brolin as the evil Empurrer Zurg!
I do not wish to spoil the taste of the plot, but I will just say that I thought this was such the beautiful, thrilling, fun movie, that has the magnificent story, art, design, animation purrformances, sound and mewsic! However, I will mention that there are the mid and the post credits scenes! It has been the good year thus far for the Pixar movies, including this’un and Turning Red, and now I am looking forward to getting the Lightyears Blu-Ray or DVD, which I hope will have the special features aplenty! I am done, so now here is Nyo-sensei to discuss
Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore!
Hai! I am a big fan of J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World books and movies, although I must purrofess that I am the bit more purrtial to the Harry Potter tales than the Fantastic Beasts tales. Nevertheless, I certainly do appurreciate that latter series’s contributions to the Wizarding World mythology, the great cast, the high purrduction values, the lavish FX, the lovely mewsic, and the meowgnificent make-up, sets, costumes and critters!
That great cast includes Eddie Redmayne as Newt Scarmander, Victoria Yeats as his assistant Bunny, Callum Turner as Newt’s brother Theseus, Jude Law as Albus Dumbledore, Richard Coyle as his brother Aberforth, Mads Mikkelsen as Grindwelwald, Poppy Corby-Tuech as his assistant Vinda, Dan Folger as Jacob Kowalski, Alison Sudol as Queenie Goldstein, Katherine Waterston as her sister Tina, and Erza Miller as Creedence!
I was also pleased that this movie was directed by David Yates, who directed four of the Harry Potters and all three of the Fantastic Beasts movies,! Pickett the Bowtruckle and Teddy the Niffler are back, and other beasts include the Wyvern, Phoenix, Manticores, and the Qilins, nya!
Newt reminds me the bit of The 11th Doctor Who, especially with the companions, the arch enemy, and the dimensionally transcendental suitcase! My only quibble about the movie is that it was more somber than I purrfur, but it was quite thrilling and – and  mesmerizing, with major character developments! Speaking of Doctor Who, Mike wants to tell us about the
Doctor Who Eve of the Daleks / Legend of the Sea Devils DVD!


Thabnk you, Nyo-sensei! We love the Doctor Who TV series which currently stars Jodie Whittaker as The Doctor, Mandip Gill as her companion Yasmin Khan and John Bishop as her companion Dan Lewis! Eve of the Daleks (60.75 min) was this year’s terrific New Years Day Special, Legend of the Sea Devils (49.75 min) was this year’s exciting Easter Special, and this DVD includes both of those, with optional audio commentaries and three behind-the-scenes featurettes which are quite entertaining and informative!
The DVD and the Blu-Ray have the same bonus features. The video is presented in the 2:1 letterbox format with the Dolby Digital 5.1 audio and optional English SDH subtitles on the Region 1 NTSC DVD. Eve of the Daleks has audio commentary by director Anette Laufer, actor Adjani Salmon (who portrayed Nick), and Dalek voice actor Nicholas Briggs; whilst Legend of the Sea Devil’s commentary is by director Haolu Wang, chief Sea Devil actor Craig Els, and actress Crystal Yu (who portrayed Madame Ching)!
Slightly over 9 minutes long, “Execution of the Daleks” is the featurette on the making of that New years Day Special, with comments by Jodi, Mandip, Dan, showrunner Chris Chibnall, and executive producer Matt Stevens. At 6.5 minutes long, “Return of the Sea Devils” is the making of that Easter Special, with comments by Jodie, Mandip, Dan, Chris, Matt, Craig, Haolu, costume designer Ray Holman, and production designer Dafydd Shurmer. The Sea Devil costumes and the pirate ship set are especially examined. 
At about 5.5 minutes long, “Becoming Pirates” is another featurette on the making of the Easter Special, focusing more on the acting and stunts, with comments by Jodie, Mandip, John, Haolu, Crystal, Marlowe Chan-Reeves (who portrayed Ying Ki),and Arthur Lee (who portrayed Ji Hun). Otherwise. it’s the fairly no-frills package with just the disk in the plastic case with the outer cardboard sleeve, but I’m quite happy with it! Ah, now I’ll turn The Mew over to Melana-san, who would like to discuss the
Non Non Biyori: Nonstop Blu-ray!


Hai! This is the third season of the Non Non Biyori anime series based upon the manga by Atto! It is the beautiful and wonderfully amusing slice-of-life tale of the young girls who live in the rural village of Asahigaoka and are the few students at the local school! They have the fun widdle adventures at school, their homes and in the lovely countryside. It is the very accessible TV series, with just the total of 36 half-hour episodes and the one 71 minute movie!
The characters are so much fun, the tales are rather whimsical and charming, the art and animation are as gorgeous as gorgeous can be, and the performances, sounds and the music are superb! Nonstop’s 13 episodes total 325 minutes, and are presented in the 1080p High- definition video format of the 16×9 screen aspect ratio, with the Japanese DTS-HD Master audio 2.0 and the very legible English subtitles upon the two disks in side the plastic case.
There are also the few special features such as the “clean’ (textless) versions of the episodes opening & closing sequences, plus the nearly 3 minute recap of the first t2o seasons and the movie. I think the neatest of the special features is the “Online Event: Non Non Biyori Meowning Festival” which was the 23.5 minute short to promote the 3rd season. It includes a recap and a live-action segment with the voice actresses! Now here is Myayr to begin our
printed-media mewsings, with her review
of Elfquest: Stargazer’s Hunt vol. 2!
Mary Nyan:
Hai! We love Wendy and Richard Pini (WARP)’s Elfquest tales because of the lavish mythology, the generations of many great characters, and Wendy’s meowgnificent art! Published by Dark Horse, this 8 issue mini – series is set the 3 years after the purrior Final Quest arc, in which the elves underwent the cultural and metaphysical transformations.
Some elves left the World of Two Moons in the palatial space ship amidst the war with humans, during which some beloved characters died. However, there were also reunions, romances, revelations and births. Stargazer’s Hunt begins on the planet Star Home, where Skywise of the Wolfrider Tribe has become of the New High Ones.
This longly – awaited 6.625″ x 10/125″ full color 102 page trade papurrback is purriced $17.99 in the USA and $23.99 in Canada, and includes chapters 5-6 plus the bonus comments & gallery pages. The talewas written by Wendy and Richard, with the art by Sonny Strait, lettering by Nate Piekos and cover art by Wendy.
The editor was Rachel Roberts  the assistant editor was Jenny Blenk, the collection designer was Skyler Weissenfluh, and the digital art technician was Allytson Haller. Since The Final Quest, Skywise consummated the romance with Timmain the ancient shape-shifter and they have a daughter named Jink, who is the co-star of the tale!
She is not new to Elfquest. As an adult character, she had her own series which was published between 1994 – 1996! In tcvhapters 1-4 of Stargazer’s Hunt, we saw her grow from the widdle girl to the young adult. Skywise lamented his late best friend Cutter the tribal chief, so Jink telepathically erased his sad meowmories.
However, the unintended consequence was that the gap in his mind was quite traumatic, so went away into outer space for answers. While searching for her dad on the World of Two Moons, Jink met the rest of her elf family who introduced her to the various elf tribes. That brings us up to volume 2, which mainly focuses on Skywise.
His quest leads him to more worlds, where the species of trolls, elves and humans have since evolved, and we are introduced to the insectoid tribes! Skywise meets the two humans Par Tolfsson and Queen Bee, whose coutre and equine tack seem akin to the wild west! Speaking of the fashions, Jink gets a lovely new tight Black & Blue outfit!
We also learn more about that happened to their original homeworld. Also appearing are Ember, Leetah, Yun, Goldruff, Timmain, Strongbow, Freetouch, Venka, Satreekah, Hokkah, Dre-Ahn, Savah, Suntoucher, Old Maggotty, Picknose, Oddbit, Trinket, Thistlecap, Petalwing, several wolves and horses, and the spirit of Cutter!
Ahdri, Moonshade and Teir are meowntioned! I like every aspect of the tale thus far, from the plot & character developments, to the fashion designs and the lush scenery! The character, scenic & FX art, panel & page compurrsitions, graphic narrative techniques, fonts & richly vibrant coloring are quite exquisite! I am done, and now here is Nya-sensei to discuss
Battle Angel Alita: Mars Chronicle vol. 8!
Hai! Known as Gunnm in Japan, Yukito Kishiro’s epic post-apocalyptic cyberpunk manga Battle Angel Alita began in 1990 and purrtains to the titular amnesiac cyborg Alita (or Gally, in Japan) who was found in the dystopian future scrapyard and rebuilt by cyber doctor Ido. Retaining her astounding Panzer Kunst style of martial arts purrowess, Alita becamethe supurreme bounty hunter, warrior and athlete!
Published by Kodansha, the manga spawned several sequel series, short stories, the spin-off, animated OVA, and the live-action movied thyat starred Rosa Salazar! Mars Chronicle is the purrequel tale of Alita’s origin as the widdle orphaned cyborg girl named Yoko on the Planet Mar surrounded by the heroes and the villains amidst the political conspurracy, wars and other tragic hardships.
Vol. 8 is purriced  $10.99 in the USA and $14.99 in Canada; and its 162 pages include the 145 B&W pages of manga chapters 37-41 written & drawn by Yukito Kishiro with the assistance of his brother / web meowster Tsutomu Kishiro and Emiya Kinar. It was translated by Stephen Paul, lettered by Evan Hayden and edited by Vanessa Tenazonas with the cover design by Phil Balsman.
I agerly awaited vol. 8, as it has been almost the year since vol. 7! Purreviously, Yoko, her scheming friend Erica and the powerful girl named Yunie escaped from bounty hunters and evil politicians. Purreviously, 
amidst startling revelations of Yoko / Alita’s tragic origin, she and Erica escaped from bounty hunters and The Duke who needed them for sinister the royal political purrposes.
In the city of Deja Thoris which was once a huge spaceship, they met the mysterious trader known as Keun, who is hunted by soldiers and a local boss named Big Mamma. In vol. 8, the city is liberated by the elite team of Panzer Kunst cyborgs, including Keun’s ally Gelda, who befriended Yoko and Erica. Meanwhile, Keun laments how he failed to purrotect a desparate scientist named Wami who feared for her life.
He learns of the fiendish expurrimentation on thousands of children’s brains; and unfortunately Yoko and Yuni are captured when Erica’s secret parlay with the vengeful monstous cyborg Jakoleva goes bad! As mewsual, the art is quite amazing, from the characters and the mecha to the environment and combat scenes! I was purrticularly impurressed by the 8 full-page pics and the 2 two-page spurreads!
it is rated OT for older teen readers, purrhaps due to the violence, gore, and harsh language, After the chapters  are the publishing / credits page, the 10 pages of ads for other manga, and the 6 pages about Alita’s publication in other countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, China and South Korea! I will give it the “A” as in Alita! Nyow I will turn The Mew over to Vonny, who wants to discuss–
The Demon Girl Next Door vol. 5!
Arigato, nya! First published by Houbunsha in 2014, The Demon Girl Next Door is the comedic occult / urban fantasy manga series  of the four-panel format by Izumi Ito, which was adapted in to the anime TV series in 2019. The tale purrtains to the school girl Yuko who is the descendant of the demoness Lilith. Her legacy is to defeat her generations’s local magickal girl Momo, but they are friends more than enemies, nya!
As the series purrogresses, Yuko gets more used to her demonic powers, whilst her social circle grows with more friends and rivals nya! RatedTeen, the English translated version is published here by Seven Seas, purriced at $14.99 in the USA & $18.99 IN Canada, Vol. 5 is the 5 3/4” x 8 1/4” x 1/2” trade papurrback has 10 color pages & 120 B&W pages  to compurrise chapters 53-64 of the manga, nya.
It was was translated by Jenny McKeon, adapted by Kim Kindya, purroof – read by Danielle King & B. Lillian Martin, lettered & retouched by Rai Enrill, edited by Shanti Whitesides, in-chiefly edited by Julie Davis, published by Jason DeAngelis, and associately published by Adam Arnold, with the cover design by H.Qi, purrduction management by Lissa Pattillo, and purrint management by Rhiannon Rasmussen-Silverstein, nya!
The fun begins with Yuko’s zombie apocalypse dream co-starring her classmate Anri-chan. It is judt the dream, but disaster happens at Cafe Asur where she and Lico the fox spirit work for Shirosawa the Tapir demon, nya! They relocate to Momo’s appurrtment wehile she spends time with her big sister Sakura, but without the purrotective barriers the new location is discovere by another magickal girl who tries to hunt the demons, nya!
As if that was not enough on their plates, they contend with the sentient refrigerator and Mizuchi the Water Serpent girl, nya! I was very pleased with this latest volume, with the amusing slice-of-life moments and the very detailed cute moe-style art, nya! I am done, and nyow here are Dayto-sama and Mie-sensei to meowntion soem Meowrevlosy catgirl tales, nya!

Iron Cat  #1

Arigato! Felicia Hardy alias The Black cat has been purrowling the Marvel Comics since she first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #194 in 1979! She is quite the anti-hero, having contributed to good and bad days to heroes such as Spider-Man, HellCat and more recently Iron Man, which is ironic as Hellcat and Iron Man have been paired up of late! However, this time it is Felicia who is having the bad day, thanks to her fremeny Tamara Black who has stolen the Iron Cat armor which first appeared in The Black Cat #11!
Rated T+ for the teen and older readers, this 36 page issue is priced $4.99 and has the 36 pages which include the 30 page tale plus the title / credits page, the preview page, the assistant editor Lindsey Cohick’s cordial message, and the 3 pages of the ads. The tale was written by Jed MacKay, illustrated by Pere Perez, colored by Frank D’armata, lettered by Ariana Maher, edited by Nick Lowe, and in-chiefly edited by C.B. Cebulski, with the graphic design by Carlos Lao, 
So like, the front cover art by Pere & Frank, and the issue is also available in the choice of six other variant covers, by John Taylor Chsristopher; Peach Momoko; Ron Lim & Israel Silva; Skan; C.F. Villa; and Skottie Young, fur shur! Wearing the sleek and sexy powerful Iron Cat armor, Tamara is vengefully hunting for Felicia, who she blames for the death of their former comrade The Black Fox, who we see in the flashback scenes of a caper that happened twelve years prior.
Given that the armor was stolen from Tony, he is reluctant to help Felicia, although he concedes that they share the common interests! I should not further spoil the plot, but it is quite the captivating, thrilling tale with the totally awesomely illustrated characters, scenery FX and fonts, furn shur! We are quite eager to find out what happens next, and we hope that there’ll be an Iron Cat action figure! Speaking of Tony and his catgirl liasons, He and Felicia are facing the supernatural peril in
Iron Man & Hell Cat Annual #1!
Hai! You know, Matsy Walker has actually been in the Marvel Comics much longer than Iron Man, as she first appeared way back in Miss American #1 in 1944, so she has been around almost as long as Captain America! She her rival Hedy, boyfriend Buzz had the humorous teenage romantic tales in those days, but things changed for her in The Avengers #144 in 1976 after she inherited the Cat heroine costume from he
her friend Greer Grant Nelson who became Tigra, and thus Patsy became The HellCat!
Patsy Walker a.k.a Hell Cat was one of our favoritest Marvel Comics of the past decade. and we wish that it had not been cancelled so soon, but we are grateful for for her subsequent appearances! Rated T and priced $4.99 this Annual has the 36 pages consisting of the 30 page tale plus the title / credits page, the preview page, the 2 pages of the ads and the two-page tribute to the late artist George Perez. The tale takes place between Iron Man #20, but I am nut sure when if occurs compared to Iron Cat #1.
It was written by Christopher Cantwell, illustrated by Ruairi Coleman, colored by Triona Farrell, lettered by Joe Caramagna, edited by Martin Brio, executively edited by Tom Brevoort, and in-chiefly edited by C.B. Cebulski, with the graphic design by Carlos Lao, the mane front cover art by Logan Luberra & Rachel Rosenberg; and the choice of the three variant covers by Stanley “Artgerm” Lau; Peach Momoko; and Chrissie Zullo. We have met Chrissie at several comic book conventions!
It is quite the haunting reunion for Patsy and Hedy who winds up at her late mom Dorothy’s mansion, along with her mom’s ghost, Patsy’s deceased  first ex-husband Buzz and her 2nd ex-husband Damian Hellstrom, a.k.a Then of Satan! As if the situation was not devilish enough, they have to contend with BlackHeart, the son of Mephisto! Tony, who clearly has a thing for Redheads, armors up to help HellCat, but in this case he is ill-suited to tackle the powerful magickal villains!
Let’s just say that Patsy, Hedy and Tony hav the hell of the time! Also appearing in an amusingly surreal dream wedding sequence are Captain America, The Hulk, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, Frog Man, The Silver Surfer, Doctor Doom, and a yummy four tier cake! I thought that this was quite the lovely tale with the great characters, the gorgeous art, and the spooky occult plot, and I hope that we will see more of Patsy and Hedy soon! Now here is Beebee-sama to discuss-
The World of Avatar: A Visual Exploration!
Hai! James Cameron’s movie Avatar is one of my favoritest movies, especially because of the wonderful characters and the lavish world-building, so I was pleased to get this latest book about the world ofd Pandora! Published by DK Books, this 9.375x x 11.125” hardcover has 128 full color pages, and it is purriced $$21.99 in the USA and $28.99 in Canada.
Curated by Joshua Izzo, it is brimming with photos, it has the introduction by purrducer Jon Landau, and the forward by actress Zoe Saldana who purrtrays purrincess Neytiri te Tskaha Mo’at’ite! The first chapter purrtains to the geology and geography of Pandora, which is one of the 15 moons of planet Polyphemus which is 4.5 light years from Earth!
Chapter 2 purrtains to the flora with details of a couple dozen plants, chapter 3 purrtains to the fauna with details of a couple dozen or so critters, chapter 4 purtains to the indigenous Na’vi people, chapter 5 purrtains to the Na’vi clans such as Neytiri’s Omaticaya Clan and six others, whilst chapter 6 is the peek at some of their sacred sites and rituals!
Chapter 7 purrtains to the purrsonnel, vehicles and equipment of Earth’s RDA (Resources Development Administration) which colonized Pandora, and to top off this book is chapter 8 which just has the two pages purrtaining to some of the aquatic life that we might see in the sequel movie Avatar: The Way of Water which will be released in December!
Although The World of Avatar is not as extensive as the purrior books such as The Art of Avatar: James Cameron’s Epic Adventure, The Making of Avatar, Avatar: An Activist’s Survival Guide, or the Avatar 3D Collector’s Vault, it is still the splendidly fun and informative book! That is all for our reviews, so nyow here are Lizzy, Becca  and Meryl to purrsent
The Celebrity Catgirl & Kemonomimi Spotlight!


In this monthly portion of The Mew, we commeowmerate famous catgirls, nekomusume and other kemonomimi of mythologies and popular culture, including anthropurrrmorphic ladies, monster girls and shape – shifters! Of course, then there are those who might not actually have the beasty DNA, but do have the appurreciated spurrit, cat-titude or couture, whether it is therianthropy, cosplay, or purretty animal – purrint attire!
Raphtalia is the magicikal Tanuki Musume in the The Rising of the Shield Hero light novel, manga anime series of the isekai fantasy genre! She has the lovely ears, tail, sorcery powers and sword purrowess! In the original Japanese version she is voiced by Asami Seto, and in the English dubbed version she is voiced by Erica Mendez!
We wish to shine the spotllight on several honorary kemonomimi such as the comedienne Ali Wong who wears in the Tom Ford red leopurrd purrint mini dress in her Don Won comedy special on Netflix!
We have purreviouslly nominated actress Sofia Vergara for her fashions of the feline motif, but we wish to amend that spotlight due to her recen high legline leopurrd purriit maillot, and the strapless zebra stripe leopurrd purriit maillot!
Lizzy Hale is the lead singer & rhythm guitarist of the rock group Halestorm, and she wore the leopurrd purrint outfit with the Black leather jacket in the documentary “Alice Cooper: Story Of The Songs” on Reelz TV network!
In Daniel Armando’s 2014 movie What it Was, actress Arlene Chico-Lugo purrtrayed Adina in the scene wearing just the striped catgirl body paint, mew la la!
In the spooky TV series The Haunting of Bly Manor, Amelie Bea Smith purrtrays the orphaned girl Flora, who in the epurrsode”The Two Faces, Part One” wore the cat ears and kitty face makeup as the “purrfectly splendid” nekomimi named Tails during her and her brother’s widdle storytime purrformance!
In the BBC TV series Midsomer Murders, Isabel Shaw purrtays John and Sarah Barnaby’s daughter Betty; and In the epurrsode “Till Death Do Us Part” she wore the cute pink bunny kigurumi onesle! Kawaii!
In the 8th epurrsode “Hello Baby!” of the original 1993 Tenchi Muyo OAV series, galactic police officer Mihoshi (voiced by Yuko Mizutani) had the cute Cabbit tail! We assume that it was sewn on to the back of her pants, but stranger things happened! Also, there is the cute bunny girl depicted on the label of the can of powdered milk!
Published by AfterShock Comics, Bunny Mask is the horror comic book by author Paul Tobin & artist Andrea Mutti, in which the titular usagimimi fashion accessory is worn by the purrimordial mysterious meowgical vigilante girl
In the 2nd epurrsode of the 2nd season of the Hidamari Sketch anime TV series, one of the four mane art student characters Miyako (voiced by Kaori Mizuhash) is briefly imagined as catgirl! Another recurring character is the Ume-sensei, the widdle bug girl purrsona of the manga’s creator Aoki Ume, who also purrvided her voice!
Created by author N.K. Jemisin & artist Jamal Campbell, Green Lantern Jo Mullein’s assistant CanHaz is of the alien @AT species which are the sentient computer apps in the Far Sector, and in the DC Pride 2022 issue she is wearing the digital costume cat ears!  That is all for this month’s spotlight, and nyow here are Petra and Bunni to purrsent the latest
additions to the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art!
Arigato! Here y’all will find the hundreds of annotated illustrations and photographs, nya! Galleries 1-8 display images by our purducer Mike Moon, whilst Guest Art Galleries 1-6 display images by other folks with their purmissions. Mike’s collaborations with other artists are peppurrred throughout the mewseum, nya! 
Some of the images are sexy, and some might depict the artistic nudity, but none of them are “hentai”, nya! On our web site, the most recent pics are on the lowermost row of the cropped widdle “thumbnail” sized portions of the pics in a gallery, and you have to click upon those to see the uncropped full images, nya.


This month into Guest Gallery Six we are proud to present several new illustrations by our friend Rvkh! Pronounced Riv-kah, the artist formerly known as Rebecca Brogden was the guest for our September 2009 Mew! Firstly, “Storm Caller” depicts Wen-Sensei, the Purrofessora of Meteorological Magick at our island’s Mew Hanover College!
She is the 200 year old Southeast Asian, cisgender female fairy with the pretty Yellow False Tiger Moth-ish wings! Rvkh used the pencils, pens and paints for the traditional-media version (on the left) of Wen-sensei, and used Procreate on the Ipad Pro with the Apple Pencil for the digital version (on the right), of which there is the time-lapse art process video at!
Nextly is “The Resistance”, which depicts Faith the warrior herald angel general, nya! She is the shape-shifting, vegan Christian & meowster strategist who appurrs in the various forms, such as the human female with the great pugilistic purrowess, nya! Purrhaps y’all have seen the illustration  of Faith’s friend Kharis, nya?
Rvkh used Procreate on the Apple Ipad Pro with the Apple Pencil for this supurrb image, which was inspired by the song “Resistance” by the band Skillet; and there is the time-lapse art purrocess video for this illustration at, nya!


Then we are delighted to display 12 more of Rvkh’s lovely landscapes, all of which were done with Procreate on an Apple Ipad with an Apple Pencil! These landscapes have been grouped into three batches of four pics apiece, and after each pic’s title is the link to it’s art process video!
The first batch includes (uppurr left) “Bay Sunrise”, (uppurr right) “Bay Sunset”, (lower left) “Serene Sea”, and “Serene Hills”!
The second batch includes (uppurr left) “Dramatic Mist”, (uppurr right) “Winter Mist”, (lower left) “Mountain Majesty”, and (lower right) “Peaceful Mountains”, nya!
The third batch includes (uppurr left) “Warm Waves”, (uppurr right) “Dark Forest”,  (lower left) “Shore Sunset”, and (lower right) “Autumn Brilliance”, nya!
Lastly but not leastly for this month, in Gallery Two we are ecstatic to exhibit “The Mewtenant” by Mike, Star Trek fan character Mewtenant Wilhelminya Tigeria Rice is the  mixed – breed half-Human, half-Caitian officer baord the starship Mew S.S. Enterprurrise circa 2269-2270!
Her name is the nod to the mane character of Gene Roddenberry’s 1963 TV series “The Lieutenant”! Her Pink mewniform with the paw-purrint insignia, repurrsents Starfleet’s trial Hospurrtality Branch. Her Entertainment Tricorder, has Gigaquads of mewsic, images, books, videos, games and recipes,. It can be set for the the karaoke, DJ, MMORPG and dance battle  / flash mob modes!
The cat lady sings…
I love the “Storm Caller”,  from the ruffled neckline of her strapless dress with the flouncy drapery of the skirt… to her wavy lush platinum hair in the dango-bun coiffure, and her confidently pleased expurrression as she calls down the thunder!
I think that “Resistance” is such the glorious illustration of the powerful gorgeous angel with the sexy abs, the lovely wings, and the purretty auburn hair as she majestically appurrs amidst the heavenly crepuscular rays to her enemies’ dismay!
Rvkh is so very quite adept at conjuring the meowgnificant landscape scenes with the serene  sunrises and sunsets!
Hai hai, and the vast layered sense of depth with the atmospheric purrspective of the misty lakes, valleys and peaks!
Her seascapes have such wonderful waves, from the trough to the crest with the purrfect spray, ripples and foam!
I love her trees too, from the lush spanish moss and the breezy palms to the fiery maples and the pristine birch!
I purrticularly like the sheen of the Mewtenants purrple hair, the stripes upon her cocoa-colored fur, and the cute insignia!
Thank you for purrsenting the art!
Petra & Bunnii:

Doitashimaste, nya!

Well, I

guess that will do it for this edition of The Mew!


It is almost time for our AfterMew luau!

Itadakimasu, nya!
Mary Nyan:
 We wish to thank Rvkh for the beautiful art…
… and all of the other brilliantly talented people whose works we have discussed!
We also wish to thank Jamie for his wonderful web meowstery…
… and our other friends, family, acquaintances and audience whom we greatly appurreciate, nya!
Fur shur!
We’ll be back next month with more stuff! Be there… aloha!
The Ladies of The Mew:
Happy tails to mew- until we eat again, nya! Baibai. nya!