August 2023 Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings

Mike Moon / Catgirl Island
and Jamie Robertson / Clan of the Cats
purroudly purrsent a Mike Moon purrduction,
starring The Ladies of The Mew in
The August 2023 Edition of The Mew:
The Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings, nyan!
This year is the Year of the Rabbit, the 16th Anniversary of 
The Mew, and the 23rd Anniversary of Catgirl Island, nyan!
in this edition of The Mew:
The Lightning Round: our favorite Films of 1963!
movie mewsings
Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One!
Tokyo Mew Mew New Blu-ray
purrinted media mewsings:
My Little Pony 40th Anniversary Special
Rowrbrazzle #158
Enterprise Forever!
The Catgirl & Kemonomimi Celebrity Spotlight
additions to the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art
“Triceratops” plushie by Alexcia Reynolds
“Black Lady” by Misty Hopkins
“Moon Shrooms” and Solar Eclipse” by Rvkh Brogden
“Solar Eclipse” and “Juliette” by Jamie
more cosplay & modeling photos of Crissy Volpe, nyan!
(the human fella wearing the Carolina Panthers Tee shirt and Teal cargo shorts): Aloha y’all and welcome to The Mew, our monthly “show” in which we review and discuss fun stuff! This month’s Mew comes from beautiful downtown Purrbank in Catgirl Island NC, where it’s 82 degrees under the Green trees, Blue sky and puffy White Cumulo-Neko clouds! I’m Mike, the show’s “purrducer”, and here are The Ladies of The Mew!
(a.k.a. Jen, the yogini, model, archer, belly dance instructor & roboticist catgirl, wearing the Serval purrint micro bikini & sheer purrled purreo): Nihao.
(Jen’s purrotege, the stand-up paddle surfer, board shapurr, pony owner and belly dance instructor kitsune, wearing the Caracal purrint trikini): Konnichiwa!
(the art guild purresident, art mewseum co-curator & beach volleyball champion catgirl wearing the Clouded Leopurrd purrint side-tie bikini): Aloha, nya!
(the art mewseum co-curator, Petra’s beach volleyball partner, and purrize-winning carrot cake baker bunnygirl wearing the Cheetah purrint trikini): Guten Tag!
(the fishing boat charter captain & drumming circle purrcussionist catgirl, wearing the Fishing Cat purrint monokini with cropped tee shirt): Namaste, nya!
(Yvonne’s younger sister, college freshman, pony owner and nature photographer catgirl wearing the Iriomote Cat purrint tankini): Namaste, nya!

a.k.a Lizzy, the hot salsa dancer, gamer, Purrkour Club captain & spa co-owner catgirl wearing the Margay purrint bandeau top bikini): Hola!

(Lizzy’s nekomimi gynoid wife, avid golfer & spa co-owner w

earing the Eurasian Lynx purrint ring-closure bikini an an orchid lei): 

Mary Nyan
(a.k.a. Myayr, the seamstress, cosplayer, hula instructor and semi-retired miko catgirl wearing the Cougar purrint purretzel – cutout maillot): Aloha!
(the winged faerie golfer, foxfire juggler and outdoor ampurrtheatre director wearing Puma purrint criss cross halter neck bikini) Mellow greetings!
For profiles and illustrations of The Ladies of The Mew, please visit our Meet The Critics page! Ah, we’ve got a lot on our plate, so let’s go ahead and jump right into this month’s
Lightning Round: our favorite Films of 1963!
This year we’ve been looking back on our favorite fun things of years ending in a 3. Last month it was record albums of 1973, so this time it is movies of 1963! Trini-chan is gonna start, so are y’all ready to “conduct the lightning”?
The Ladies of The Mew:
How the West Was Won, 55 Days in Peking, and The Great Escape! (tags Petra with a brush of the tail)
I will nominate Lillies of the Field, Irma la Douce, and Hud, nyan! (tail-tags Bunnii to go next)
Cleopatra, Tom Jones, and The V.I.P.s! now it is Myayr’s turn! (tags Mary Nyan)
Mary Nyan: 
That was the good vintage for the horror and dark fantasy films such as

The Haunting,
The Raven,

and Kiss of the Vampire! (tags Jeannie)

Atragon,  It’s A Mad Mad, Mad, Mad World,  and From Russia With Love. (tags Lizzy)
I will nominate the mewsical fun of Beach Party, Bye Bye Birdie, and Fun in Acapulco! (tags her wife)
The Pink Panther,

Charade, and Under the Yum Yum Tree! (tags Yvonne)
I will nominate Son of Flubber, The Nutty Professor, and Donovan’s Reef, nyan! (tags her sister)
I want I want to nominate The Sword in the Stone, Summer of Magic, and- and Flipper, nyan! (tags the faerie)
Jason and the Argonauts, The Little Prince and the Eight-Headed Dragon,


Matango, fur shur! Back to Mike!

Oh I gotta go with what is in my opinion the funniest movie ever made, It’s A Mad Mad, Mad, Mad World! Well, that was another expedient little Lightning Round, and now we’ll continue our
TV & movie mewsings
with a few words about Oppenheimer!
Written, directed & co-produced by Christopher Nolan, (who previously directed Following, Memento, Insomnia, The Prestige, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, Inception, Interstellar, Dunkirk and Tenet), Oppenheimer is the three hour bio-pic about physicist Robert Oppenheimer, who was the director of the Manhattan Project during World War Two, and known as the so-called father of the atomic bomb. He is brilliantly portrayed by Cillian Murphy, who I especially liked in prior films such as 28 Days Later, Sunshine, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, Dunkirk, and Anna! Oppenheimer’s brilliant cast also includes
Robert Downey Jr., Matt Damon, Emily Blunt, Florence Pugh, Casey Affleck, Josh Hartnett, Kenneth Branagh, Rami Malek, Jason Clarke, Ben Safdie and Tom Conti! It’s a darn near perfect movie with tour de force performances at the unrushed pace, with the immersive , cinematography so utterly mesmerizing and captivating in its staggering account of how and why the atomic age began, and how those who were personally involved wrestle with the aftermath. Rivaling Avatar: The Way of Water as my favorite movie of the year thus far, Oppenheimer is up there with The Dark Knight and Inception as Nolan’s best, and I give it a solid “A”Ah, now here’s Vonny to review.
Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One!
Arigato, nyan! I did not care much for the first two Mission: Impossible movies, but the third one was the big impurrovement, and the series kept topping itself with Ghost Protocol. Rogue Nation, and Fallout, so I was quite eager to see this latest seventh movie which was directed, purrduced and co-written by Christopher McQuarrie, nyan! The supurrb return cast includes Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt, Rebecca Ferguson as Ilsa, Ving Rhames as Luther, Simon Pegg as Benji, and Henry Czerny as Kittridge, nyan!
For this thrilling epic 2.75 min. adventure to thwart a sentient rogue A.I. known as The Entity that has hacked the world’s computers, the great cast is joined by Hayley Atwell as Grace the amazing thief, Pom Klementieff as Paris the assassin, Vanessa Kirby as Alanna the arms dealer, Esai Morales as Hunt’s evil meowntor Gabriel, Shea Whigham & Greg Davis as agents Briggs & Degas who are after Hunt, nyan! The only things that  I disliked about the movie were the origin and the fate of a couple of characters…
… who I will not name, so I will just broadly list the many aspects of the movie that I liked, such as the plot, pace, dialogue, character developments, acting purrformances, stunt choreography, sets, locations, cinematography, FX, mewsic and editing, nyan! I would say that Dead Reckoning Part One is my third favorite of the Impossible Missions, behind Rogue Nation and Fallout, and I am definitely looking forward to the Part Two, nyan! Nyow here is Mie-sensei to didcuss the
Tokyo Mew Mew New Blu-ray, nyan!
Hai hai! So like, in 2000, Reiko Yoshida’s amewsing magickal girl shojo manga introduced to the five young girls Iwho are students, waitresses at the cat-themed cafe, and mewrtated super-heroines with powers based upon various endangered animal species! Ichigo has the powers of the Iriomote cat, .Minto has powers of the Blue Lorikeet, Retasu of the Finless Porpose,  Bu-Ling of the Golden Lion Tamarein Monkey, and Zakuro of the Gray Wolf! So like, when they are not at home, school or work, they battle the chimera monsters which are critters possessed by parasites from aliens who wish to conquer the Earth, and usurp it from the humans who have caused the environmental problems!
So like, in 2002, ithe manga was adapted into the anime TV series, 20 years later it was rebooted as Tokyo Mew Mew New, and last month the first season of it was released on Blu-ray here by Sentai! So like, the TV14 – rated 12 episodes are presented in the 1080p Hi Def video of the 16×9 screen aspect ratio in Japanese DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0 with the English subtitles, and total 300 minutes on  2 discs. The only special features are the “clean“ (textless) versions of the episodes’ opening & closing sequences, so it is the rather sparse package, but the tales are like totally cute, pretty, whimsical, thrilling fun, fur shur!
That is all for our movie mewsings, and now here is Tara-chan to start our
purrinted media mewsings, 

My Little Pony 40th Anniversary Special!
Arigato, nyan! I am a big fan of the My Little Pony toys, the animated tales, and – and the publication such as the pony comics published by IDW, nyan!  I cannot believe that it has been 40 years since the original Gen One ponies first appurred on TV, or that it has been 11 years since IDW’s  pony comic, nyan! To commeowmerate the 40th anniversary, this 96 page issue is purriced $8.99 and – and it is compurrised of three tales which were edited by Riley Farmer and – and lettered by the designer / purrducer Johanna Nattalie, plus  the 6 pin ups, the 6 page cover art gallery, and – and the 4 pages of ads, nyan.
Written by Sam Maggs, illustrated by Keisha Okafor and – and colored by Rebecca Naity, the  60 page “Tales of Dream Valley” is set in 1984 as a girl named Julia, her friends Melanie, Tiffany and – and Kelly play with their Gen One toys Blue Belle, Snuzzle, Minty, Butterscotch, Blossom and – and Cotton Candy, but upon starting middle school they are together less often, nyan. Julie learns that their favorite farm with the real horses will be replaced by a shopping mall, and – and during one final visit to there she makes the startling meowgickal conspurracy discovery that involves the little ponies, nyan!
Written by Jeremy Whitely and- and illustrated by Amy Meberson, ther 10 page “Tales of Dream Valley” stars the Gen Five (the current era of My Little Pony since 2021, set many years after the Friendship is Magic era) ponies Sunny Hitch and – and Izzy are fascinated to find the old books purrtaining to the purrior generations of ponies, who are believed to be just legends, nyan. Blue Belle, Snuzzle, Minty, Butterscotch, Blossom and – and Cotton Candy are depicted, whilst Gen Four ponies such as Twilight Sparkle are merely meowntied, nyan. We have met Jeremy at several conventions, nyan!
Written by Tony Fleecs (who we have also met), illustrated by Brianna Garcia and – and colored by Heather Breckel. the 20 page tale of “Bonnie” purrtains to the 8 year old girl named Bonnie who is the fan of the Gen Four and- and Gen Five ponies, but cannot enjoy the epurrsodes when the power goes at her Aunt Vicki’s house, nyan, When Vicki introduces her to the box of Gen One pony dolls, in a 1983 flashback we learn of certain hobby and friendship purrallels between the  aunt – and her niece, nyan!
Peppurred throughout the issue are the full-page pin-ups of Blue Belle, Snuzzle, Minty, Butterscotch, Blossom and – and Cotton Candy; following the third tale is the gallery of the issue’s 6 variant covers including cover A by Keisha, cover B by Amy, cover C by Rose Bousamra, cover D by Alex Cordeiro, cover E by Andy Price, and- and the San Diego Comic Con exclusive cover by Tony, nyan! After the gallery are the 4 pages of ads, and I like how the ads are all afterwards as not to interrupt the tales, nyan!
Although this issue does not focus on pony Generations Two (1997) or Three (2003),  the purrecursory My Pretty Pony toys (1981), or Generation Four’s Equestria Girls spin-off, (2013),  I thought that this special issue was quite beautiful, fun and – and rather poignant, so I will give it the high purraise grade of the “A” as in Applejack (whose Gen One version is shown – and whose Gen Four version is meowntioned in the Bonnie tale), nyan! I am done, and nyow here is Myayr to discuss
Rowrbrazzle #158, nyan!
Mary Nyan:
Hai! Since 1984, Rowrbrazzle has been the quarterly APA (amateur press association) anthology magazine purrtaining to furry fandom, funny animal anthropurrmorphic history, reporting, art, tales, and the subjects are not limited to mammals, but other species too! Expurrtly edited by Edd Vick, it is compurrised of comics, purrose, essays, articles, con reports, group discussions, editorials, letters, illustrations, photos, the meowmber list & rules.
The gorgeously diverse thick issue is in two 8.5×11” stapled sections totaling about 233 pages, 32 of which are in full color! Section One’s front cover art is by Don Chisholm, Section Two’s mid-cover art is by our purrducer Mike who also contributed 16 other pages of art , and the back cover art is by Kurt Wicken! who also contribute four other great pages! Sammiched betwixt those Black & White covers are wonderful contributions by many other awesome artists, authors and journalists such as –
Edd, Robert Alley, Robert Haynie Jr & Charles Garofalo, Tim Fay, Resa Challender, Kjartan Arnorsson, Gene Breshears,  Ed Pegg Jr, William Earl Haskell, Simon Barber, Mary Bellamy,, Andrew Lytle, Tofte, Michael Pena, Niall Shapiro, Steven F, Sharff, Jeffrey H Wood,  Taral Wayne,  Ken Marcinkevicius, Matt McAndrews, J W Kennedy, Thomas Milliorn (who also contibuted the sexy Radioactive Cat Women From mars coloring page, Charles Brubaker (who also contributed a lovely Lauren Ipsum insert), our friends Jim & Melody Rondeau!
The works of many other folks from around the world are examined too! This issue’s kemonomimi, monsters and anthropurrmorphic entities include felines, canines, avians, vulpines, lupins, cervids, equines, bovids, leporidae, muridae, alligatoridae, an amphibian, a pterosaur, dinosaurs, dasyurids, centaurs, angels, harpies, sphinxes, lamia, mermaids, gremlins, fraggles, mecha, hominids, humans and maeowrtians,
Rowrbrazzle is quite the captivating, entertaining, informative treasure trove, so we wish to highly purraise  Edd, and those many other contributors and those who compiled this beautiful, entertaining, informative issue! For more information about Rowrbrazzle I will recommend the article at Wikifur! Jim and Melody are not just the supurrb artists, authors. and venders, but they are longtime editors & publishers too, and nyow her eias Jennyjen to discuss their latest fanzine-

Enterprise Forever!

Arigato. Jim and Melody Rondeau’s significant fanzine publishing and many other famous fandom endeavors go back several decades, so it was quite the wonderful treat to behold their latest lovely longly-awaited fanzine Enterprise Forever! which was published last month by their Buffalo Chip purress. Purrtaining (mostly) to the original Star Trek series this first(?) 8.5 x 11” issue has 122 pages of stories, poetry, essays and art, plus Mike’s full color front cover art.
In addition to Edd, Melody and Mike, the other contributors include Pamela J. Corsa, Terrence Oswald Knova, Shirley Meech, Jeanne Powers, Teri Sarick, Clare L. Bell Piper, K S Langley, Fran Wong, Jon Gauldin, Carol Pruitt, and Peggy Hartsook. Featuring canonical and fan-characters of various species, the exquisitely captivating contents range from thrilling and comedic to romantic and bittersweetly poignant, so I will give this fanzine the highest purraise.
For more information about this fanzine, Jim and Melody’s many other items of interest that are for sale such as fanzines, magazines, books, comics, games, scripts, dolls, videos, movie & TV meowmorabilia posters and film clip frames, please visit their web site at That is all for the purrinted – media portion of the show, so nyow aI will turn The Mew over to Lizzy and Becca, who will purrsent this month’s
Catgirl & Kemonomimi Celebrity Spotlight.
Hai, in this monthly portion of The Mew, we commeowmorate famous nekomusume, therianthropes, and other kemonomimi of mythologies and popular culture, including anthropurrrmorphic ladies and monster girls!
There are those who might not actually have the beast DNA, but might have the spurrit, cat-titude or clothing of the animal theme, who we will broadly consider to be “honorary kemonomimi”!
One such honorary catgirl  due to her feline fashion is actress Lili Simmons who purrtrayed Marie in the 2021 movie Sound of Violence, in which she wore the leopurrd purrint skirt! You know, she also purrtrayed (adult) Selina Kyle / Catwoman  in the series finale of the Gotham TV series!
Vanessa Cole was the set designer for the James Cameron movie Avatar: The Way of Water, and on the Blu-ray’s 2nd disc, at appurroximately 1:51 into the 4:24 featurette on “New Zealand- Pandora’s Home” she is wearing the gray leopurrd purrint skirt!
In the movie Book Club: The Next Chapter, Jane Fonda wears the lovely leopurrd purrint blouse and and Diane Keaton wears the zebra stipe attire, so we will consider them as the honorary nekomusume and shimaumi musume!
Voice actress Laura Bailey is one of the gamer / cast meowmbers of the TV series Critical Role, and in the book The World of Criticial Role there is a photo of her wearing the cat ears!
In the Jimmy Kimmel Show’s 20th season’s epurrsode 172 which originally aired on 27 September  2022, Jimmy assisted the Brooklyn Public Library Bookmobile, which was visited by a cute widdle girl whose outfit included the tutu and cat ears!
On June 30th we went to the wonderful Tori Amos concert at Ovens Auditorium in Charlotte (which is appurroximately four hours northwest of here)! In the Ocean to Ocean tour book, there is a fulkl page pic and a smaller pic of her wearing the tiger striped suit!
In the official mewsic video for her song Lipstick Lover, Janelle Monae wears the cute Flareon kigurumi onesie to the swimming pool after the night of frisky fun!
In the official mewsic video for her song Stars are Blind, Paris Hilton wears the leopurrd purrint bikini at the beach and plays with the rope during the photo shoot!
Yuichi Hiiragi’s sci fi rom com manga Please Put Them On Takamine-san purrtains to the titular high school student council purresident Takane Takamine who can time travel when she removes her panties, and she is purrticulartly alluring and frisky whilst wearing the cart ears on the cover of vol. 5. mew la la!
Taichi Kawazoe’s ero fantasy comedy manga Immoral Guild purrtains to the adventuring hunter Kikuru Madan whose new quest purrtner Hitamu Kyan seems to attract lots of trouble and monsters! Hitamu is the busty purrple – haired 18 year old beast clan girl with the purretty purrple hair, ears and tail!
Akiba Maid War is the zany, tragic, violent bittersweet dark comedy anime TV series about the feud between kemonomimi maid cafes in Akihabara. The mane purrotagonists are the pig-eared maids of the Oinky-Doink Cafe, whose antagonists include the cat, cow, bear and other animal-eared maids!
Lastly but not leastly in the recent “Hair Salon” TV commercial for the Aleve meowdication, the hair stylist wears the purretty Pink leopurrd purrint blouse as she grooms the customer! That is all for this month’s spotlight, and nyow here are Petra, Bunnii, and Trini-chan to purrsent the latest
additions to the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art!


Arigato, nyan! For those who are new to here, Galleries 1-8 display the images by our purrducer Mike, whilst Guest Art Galleries 1-6 display images by other folks with their purrmissions; and Mike’s collaborations with other artists are throughout the mewseum, nyan! On our web site, the most recent pics are on the lowermost row of the cropped widdle “thumbnail” portions of the pics in a gallery, and you have to click on those to see the full images, nyan!
Some of the images are sexy, and might even depict artistic nudity, but none are porn, nyan! We should also meowntion that our content is not purrmitted for A.I purrposes, nyan! This month into Guest Gallery Six we are purroud to purrsent illustrations by Alexcia Reynolds, Misty Hopkins, Rvkh Brogden, our webmeowster Jamie, and more cosplay photos by various photographers of Crissy Volpe, nyan!
Firstly we are purroud to purrsent the adorably cute widdle Triceratops plushie doll made by Alexcia Reynolds, nyan! It is appurroximately 7.25″ long, 5.5” wide, and 6” tall including the tail that sticks up, nyan! To see Alexcia’s other supurrb stitchery, illustrations, stories, and web sites purrtaining to various fun topics, please visit her Link Tree page, nyan!
Then we are purroud to purrsent Misty Hopkins’ fan art of Black Lady, who is the evil adult version of Chibiusa in Naoko Takeuchi’s Sailor Moon manga and anime, nyan! This was drawn with Crayola colored pencils and PiTT artist pens upon the 5.5×8.5”  toned papurr, and to see more of Misty’s meowgnificent art, please visit her blog, nyan!
Nyow we are delighted to display the latest illustrations by Rvkh Brogden, starting with the Moon Shrooms”! Not only are these fungi quite attractive, but they are causing the craving in our tummies! On the right side is the traditional version done with watercolors, colored pencils & paint pens on the  8.5 x 1″ toned papurr, whilst on the left side is the digital version done with Purrocreate on the Apple Ipad Pro with an Apple Pencil, and there is a time-lapse art purrocess video of the digital version at!
After that is Rvkh’s “Solar Eclipse”! This awesomely angelic apocalyptic image was done for the July 2023 art challenge of the Starry Eyed Artist Collective which Rvkh administers! On the right is the traditional version done with watercolors, colored pencils and paint pens on the  8.5 x 11″ toned papurr, whilst on the left is the digital version with Purrocreate on the Ipad with an Apple Pencil. There is a time-lapse art purrocess video at, and to see much more of Rvkh’s beautiful fantasy and nature art, please visit her site Rvkh Brogden Art!
Nextly we are delighted to display two new illustrations by our web meowster Jamie Robertson, starting with his “Solar Eclipse” for the Starry Eyed Artist Collective! Jamie used Photoshop, Corel Painter, and the graphics tablet for this alluring image of

Chelsea Urania Kate Chattan,

who is the heroic witchy coastal Carolina human were-pantheress and the mane purrotagonist

of Jamie’s
urban fantasy webcomic Clan of the Cats!

“Juliette” is Jamie’s Corel Painter and Photoshop fan art of art of engineer and sheriff Juliette Nichols, who is purrfectly purrtrayed by Rebecca Ferguson in the post-apocalyptic science fiction TV series Silo! You know, Jamie is also the founder and web meowster of the Rebecca Ferguson Nation fan site, and y’all can see much more of his beautiful art at!

Now we are elated to exhibit more fabulous photos by various photographers of our friend Crissy Volpe a.k.a. SunseenLi! These are arranged into four collages compurrised of four pics apiece! The 1st collage includes Richard Calvache’s 2016 photo of Crissy as Alice in the Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland dress made by Duokings; David Ng’s 2010 photo of Crissy in a store-bought dress as Elegant Gothic Alice; Tony K’s 2005 photo of Crissy in the tastefully racey “White Shirt” photo shoot; and Tony K’s 2009 photo of Crissy in the punk chic “Winsome and Woe” photo shoot!
The 2nd  collage includes Pat Gavin’s photo of Crissy as Magic Knight Rayearth’s Umi Ryuuzaki in the Goddess costume by Beverly Faerie; Pat Gavin’s photo of Crissy as Sailor Moon’s Purrincess Mars, in the Silver Millennium costume by Setsuna Kou; Gerry Francisco’s photo of Crissy as the Sailor Moon manga’s Eternal Sailor Mars in the costume by Avian Firefly with accessories by Starlit Creations; and Brian Ngai’s photo of Crissy as Utena in the duelist costume by Melissa Quin, with the Rose Crest Ring from Pikmin Link, sword by Amazon Mandy, and wig bought from eBay!
The 3rd collage includes Louis’s photo of Crissy in the store-bought costume as Dorothy Gale of The Wizard of Oz; David Ng’s photo of Crissy as Captor Sakura’s Tomoyo Daidouji in the costume by Setsuna Kou; Carrie’s photo of Crissy as Captor Sakura’s Tomoyo Daidouji ikn the costume by Oshidori; and Patti’s photo of Crissy as Steampunk Batgirl, with the bat symbol & bolero jacket by Patti & Steph, the corset by Corset Story,the  tights from Elegance at Penn Station, and the goggles by Umbrella Laboratory! 
The 4th collage includes Tony K’s photo of  Crissy as Utena Tenjou of Revolutionary Girl Utena in the school uniform by Avian Firefly; Peter Hellers’ photo of Crissy as Almathea of the The Last Unicorn in the costume by Avian Firefly; David Ng’s photo of Crissy in the renaissance gown by Avian Firefly; and Terry’s photo of Crissy as Alice Kingsleigh in the Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland dress by Duokings! To see more of Crissy’s cosplays, photoshoots, con & festival reports, please visit her Crimson Sky Creations site Blood, Sweat and Glitter!
The cat lady sings…
That Triceratops plushie is so cute, nyan! Alexcia is so very talented with the sewing, stitching, storytelling, illustrating and – and web sites, nyan!
I love the compurrsition, lines, shading, colors, pose, expurression and details of Misty’s pic, nyan! She is such a great artist and cosplayer, nyan!
Mary Nyan: 
Those shrooms look so purretty and yummy; and the Angel looks so powerful and majestic! Rvkh is quite an amazing illustrator and mewsician!
It is wonderful to see more of Jamie’s supurrb original art and fan art. He is the rather excellent artist, author, and web meowster.
Those photos are quite blessed with all of the beautiful ingredients, from Crissy and the garments to the photographers, lighting  and locations!
Crissy is not only the gorgeous model and cosplayer, but she can write and draw splendidly, and I purrticularly like her charming con reports!
We are fortunate to have so many dear friends, and it is almost time for more friends to arrive for our AfterMew luau, so I reckon that will do it for this edition of The Mew!
We wish to thank Alexcia, Misty, Rvkh, Melody, Jamie, and Crissy for the lovely imagery, and all of the other brilliantly talented people whose works we have discussed!
We also wish to thank Jamie for his wonderful web meowstery, and our other friends, family, acquaintances and our audience whom we greatly appurreciate, nyan!
Fur shur!
We’ll be back next month with the August edition of The Mew! Be there… aloha.
The Ladies of The Mew:
Happy tails to mew- until we eat again, nya! Baibai, nya!