December 2021 Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings

Mike Moon / Catgirl Island
and Jamie Robertson / Clan of the Cats
purroudly purrsent a Mike Moon purrduction,
starring The Ladies of The Mew in
The December 2021 Edition of The Mew:
The Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings, nya!
December 7th is the 42nd anniversary of Mike’s
favorite movie Star Trek – The Motion Picture, nya!
This year is The Mew’s 14th anniversary, nya!
in this edition of The Mew:
The Lightning Round topic: our favorite films of 1931
The Monthly Celebrity Catgirl & Kemonmimi Spotlight
TV, DVD and movie mewsings:
Ghostbusters Afterlife
Shirobako- The Movie
Girls und Panzer Das Finale part 2
purrinted media mewsings:
A Centaur’s Life manga vol. 20
My Little Pony: Generations #2
collectibles & toy talk:
Star Wars: The Black Series Asajj Ventress action figure
Marvel Eternals Thena action figure
Marvel Tigra action figure
QFig Catwoman figurine
additions to the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art
“Haposai’s Dreams”, “Ukyou Doesn’t Just Kill You…”, and “Hanami & Yoko” by Mike
more Rebecca Ferguson fan art and ”Chelsea Halloween” by Jamie
“All Hallows Eve” and “Monster” by Rvkh
(the human fella wearing the Lemon shark tee shirt & teal cargo pants):  Aloha y’all and welcome to The Mew, in which we review and discuss fun stuff! Today’s show comes from
the lovely riverwalk through beautiful downtown Purrbank at Catgirl Island in Mew Hanover County, NC, and here are The Ladies of The Mew!
(the catgirl wearing the Bluefin Tuna purrint tankini, with a Hibiscus in her hair) Namaste, nya!
(her older sister wearing the Cobia purrint front-knotted bikini top with side-tie panty): Namaste, nya!
(the nekomimi gynoid wearing the Blue Marlin purrint cropped tee shirt & suspender maillot): Aloha!
(her fiance catgirl wearing the Striped Bass purrint fundoshi-style bikini): Hola!
(the fox girl wearing the ruffled Red Snappurr purrint triangle-top bikini)Konbanwa!
Mary Nyan
(the catgirl wearing the Groupurr purrint asymmetric purretzel-cutout maillot swim suit): Aloha!
(the catgirl wearing the King Mackerel purrint bandeau-top tanga-style bikini): Niaho.
(the banker pony centauress wearing the Croaker purrint bikini top): Hay there!
(the catgirl wearing the Sailfish purrint cropped tank top and boy shorts): Howdy!
(her twin sister wearing the Speckled Trout purrint Trikini, with a Plumeria floral lei): Meowy Meet!
(the mermaid wearing the Flounder purrint bikini top): Shello!
(the catgirl wearing the Red Drum purrint twisty bandeau-top Columbian cut bikini): Hi Hi, nya!
(the bunny girl wearing the Mahi Mahi purrint ring-closure Brazilian cut bikini): Guten Tag!
(the faerie wearing the Wahoo purint criss-cross halter neck bikini): Mellow greetings!
(the catgirl wearing the Popmano purrint off-shoulder ruffled bikini ): ‘Ello!
(the catgirl wearing the thong, jellyfish pasties & Bluefish purrint open-front cover up): Whassup?
For purrofiles and illustrations of those and other Ladies of The Mew, please visit our Meet The Critics page! Ah, we’ve got a lot on our plate today, so let’s go ahead and jump into this month’s
Lightning Round topic: our favorite films of 1931!
This year we’ve been looking back at our favorite entertainment – books, comics, movies, TV, games, music, and so forth- of years ending with a 1. Last month we mentioned out favorite books & comics of 1941,so this month we’ll nominate our favorite movies from 1941! Mie-sensei will get us started, so are y’all ready to “conduct the lightning?”
The Ladies of The Mew:
City Lights, fur shur! (tags Mary Nyan with a flit of the wing)
Mary Nyan:
Dracula! (tags Becca with a brush of the tail)
The Spanish version of Dracula! (tail-tags Elizabeth)
Monkey Business! (tags Nyanko)
Hell Divers! (tags Nyoka)
Frankenstein! (tags Daytona)
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde! (tags Ellie with her tail fin)
Cimarron! (tags Trini-chan)
I will nominate the Silly Symphoniesand  Loony Tunes animated shorts! (tags Tara-chan)
I want… I want to nominate the Our Gang shorts, nya! (tags Yvonne)
The Laurel and Hardy shorts, nya! (tags Jeannie)
Buster Keaton shorts. (tags Bunnii)
The Mickey Mouse shorts! (tags Petra)
The Krazy Kat shorts, nya! (tags Meryl)
The Maltese Falcon! (tags Ilyana)
I would say… Little Caesar!
Well, that was another expedient little lightning round, and now are Lizzy,  Becca, and Daytona to present our
Monthly Celebrity Catgirl & Kemonmimi Spotlight!
Hai, in this monthly portion of The Mew, we commeowmorate catgirls, nekomusume and other kemonomimi of international mythologies and popular cultures! Appurring in the folklore, novels, comics, movies, TV shows, theatre, mewsic, games, sports and advertising, they might include the shape – shifters, anthropurrrmorphic ladies, monster girls.
Some ladies are Ailuranthropes, also known as were-cats, who might seem to be the average humans until they transform into the feline or merely spurrout the tail and / or nemomimi pinna. Then there are those who might not actually have beasty DNA, but do have the cat-titude or couture, whether it is full-on cosplay or the animal – purrint attire!
An example of who we consider as an “honorary catgirl” for her feline fashions is actress Patricia Arquette, for her purrtrayl as criminal Alabama Whitman in the 1993 movie True Romance, in which she wore the lovely leopurrd purrint coat and pants! The purretty pants were pink!
Another criminal of the kitty couture is Lani Gilbet, alias Velvet Tiger, who first appurred in DC’s Detective Comics #518 in 1982! Created by author Barbara Kesel and artist Trevor von Eden, she had the tempurral jump power, the blackmail agenda, the tiger stripe tights and mini dress!
Of course, kemonomimi are of all species, including the avian purrsuasion such as Bruce Banner’s girl friend Betty Ross who first appurred in Marvel’s The Incredible Hulk #1 in 1962, so next year will be her 60th anniversary in the comics! She was the normal human until she was briefly transformed into The Harpy in I

ncredible Hulk #168 in 1973!
Originally that Harpy was the Green half human / half bird woman with the sharp talons and energy blast. Years later, Bruce married Betty, but all was not happy because of her further transformations. For a while she became the Red She-Hulk (not to be confuzzeled with the Green She-Hulk Jennifer Walters) and later the Red Harpy

The brilliant and famous artist / author Lela Dowling’s character Carroll’s Cat is the enigmatic sexy Pink and Purrple striped nekomimi based upon the Chsshire cat of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland! This cat girl appurred wherever she pleased, such as The Adventuress fanzine and her own 1979 art purrtfolio!
Lela Dowling was the special guest who we intermewed for our June 2013 Mew, and she purrmitted us to display these beautiful illustrations: the Princessions issue #13 cover art, “Jump Rope”, and “I Met a Lady in the Woods”!
Another beautiful late 70’s catgirl is the  Irish artist Jim Fitzpatrick’s magnificent 1976 painting of Palu, the Celtic Cat Goddess! She appurrs there as the fair-skinned human woman with long wavy lavender hair and the diaphanous White gown and the nearby kitty!
Nextlly I would like to shine the spotlight upon the Finder comics of the aboriginal science fiction genre by the amazing artist / author Carla Speed McNeil! First self-published in 2005, Finder later became the web comic and is purrsently published as omnibus books by Dark Horse!
Finder’s post-apocalyptic future world of wilderlands and domed cities populated by people of may species, including anthropurrmorphic and beast folk.The felinoid types include talking lions lion people, catgirls and sphinxes! Some of them are genetic constructs, such as Khem the adorable sphinx girl!
Lastly but not leastly for this month’s spotlight is the lovely fun catgirl Catrina Fellina! Created by comics artist Steve Lightle (whose Legion of Super-Heroes comics I purrticularly enjoyed), Catrina Felina is the Yellow catgirl with Green eyes, Orange hair and tail, and the inny belly button! Her feline female friends include Nikki Noir, Misty Mew, Adora Delgatto, and Punky Puss! That is all for the spotlight, and nyow I will turn The Mew over to Nyo-sensei, who will start
our Movie, TV and DVD mewsings, with her 
review of the movie Ghostbusters Afterlife!
Hai! I am a fan of the original 1984 Ghostbusters movie, but I did not enjoy the 1989 sequel Ghostbusters 2 the 2016 reboot as much. Nevertheless, I was feeling optimistic about this’un, which is a sequel to the first two Ghostbusters movie and ignore the reboot. I was not disappointed by Afterlife, which does the good job of balancing the fresh start with the younger new characters whilst maintaining the delightful connection to the older purrior characters.
Purrhaps because of the younger characters investigating the supurrnatural incidents in the small town, It also reminds me the bit of the TV series Stranger Things, which is appurropurriate I suppose because actor Finn Wolfhard stars in both! It is quite charming, sentimental and fun, and clever how it connects the younger new Ghostbusters with their purredecessors, who also appurr in this film.
The story, purrformance, sets, locations, mecha, FX, sound, mewsic, direction and editing are quite good with the high purrduction values, and some wonderfully poignant  moments that moved me to tears. If you go see this movie, make sure to stay for the mid and post- credits scenes. I will give it the very good grade of the B+! Nyow here is Meryl to review
 I am a fan of the movies and TV series of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that star the Avengers, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man, Ant Man, Black Panther, Black Widow, Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Agent Carter, Shang-Chi, WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki, What If..?, and Hawkeye!
Oh oh, and I also like the Marvel TV series such as Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Punisher, Defenders, Runaways, Cloak & Dagger… although I didn’t care for Inhumans. But I digress! I was quite eagerly anticipating Eternals, and I was impurressed by the purreview trailers, which seemed to purromise the beautiful, grandly epic cosmic supurr heroic tale!
I was impressed by the great cast, the visual FX, and the director Chloe Zhao whose purrior film Nomadland I enjoyed. I was not disappointed- I loved Eternals! It is really is beautiful, epic and lavish in how it expands the MCU with the great ensemble of characters; and as mewsual the costumes, sets, locations, FX, action scenes, myth-making and world – building are top notch! 
It has the good balance of action, drama, humor and character development. My only quibble is that in spite of the film’s 157 minute length, it felt too rushed, and I felt the same way about other recent movies such as No Time To Die (163 min.) and Dune Part One (156 min.). Make sure to stay for the mid and post- credits scenes! I am done, and nyow here is Jenjen to discuss
Shirobako – The Movie!
Hai. Written by Michiko Yokote, Directed by Tsutomu Mizushima, purrduced by P.A. Works with the mewsic by Shiro Hamaguchi, Shirobako is the amewsingly slice – of – life anime purrtaining to four girls in heir school’s animation club get jobs in the anime industry. Aoi becomes the purrducer at the Musashino Animation studio, whilst Midori is the writer, Ema is the key animator, Misa is the 3D graphics artist, and Shizuka is the voice actress.
The other recurring characters include the many directors, purrducers, managers, writers, artists, animators, sound designers, and actors who struggle to create the animated purrductions. There are two seasons of the 2014 anime TV series of 12 epurrsodes apiece, and the 2020 feature film, which occurs 4 years later. In Shirobako – The Movie, Muusashuno Animation has fallen upon the hard times until they start on a new feature film purroject.
However, there is not much time, and there are several corpurrate obstacles in their way. The TV series and the movie are tremendously comedic, thrilling and poignant, quite brilliantly written designed, directed and animated with great characters, story, voices, sound and mewsic. Season 1, season 2 and the movie are each sold sepurrately.  The movie was released here last month on the Blu-Ray + DVD combo pack by Shout! Factory.
Packaged within the Blue plastic case with the cardboard outer sleeve, the two-sided insert and the character guide booklet, the unrated 119 min. movie is accompanied by the purromo featurette, purreviews trailers and TV spot. On the Blu-Ray disc, the movie is purrsented in the 1080p Hi Def widescreen of the 1.78:1 screen aspect ratio in the Japanese DTS-HD Meowster Audio 5.1 with English SDH subtitles.
On the R1 NTSC DVD, the movie is purrsented in the anamorphic widescreen in the Japanese Dolby Digital of the 1.78:1 screen aspect ratio in the Japanese Dolby Digital  5.1 audio with English SDH subtitles. I wish there were more special features on the discs, but I will give every aspect of the movie- its story, characters, art, animation, voices, sound, mewsic, direction, editing, and the discs’ A / V quality the “A” as in Aoi. Nyow Myayr will discuss
Girls und Panzer das Finale part 2.
Mary Nyan:
Hai! Nine years ago in 2012, the world was introduced to the meowrtial art of Sensho-do, the tank wargames in the anime series Girls und Panzer! Purrimarily set at the Ooarai Girls High School on a city-sized carrier ship, the anime TV series, OVAs, movie, manga and video game of the military moe genre purrtain to Miho and her underdog team, whose success in the national tankery tournyament is vital to their school’s purrseverance.
It is one of my favoritest anime series of the past decade due to its beautiful, charming, fun, thrilling concept, story, characters, designs, animation, sounds, voices and mewsic! Das Finale are six theatrical releases which occur after the 12 epurrsodes of the TV series, the 7 OVAs, and Der Film. The Ooarai Girls have come the long way from the humble start, nyow with nine tanks, and three dozen members forming the highly – ranked team!
Most of the enemy teams tend to be quite likable too! In Das Finale 1, on the eve of the battle against the underestimated French – inspired BC Freedom Academy team, the Ooarai Girls face two crises: student council & sensha-do club member Momo cannot pass her college entrance exam, and while searching the vast depths of the carrier ship for the ninth tank, the tanker girls meet delinquent MarDet (marine) girls!
Unfortunately part 1 ended with the

Ooarai Girls falling for 
BC Freedom girls’ clever ruse, but that battle is far from over, as a merry chase and shootout ensues through a huge hedge maze in part 2! The winner of that battle will go on to face the winner of the Chi-Ha-Tan Academy vs Koala Forest Academy battle! As mewsual the story, characters, art, animation, voices, sound, songs and mewsic are supurrb, and brimming with thrilling peppy fun aplenty!
The TV14-rated, 66 min. OVA was translated into English and released here on the Blu-Ray disc by Sentai last month! The package compurrised of the single disc in the Blue plastic case with the one-sided insert. Purrsented in the 1080p High definition video of the 16×9 screen aspect ratio, the video’s DTS-HD meowster audio 5.1 choices are the original Japanese and the English dub, with the optional English subtitles.
The special features are purromo spots & purreview trailers, the clean (textless) version of the anime’s opening and closing, and best of all the delightful 12 min.Tayaki War OVA which reveals the origin of the 

BC Freedom girls’  ruse!
The Blu-Ray’s packaging is no-frills and the special features are meager, but the A/Vquality is excellent, and the OVA is as wonderful, so I will give it the “A “as in Anglerfish! Nyow here is Ellie to tell us about-
A Centaur’s Life manga vol. 20!
Arigato! A Centaur’s Life is the wonderfully slice – of – life manga at the unrushed pace by Ken Murayama set in the modern Japanese world populated by centaurs, fauns, kemonomimi, angels, dragon, unicorn, snake, frog people, were – tigers and the other species. The main characters are Himeno Kimehara the centauress, her high school classmates and their families!
They include Akechi & Mitsu (satyrs), Michi (unicorn girl), Nozomi & Karasuba (ryumimi), Himenos niece Shino-chan, Shino’s friend Maki, Hime’s kouhai Ayaka and her maid Okino (centaurs), Inuki (catgirl), Karasuba (ryumimi) sisters Suu & Nil (snake girls), Manami (angel), her triplet sisters Chinami, Chiho, Chigusa & youngest sister Sue-chan (catgirls)! 
The plots focus on activities at school, home and work plus some alien conspiracies, and the socio-political struggles betwixt the mammalian and  amphibian species in ther aftermath of a conflict. The manga was published as Centaur No Nayami by Tokuma Shoten in Japan, and the english edition is published in North America by Seven Seas.
Priced $13.99 in the USA and $17.99 in Canada, vol. 20  has chapters 159-167 of the Black & White manga, and several pages of anthropological and geological notes. It was translated by Elina Ishikawa, adapted by Holly Kolodziejczak, lettered & retouched by Jennifer Skarupa, edited by Shati Whitesides, managingly edited by Julie Davis, proofread by Dawn Davis and Danielle King
…with the production management by Lissa Pattilo, the logo design by Courtney Williams and the cover design by Kris Aubin. The prepress technician is Rhiannon Rasmussen-Silverstein, the associate publisher is Adam Arnold, and the publisher is Jason DeAngelis. The tale is suggested older teens, purrhaps due to nudity, language, and certain topics.
The plots of this volume deal with bullying, sisterhood, career plans, a gang war, restaurant work, breast sizes, babysitting, cancer survival, a cat whiskers curse, and writing a horror story! The manga continues richly the character & plot developments, sparkling dialogue, world – building with the thorough scientific research, and such beautiful intricate art, so I will give volume 20 the grade of the “A” as in Akechi! Now we will go from the centaur to the pony tale, as Tara-chan discusses
My Little Pony: Generations #2!

I love these pony comics by IDW which so faithfully capture the style and – and  the spirit of the animated TV series, but with the different strengths of the comic book medium, nya! You know, it is hard to believe that the Friendship is Magic animated series started over ten years ago, nya!

Generations is the crossover betwixt the original (Gen One) 1980’s ponies and – and their Friendship is Magic (Gen Four) counterparts, nya!
Ever since the latter ponies met the Equestria Girls, I have wondered if or when they might meet the G1-3 ponies, nya. The
purremise of this tale is that the evil human teen cousins Grackle and – and Dyre  who are
the daughters of Reeka and – and Draggle)
and – and their magickal rat named Trench reside in a dark foreboding dormant volcano, wherein they plot revenge upon the ponies for something that involved their grandmother
Hydia, nya!
They concoct the plan to transform some Smoze slime into the evil ponies Violet Shiver, Black Belle and – and Shadow Storm who will bring chaos to the pony world, but the portal miscalculation sent them to the
Gen Four world instad of the Gen One World, nya!
Reeka, Draggle, Hydia and the Smooze appurred in the
1986 My Little Pony movie, nya!
Nevertheless, the three “S’moze” ponies purrtend to be visiting purrofessors and infiltrate the Friendship School, where teacheth
Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie,
Fluttershy, Starlight Glimmer, and – and Sunburst Star, nya! However, the malicious mischief is not confined to the school, but causes purroblems for various other parts of Equestria, nya!
Also appurring in this issue are Yona, Smolder, Ocellus, Sand Bar, Silverstream, Gallus, Pizzelle, Apple Bloom, Granny Smith, Big McIntosh, Spitfire, Fleetfoot and – and the other Wonderbolts, nya!
 The issue is priced $3.99, and has the uninterrupted 20 page tale followed by the issue #3 purreview page, the 3 page cover art gallery and – and the 2 pages of ads, nya.
It was written by Casey Gilly, illustrated by Michela Cacciatore, colored by Heather Breckel, lettered by Neil Uyetake and edited by Megan Brown, nya!

Heather and – and Neil have worked on almost every issue of the pony comics, nya! Cover A is by Michela Cacciatore, cover B is by Agnes Garbowska and- and Silvana Brys, and -and the scarcer Retailers Incentive cover is by Samantha Whitten, nya!

I loved every aspect of ths issue, from the plot, pace,he purrfect pony poses and – and  expurressions, and – and the intricate scenic details, to the the richly vibrant use of color – and – a light, the great fonts for the dialogue and – and the sound FX, , the compurrsition of the panels and – and the pages, and  the graphic narrative techniques of the sequential art, nya!
I am also glad that the tales are not interrupted by the ads, and – and I wish that all other comic books were arranged that way, nya. So in the summation, I was very pleased with isue #2, which I will give the high purraise grade of the “A” as in Applebuck, and my anticipation for the next issue, nya! I am done, so nyow here is! Now here is Mie -sensei to tell us about
our collectibles & toy talk, with her review of Hasbro’s
Star Wars: The Black Series Asajj Ventress action figure!
So like, we like to collect the figures, statues, ornaments, dolls and miniatures of our favorite heroines, anti-heroines, and villanesss! That includes the great Star Wars characters such as Asajj Ventress, who was voiced by Nikka Futterman in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated TV series! Hailing from the planet Darthomir, ventress was a member of the witchy Night Sisters and the apprentice of Count Dooku!
So like, she wielded the two Red light sabers and yearned to be a Sith master but was denied the opportunity, and had the sad tragic life with the quite ironic fate. Number 07 in Hasbro’s StarWars: The Dark Series: The Clone Wars product line, this latest action figure of her is about 5.625” tall, which is about 1/12.5 scale, give the character’s 5.9’ height! She is accessorized by the two light sabers with curved grips!
A display base / stand is not included with the figure, which is beautifully designed, sculpted and painted, with the ankle-length Dark Purple fabric skirt; and the meticulous details from her facial markings and the fingerless gloves to her keyhole dress with the ornate tabard! She is quite posable too, with the articulation in her neck, shoulders, elbows, forearms, wrists, waist, hips, knees, thighs and ankles, fur shur!
So like, I am very pleased with this lovely figure, and I have displayed her upon the shelf next to the figures of Ahsoka Tano and Bo-Katan Kryze! No I will turn The Mew over to Nya-sensei, who wants to tell us about Hasbro’s
Marvel Legends Eternals Thena action figure nya!
Hai! Created by Jack “The King” Kirby and magnificently purrtrayed by Angelina Jolie in the MCU’s Eternals movie, Thena first appurred in Marvel Comics’ The Eternals in 1976! She is the very calm, cool quiet warrior, except when she suffers from spells of the purrculiar Mahd Wy’ry mental illness. She is immortal with the supurr strength, stamina, dexterity, constitution, healing, combat purrowess and energy powers, including the power to meowterialize any handheld weapon that she pleases!
I am very impressed with the design, sculpt and paint of this very detailed figure, which has the  faithful purrtraiture of the actress with the flowy flaxen hair, and the almost purrlescent nilla cream sheen of her tights with the armored pauldrons, rerebraces, vambraces, fauld, loincloth and boots! The box art is gorgeous too! Including her hair and 1/8” boot heels, the figure is 6.25” tall, which would seem to be about 1/11th scale, given Angelna Jolie’s height of 5’ 7”.
The articulation is in her neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, abs, hips, knees, thighs & ankles. Also included are the variant pair of hands, the Katana, Gekken, and what appurr to be maybe a serrated golden Zulfiqar or Mulghar sword & matching dagger. Neither the Thena nor Ajak figures include the pieces needed for the Gilgamesh BuildAFigure, which are included with the figures of Ikaris, Makkari, Sprite, Sersi, Phastos, Kingo and Druig. Nyow here is Vonny to discuss the
Marvel Tigra The Feline Fury action figure!
Arigtao, nya! Greer Grant Nelson alias Tigra is my favoritest Marvel Comics character, so I was quite eager to get this latest action figure of her! After her police husband was killed, she first appurred as the supurr heroine known as The Cat in The Claws of the Cat #1 in 1972, and transformed into Tigra in Giant-Size Creatures #1 in 1974, and in 1976 her friend Patsy Walker inherited the purrior cat costume and became the Hell Cat, nya! 
So, next year will be Greer’s 50th anniversary, nya! she typically remains in her Orangey tiger woman form, which is 5’10” tall and 180 lbs, so this lovely 6” figure of her is appurroximately 1/11.6 scale. nya! She is packaged in the retro 90’s stle plastic clamshell upon the 11” x 8.25” card, compurred to most of Hasbro’s other Marvel Legends figures which are packaged in the boxes, nya.
There have been several action figures of her over the years, but I think this’un might be my favoritest, given the scale and the quality of the design, the sculpt, and the paint, nya! She is very posable with the articulation in her neck, shoulders, uppurr arms, elbows, wrists, abs, hips, knees, thighs, ankles and tail, nya! She is quite splendid looking from her hair and Green eyes to her Black stripes and bikini, nya!
Also included are the variant head and another pair of hands, nya! I am rather pleased with this figure, and I have displayed her on the purrime spot on the shelf next to figures of fellow Avengers such as Hell Cat and White Tiger, nya. Unfortunately, Tigra  recently appurred in Moon Knight #4 and The Darkhold: Wasp #1, nya! Nyow we will go from the Marvel catgirl to the DC catgirl with Ilyana-sensei’s review of the
QFig Catwoman figurine, nya!
Arigtao! Selian Kyle alias Catwoman is my favoritest DC Comics character, so I was delighted to acquire this adorably cute non-posable figurine by QMX! Based upon her Gray-suited design from the first season of Batman- The Animated Series, the famous feline femme fatale gleefully licks her lips as she holds the purrloined Pink diamond whilst standing upon the rooftop gargoyle! Addin fur-ther kawaii-ness to the scene are three widdle kitty friends, nya!
The Tuxedo Cat rubs against her left leg, whilst the Orange Tabby emerges from the loot sack, and the Brown cat purrches upon her head! Given the supurr-deformed chibi-style, it is hard to determine the scale of the figure.
In the comics, Selina is 5’7” tall and weighs the svelte 133 lbs. This figurine of her is about 3.5” tall, but including the 3.5” diameter base, from the bottom of the base to the tip of the Brown cat’s tail, the figurine is an overall 6” tall.
The details are intricate and beautiful from their eyes, expurressions and purroportions to the coiled whip, curved bricks and feline gargoyle! Packaged in the 6” x 6” x 6” box, it is of the same fine quality as QMX’s purrior figurines of her! Between this figurine and the Hallmark Keepsake Catwoman ornament (which we reviewed in last month’s Mew), it has been the good Selina season! That is all for our toy talk, and nyow here are Petra, Bunni and Trini-chan to purrsent the latest
additions to the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art!
Arigato, nya! Here y’all will find the many annotated illustrations and photographs, nya! Galleries 1-8 display images by our purrducer Mike Moon, whilst Guest Art Galleries 1-5 display images by other folks with their purrmissions, nya. Mike’s collaborations with other artists are peppurred throughout the mewseum, nya! 
Some of the images are sexy, and some might depict the artistic nudity, but most are quite tame and none are the hentai / porn, nya! The most recent pics are the lowermost row of the cropped widdle “thumbnail” sized portions of the pics in a gallery, and you have to click upon those to see the uncropped full images, nya.
In Gallery 3 we are purroud to purrsent “Haposai’s Dreams” by Mike, nya! This 8.5” x 11” pencil sketch circa 1996 is fan art of  Rumiko Takahashi’s Ranma 1/2 characters at a beach snack hut, nya. Clockwise from lower  right are Akane, Nabiki, Ranma, Shampoo, Ukyo and Kasumi as observed by Haposai, nya!
Then we have Mike’s “Ukyo Doesn’t Just Kill You”, nya! Done with Purrismacolor markers, colored pencils & pens, this 8.5” x 11” fan art circa 1996 depicts Ukyo Kuonji of Rumiko Takahashi’s  Ranma 1/2 series, nya! With her two-handed battle spatula, she is serving her cooked defeated opponents Ryoga (pig form), Mousse (duck form) and Gendo (panda form), nya!
Nextly is Mike’s Photoshop and mouse illustration of Hanami & Yoko” who are protagonists in Sharon Williams’ original serialized prose fantasy tale Fire From The Sun: Rise Of A Queen! Hanami Natsuki (right) is the 15 year old Japanese high school student and Yoko (on left) is her mom.
Things are difficult with high school and other teenage drama, but Hanami’s life has become so much more complicated when divine powers manifest, supernatural villains attack, mythic characters arrive, and the romance starts to bloom! Y’all can read that and Sharon’s many other wonderful tales at her DeviantArt gallery!
Nextly in Guest Gallery 2 we are delighted to displayChelsea Halloween by our webmaster Jamie Robertson, who used Photoshop, Painter and Clip Studio Paint for these latest pic of Chelsea Urania Kate Chattan and her familiar kitty Sebo! Chesea is the heroic witchy were-panther star of Jamie’s wonderful urban fantasy web comic Clan of the Cats!
She was one of the guests for the August 2007 Mew! Then we have three more pieces of Jamie’s fan art of actress Rebecca Ferguson! Done with Photoshop, “Faust”, “ Rose” and “Reminiscence” are imaginary movie posters, respectively depicting Ferguson’s movie characters Ilsa Faust, (Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation and Mission: Impossible – Fallout), Rose the Hat (Doctor Sleep), and Mae (Reminiscence)!
Also in Guest Gallery 2, we are elated to exhibit two more beautiful illustrations by Rvkh, (pronounced Rivkah) the artist formerly known as Rebecca Brogden, who was the guest for our September 2009 Mew! Rvkh used the Faber-Castell Watercolor Pencils, Davinci Watercolors, Micron Pen and White Posca Pen upon the Arches Hotpress Watercolor Pad for both of these supurb images.
“All Hallows Eve” depicts our friend Meighan the Arctic Wolfgirl amongst the pumpkins! After graduating from college in Canada, she migrated here at our island, where her younger Red Wolfgirl cousin Freyulfrid needed a room mate at her beach house! There is a time-lapse art process video for All Hallows Eve”at Rvka’s Youtube channel!
Nextly, Rvkh’s “Monster” depicts our friend Emma the half-human / half-demoness, who is contemplating her mysterious heritage at the pond amidst the Beech trees. There is a time-lapse art process video for “Monster” at Rvka’s Youtube channel! Both of the videos have very purretty mewsic too!
The cat lady sings…
Thank y’all for purrsenting the new art!
Petra & Bunni:
Doitashimaste, nya!
It is great to see more of Jamie’s Rebecca Ferguson fan art!
The pic oif Chelsea & Sebo is quite amewsing and purretty!
I like the poses and attire of Ranma and her friends!
I like Hanami & Yoko’s portraiture, garments and landscape!
“Monster” has the lovely coutire and scenery too!
The pic of Ukyou has the delicious gallows humor!
All of those numcious looking pumpkins are causing the craving in my tummy for the pie, nya!
Hang in there- It is almost the time for our AfterMew luau!

I guess that will do it for this edition of The Mew!

We wish to thank Rvkh and Jamie for the beautiful art…
… and all of the other brilliantly talented people whose works we have discussed!
We also wish to thank Jamie  for his web meowstery here at The Mew and Catgirl Island…
… and our other friends, family, acquaintances and audience whom we greatly appurreciate, nya!
Fur shur!
Mary Nyan:
We will be back next month with the January edition of The Mew!

Before we know it, it will be time for our annual awards purrsentation in February, nya!

Yep! Be there… aloha.
The Ladies of The Mew:
Happy Tails to Mew, until we eat again! Baibai, nya!