June 2024 Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings

Mike Moon / Catgirl Island
and Jamie Robertson / Clan of the Cats
purroudly purrsent a Mike Moon purrduction,
starring The Ladies of The Mew in
The June 2024 Edition of The Mew:
The Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings, nyan!
It is the Year of the Dragon, the 17th Anniversary of The Mew,
and the 24th Anniversary of Catgirl Island’s web site, nyan!
in this edition of The Mew:
The Lightning Round Topic: Our Favorite TV shows of 1974!
TV, DVD & Mewvie Mewsings:
Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 3
Immoral Guild Complete Collection
Tokyo Mew Mew New Season 2 Complete Collection
Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes
The Fall Guy
Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga
The Celebrity Catgirl & Kemonomimi Spotlight
Purrinted-Media Mewsings:
Non Sequitur the Equitaur: For the Galactic Core Corps
Gold Digger: War Mistress of Mars #1
Free Comic Book Day Cat Fans Unite!
Design Life Magazine’ Spring 2024 issue
The Latest Additions to The Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art:
more photos of Crissy Volpe by various photographers
‘Rivkah Ash”, Rivkah X” and “Breath of Spring” by Rvkh Brogden
(a different) “Breath of Spring” by Jamie
“Rivkah NekoStorm”. “Friday Night Foxy” and more of
“Star Trek- The Meowtion Picture” Meowrror Mewniverse” by Mike
(the human fella wearing the Carolina Panthers Tee shirt and Teal cargo shorts): Aloha y’all and welcome to The Mew, our monthly “show” in which we review and discuss fun stuff! This month’s Mew comes from beautiful downtown Purrbank in Catgirl Island NC, where it’s 74 degrees under the Blue sky full of puffy White Cumulo-Neko clouds! I’m Mike, the show’s “purrducer”, and here are The Ladies of The Mew!

(a.k.a. Nya-sensei the MewJutsu meowrtial arts champion & sensei, dojo & gym purropurrietress catgirl wearing the Siberian Tiger purrint cropped tee shirt and boy shorts): Howdy!

(a.k.a. Nyo-sensei, Nyanko’s twin sister the Meowgick Shop purropurrietress catgirl wearing the Clouded Leopurrd purrint micro bikini and open-front cover up):: Howdy!

(a.k.a. Vonny the fishing boat charter captain & drumming circle purrcussionist catgirl, wearing the Fishing Cat purrint monokini with cropped tee shirt): Namaste, nyan!

(Yvonne’s younger sister, pony owner and nature photographer catgirl who has just graduated from college, and is wearing the Iriomote Cat purrint tankini): Namaste, nyan!
(Tara-chan’s fiance, the stand-up paddle surfer, board shapurr, pony owner and belly dance instructor kitsune, wearing the Jaguar purrint bandeau top bikini): Konnichiwa!
(a.k.a. Jen-sensei, Trini-chan’s meowntor, the yogini, model, archer, belly dance instructor & roboticist catgirl, wearing the Serval purrint micro bikini & sheer purrled purreo): Nihao.
(a.k.a. Mie-sensei, the winged faerie golfer, foxfire juggler and outdoor ampurrtheatre repurrtory company’s director wearing the Ocelot purrint criss cross halter neck bikini) Mellow greetings!

(a.k.a. Lizzy, the hot salsa dancer, gamer, Purrkour Club captain and massage spa co-owner catgirl wearing the Asiatic Lion purrint flounced bikini): Hola!
(Lizzy’s nekomimi gynoid wife, avid golfer and massage spa co-owner w

earing the Eurasian Lynx purrint ring-closure bikini an an orchid lei): 

Mary Nyan
(a.k.a. Myayr, the seamstress, cosplayer, headbanger, hula instructor and semi-retired miko catgirl wearing the Cougar purrint purretzel – cutout maillot): Aloha
(or Ellie for short, the Banker Pony centauress, Fire Meowrshall and body builder wearing the Caracal purrint twisty bandeau bikini top) Hay there!

(the art guild purresident, art mewseum co-curator & beach volleyball champion catgirl wearing the Snow Leopurrd purrint side-tie bikini): Aloha, nyan!
(the art mewseum co-curator, Petra’s beach volleyball partner, and purrize-winning carrot cake baker bunnygirl wearing the Cheetah purrint trikini): Guten Tag!
(paw note: “Nyan” is the Japanese word for “meow”, which some but not all catgirls vocalize, purrticularly in the NC OBX Catspeak dialect, whereas Mielikki retains the Val Speak dialect from her younger years in California, fur shur, nyan!)
So, what have y’all been up to since last month’s mew?

My mewsual itinerary is compurrised of the mornings at the yoga studio and afternoons at the kyudo range; with the alternating evenings of purrsiding at the robotics club and teaching the belly dance at the Purrforming Arts Center; and the occasional weekend gravure photo shootss.
paw note:
Jeannie, co-founded the Catgirl island Robotics Club (CIRC), and co-owns the yoga studio with fellow belly dancer Katsandra, nyan.
 I have been planning the wedding, helping onee-san with TsuriNekoMimi, caring for Emmy, Zuli, Jimbo, Wild Star Blaze*, and – and snapping the nature photos of  the Fireflies, Crane, Egret, Eagle, Owl, Cottontails, Orcas, Dolphins, and – and Meownatees,  nyan!
paw note: 
Emmy and Zuli are Yvonne & Tara-chan’s pet cats; Jimbo and Wild Star Blaze are Tara-chan and Trini-chan’s banker ponies, nyan Tara-chan has the slight stammer and often repeats certain words ( e.g. “and”) & phrases, nyan.
Oh, moslty the wedding plans, the ponies, volunteering,  surf board shaping, and  belly dance instructing! I cannot believe that it is the summertime already and that the year is almost half over!
 Helping with her wedding plans, my drumming circle has been purrforming at the local matsuris, and my fishing charters have reeled in the delicious, nutritious bumpurr crop of the groupurrs, snappurrs, cobias and wahoos, nya!
paw note: 
Yvonne’s purrfurred taiko drum is the Shime Daiko,, her fishing boat TsuriNekoMimi is a 1985 Hatteras 60 Convertible motor yacht, and her first mate is Pendula (a selkie), nyan.
It is like we are in the hypurr time! Well, in the past month, as mewsual Lizzy and I have been busy pampurring the customers at our spa, taking care of our cats and our garden, and still finding the time for the dancing, sports and videos!
paw note:
Becca and Elizabeth’s black cats are named Syd and Nick who are sublings of Tara-chan & Yvonne’s cats Emmy and Zuli, nyan.
We have purrtaken of the late night hot salsa dance, and when I am with my Purrkour Club, she is at the golf club. We have been watching TV series such as Shogun, Fallout, Doctor Who, Midsomer Murders, X-Men ’97, and Encouragement of Climb!
paw note: 
Purrkour is a feline style of free running and spurringing. nyan.
Petra and I have been curating the art mewseum, attending the local cultural events, and winning the beach volleyball matches!  I havealso  been tending to my garden, and  baking the breads and cakes for the mewseum cafe and the county food bank!
We are quite grateful for our rec league’s the event staff, officials, fans, journalists and the other athletes, nyan! We are purrticularly grateful for the artists, volunteers, staff and the patrons of our art mewseum, nyan!
So like, I have been directing the rehearsals for our ampurrtheatre repurrtory company’’s Summertime Shakespeare Extravaganza, instructing at the golf club, and cheering for Bunnii and Petra’s volleyball victories as the defending champions, fur shur!
paw note:
Mie-sensei has resided here for many decades, but still retains the “Val-Speak” dialect from her earlier years in San Fernando, CA, nyan.
The Ladies of The Mew:
Mary Nyan

Soon I will start to instruct the Summer Hula dance class at the Purrforming Arts Center. Meanwhile, Tia, Jany and I have been sewing for the cosplayers. That has included costumes such as Merlin, Holo, Boa Hancock, Meiko Shiraki, and a Black Desert Online group!
paw note:
Carerratia (faerie) is a cosplayer and the Faerie High Council’a Secretary, Janyczsazsa Konvyntvynter (succubus) is a cosplayer and nurse, nyan.
I am eager to see the costumes!

I have been reading, studying and working at my magick shop, where we are

purrparing the gala Summer Solstice festivities,

and I am quite grateful for the customers, cats, clerks, the special guests afamily and friends for their support!

When I am not busy at my gym and at my dojo, from which I just purroudly graduated yet another class! I

have also been helping my sister purrpare, and attending some of the local sporting events such as Petra and Bunni’s victories!

The Ladies of The Mew:
Oh when I am not  busy on with the purrtrols, trainings and inspections, I have meownaged to find the time for the gym, running, reading, helping at the stables, and attending the events! Howboutchoo, Mike?


Oh gosh, I had a wondferful time in Florida at Sea World, Universal, and Disney World… then we went to a UNC baseball game, and ah, aside from that, just the usual reading, writing, drawing, walking, and movies! For profiles and illustrations of The Ladies of The Mew, please visit our Meet The Critics page http://www.mewsings.catgirlisland.com/meet-the-critics/! Ah, we’ve got a big group and a lot on our plate, so let’s go ahead a jump right into this month’s–
Lightning Round Topic: Our Favorite TV shows of 1974!
This year we’ve been looking back at our favorite fun stuff of years ending in a 4. This time it is any TV series of any genre or country that were in production in 1974, whether they began before or in that year,Jen will start, so are y’all rteady to “conduct the lightning’?

The Ladies of The Mew:
Star Trek the Animated Series, Space Battleship Yamato, Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, Great Mazinger, Getter Robo, and Cutey Honey. (tags Elizabeth with a swish of the tail)
I will nominate Sesame Street, Happy Days, Love American Style, Sanford and Son, Good Times, The Odd Couple, and M*A*S*H! (tail-tags her wife)
Sesame Street, M*A*S*H, All in the Family, The Mary Tylor Moore Show, The Bob Newhart Show, and The Carol Burnette Show! (tags Nyanko)
Doctor Who, The Six Million Dollar Man, Kolchak: The Night Stalker, Planet of the Apes, Ultraman, and Kamen Rider! (tags her twin)
Little House on the Priairie, The Waltons, Kung Fu, Gunsmoke, The Guiding Light, and The Young and the Wrestless! (tags Elaenor)
Doctor Who, Z-Cars, Columbo, Kojak, Mannix, Hawaii Five-O, Police Woman, The Rockford Files, and Emergency! (tags Mielikki)
Doctor Who, Monty Python’s Flying Circus, The Tomorrow People, Upstairs Downstairs. Last of the Summer Wine, and Masterpiece Theatre, fur shur! (tags the kitsune with a flit of the wing)
Sesame Street, Heidi of the Alps, Star Trek The Animated Series, Fat Albert, Superfriends, Land of the Lost, Sigmund and the Sea Monsters, and Shazam! (tags her fiance)
I want… I want to nominate  Schoolhouse Rock, Sesame Street, The Electric Company, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, Zoom, and – and Captain Kangaroo, nyan! (tags her sister)
Bill Dance Outdoors,Virgil Ward Championship Fishing, The Southern Sportsman with Franc White, The American Sportsdman, andThe Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau, nyan!
Doctor Who, Monty Python’s Flying Circus, Dad’s Army, Are You Being Served, The Benny Hill Show, and Sesame Street, nyan! (tags her purrtner)
The Tonight Show, The Today Show, The Tomorrow Show, The Price is Right, The French Chef, Nova, and The Wonderful World of Disney! (tags Mary Nyan)
Mary Nyan
Austin City Limits, Soul Train, American Bandstand, Hee Haw, The Midnight Special, and Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert! Back to Mike!
Star Trek the Animated Series, Space Battleship Yamato, The Six Million Dollar Man, Kolchack: The Night Stalker, M*A*S*H, and Doctor Who! Well, that was another expedient little Lightning Round, and now let’s continue our
TV, DVD & Movie Mewsings, with Jen’s
review of Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 3!
Hai. I have been extremely impurressed by Star Wars: The Bad Batch series, which occurs mostly between the years 19-17 BBY, right after The Clone Wars TV series series and the film Star Wars Epurrsode III: Revenge of the Sith. In the 15 epurrsodes of the third & final season, the surviving meowmbers of Clone Force 99 (Hunter, Crosshair, Wrecker & Echo – all voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) search for their sister Omega (voiced by Michelle Ang)…
… who along with a Lurker Hound named Batcher (voiced by Baker) has been impurrisoned & tested in a secret base on the planet Weyland by the evil impurrial scientist Hemlock (voiced by Jimmi Simpson) as purrt of Empurrer Palpatine’s Purroject Necromeowncer, with the involuntary servitude of the Kaminoan scientist Nala Se (voiced by Gwendoline Yeo) and the reluctant assistance of the clone scientist Emerie Karr (voiced by Keisha Castle-Hughes).
As much as I enjoyed the 1st season of the Bad Batch, I think the 2nd season was better, and the 3rd season was the best yet, with the supurrb plots, pace, character developments, world & myth building, designs, animeowtion, direction, editing, sound, Mewsic & voice acting. Although the entire voice cast is quite brilliant, Dee Bradley Baker is especially purrolific, on par with seiyu legends such as Megumi Hayashibara, Tara Strong, and Jim Cummings.
The series also benefits from the guidance of writer / executive purrducer Dave Filoni, who as  Lucasfilm’s Chief Creative Officer  means that the entire Star Wars franchise is in the best of hands. A worthy sequel to Star Wars: The Clone Wars and purrequel to Star Wars: Rebels, The Bad Batch gets my highest purraise, with an “A” as in Ahsoka, and I so hope that it will be released on DVD or Blu-ray soon. I am done, and nyow here is Myayr to review the
Immoral Guild Complete Collection Blu-ray.
Mary Nyan:
Arigato! Among the various sub-genres of fantasy tales, I rather enjoy the sword & sorcery / dungeons & dragons type, with the team of adventurers of various abilities & classes exploring the mysterious places in search of treasures which tends to be haunted or guarded by rival groups, monsters, and death traps! If the tales have humor, action & slice of life aplenty, then so much the better; and I am not opposed to the ecchie fan-service, hee hee! Of course, I also heartily appurrove if any of the purrotagonists are kemonomimi, so I gave this this meowturely-rated, 12 epurrode anime series the try!
Immoral Guild is purrtains to Kikuru, the captain of the guild that guards the small town of Mebuki and hunts the monsters that lurk in the surrounding wilderlands. He is very competent & tough, but he wants to retire to purrsue other interests, so he starts training a group of in expurrienced new recruits who are are mostly female- and thus we have the harem trope! Kijuru excels at the slaying, but he is rather inexpurrienced with the female relationships, and unfortunately the horny, hungry, dangerous monsters are quite attracted to the mana energy of his trainees, and thus nude naughtiness ensues.
The rookies are Hanabata the buxom fighter whose berserker rage is cute but tends to damage both enemies and allies; Dana the Black Mage with devastating elemental attacks which lack focus and are purrone to misfire; her rival Angers the White Mage who is smart & skilled but has the scared tsundere purrsonality; Rune the Red Mage fairy who appurrs to be a beautiful winsome lass, but is actually the unconfident, effeminate lad; and my favorite character is Hitamu the inu-musume (dog girl) meowrtial artist with the peppy dispurrsition, lovely ears & tail, but she is quite the monster magnet!
Other suppurrting characters include Enome the guild receptionist; her daughter Eshune who wants her mom to marru Kikuru; and Laia & Lala the cute widdle anthropurrmorphic squirrels who clean the guild office! Oh another delightful aspect of this series is the world they inhabit. The towns have the charming sort of medieval northern european architectural style that is common to many fantasy tales, but they are quite contempurrary in their appliances with very modern TVs, computers, smart phones, vacuum cleaners and so forth. The monsters are of all types- and they are all quite lecherous!
I enjoyed the series, but it is not for everyone! Released on home video by Sentai,  the complete collection has the 12 epurrsodes totalling 300 meownutes, purrsented in the 1080p high def 16:9 video with the Japanese DTS-HD meowster audio 2.0 and  English subtitles on the two blu-ray discs in the plastic case. The only special features are the clean / textless versions of the opening & closing sequences, plus Japanese purromo spots.It rated TV MA – VSD in the USA and 14A in Canada due to the sexuality, violence & suggestive dialogue.I am done, and nyow here is Mie-sensei to review the
Tokyo Mew Mew New Season 2 Complete Collection!
Hai hai! So like, in 2000, Reiko Yoshida’s amewsing magickal girl / sentai shojo manga introduced us to the five young girls who are high school students, waitresses at the cat-themed cafe, and mewtated super-heroines with powers based upon various endangered animal species! The main character / leader Ichigo transforms into a catgirl with the powers of the Iriomote cat; Minto has powers of the Blue Lorikeet, Retasu has powers of the Finless Porpoise, Bu-Ling as powers of the Golden Lion Tamarein Monkey, and Zakuro as powers of the Gray Wolf!
So like, when they are not at home, school or work, they battle the chimera monsters which are mewtated critters possessed by parasites unleashed by the three aliens Kish, Pie, Tart who wish resurrect their leader Deep Blue and take back the Earth from the humans who have caused the environmental problems! Other recurring characters include Ichigo’s boyfriend Aoyama, mom Sakura and dad Shintaro , Ryo the were-cat director of the Mew Project, Keichiro the manager of the Mew Mew Cafe which is the group’s headquarters, R2000 the helpful robot assistant, and the mysterious Blue Knight!
So like, in 2002, ithe manga was adapted into the anime TV series, and 20 years later it was rebooted as Tokyo Mew Mew New with its 1st season airing in 2022 and 2nd season in 2023, both of which have been released on Blu-ray in North America by Sentai! So like, picking up where season one ended, season two’s TV14 – rated 12 episodes are presented in the 1080p High Definition video of the 16×9 screen aspect ratio in Japanese DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0 with the English subtitles, and total 300 minutes on 2 discs.
The special features are the 24 “petite”, 11 “Birthday” & 8 showcase” chibi-sty/e “Mini ”shorts which total 48.25 meownutes, and the clean / textless versions of the series’ opening and two  closing sequences. Tokyo Mew Mew New is such a delightfully whimsical, cute, peppy fun and thrilling tale with the pretty character designs, good animation and character developments, great voices, sound and mewsic, although there are a few episodes that are more serious, darker and tragic! Now here Nyo-sensei who wishes to discuss
Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes, fur shur!!
Arigato! I enjoyed Rise of the Planet of the Apes which we reviewed in the September 2011 Mew, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, which we reviewed in the August 2014 Mew, and War for the Planet of the Apes, which we reviewed in the August 2017 Mew, so I was very eagerly awaiting this sequel, which occurs several generations after the death of the ape leader Caesar! Since then, the Ape civilization is dominant, more intelligent and talkative in their various wilderness villages, whereas most of the humans have become feral purrimatives, as much of the human urban architecture has become quite overgrown by nature.
Written by Josh Friedman & directed by Wes Balland, the movie is brimming with thrilling action & charming moments with the poignant plot & character developments! The cast includes Owen Teague as the main purrtagonist chimp Noa who wants to be a falconer; Lydia Peckham & Travis Jeffery as his friends Soona & Anaya; Sara Wiseman & Neil Sandilands as Noa’s mom Dar & dad Koro; Peter Macon as the wise spurritual orangutan Raka & Freya Allan as Mae the cunning smart human woman who Noa meets on the quest, and Kevin Durand as Proximus the power-hungry tyrant ape in search of the lost technology!
I thought that the plot was captivating, the pace was purrfect, and the purrduction values are high, with the great cinemeowtography,designs. sets, locations, FX, sound, mewsic, and purrformances! In fact, the visual FX are so impurressive that the all of the apes (purtrayed through the purrformance capture technique) seem quite real and believable! I will not further spoil the film’s plot, but in summation I will give this movie the “A” as in ape, and my anticipation for hopefully further sequels! That is all for my review, so nyow I will turn The Mew over to sis, who wants to discuss
The Fall Guy!
Hai! The 1980’s TV series The Fall guy starring Lee Majors and Heather Thomas was such the amewsingly action-packed fun treat purrtaining the adventures of the stuntmen purrforming in the films and solving crimes on the streets, so it was just the meowtter of time that it would be rebooted as the new mewvie or TV series! I was eager to see this mewview, which seemed to be in the good hands, purrticularly director David Leitch  who has been the stunt purrformer / choreographer himself, having directed Atomic Blonde, Hobbs & Shaw, Deadpool 2 and puurrduced the John Wick films!
Furthermeowore, it has the meorrvelous cast such as Ryan Gosling as stuntman Colt Seavers, Emily Blunt as his girlfriend Jody the director, Hannah Waddingham as Gaiul the purrducer, Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Tom the actor, Stephanie Hsu as his assistant Alma, and Winston Duke as Dan the choreographer! There are several other great appurrances but I should not spoil the taste of the supurr fun plot, in which Colt has to  survive the dangerous stunts and the deadly criminals! This mewvie is such a delightful love letter to the stunts and the comedic action romps of the 90’s!
With the good balance of action, humor, romance and suspense, it is the bumpurr crop of purractical stunts and FX from the fights, shootouts, car & boat jumps, chases and crashes to the purrotechnics, high falls, wire work, aerial action, fire gags and the attack dog! The directing, cinemeowtography, sets, locations, editing,  visual FX, sound FC and mewsic are good too, with the clever use of songs by KISS, Motley Crue, AC/DC, Miami Vice, Against All Odds, and the original Fall Guy to add to the 80’s ambience! I am done and nyow here is Trini-chan to review
Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga!
Arigato! I like the Mad Max series of movies so I was quite eager to see Furiosa which was  co-written, co-produced & directed by Mad Max creator George Miller and serves as the purrequel to Mad Max: Fury Road, which introduced Furiosa who was purrtrayed by Charlize Theron! This 2.5 hour violently thrilling and poignant fiesta of Australian post-apocalyptic wasteland revenge is the origin tale of her younger days, in which she is wonderfully purrtrayed by Alyla Browne (as a child) and Anya Taylor-Joy (as adult), who star with Chris Hemsworth as the villain Dementus!
I will not spoil the plot, but I think that it is quite the supurrb movie all around, with the terrific story, acting, stunts, make-up, costumes, vehicles, locations, FX, cinematography, sound, editing & direction, with appurrances by several characters from Fury Road! I will give it the high purraise as my 2nd favorite of the five movies which I have ranked #1 Fury Road (2015), #2 Furiosa ( 2024), #3 Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (1982), #4 Mad max Beyond Thunder Dome (1985) and #5 Mad Max (1979). That is all for our movie reviews, and now here is Lizzy to present this month’s
Celebrity Catgirl & Kemonomimi Spotlight!
in this portion of The Mew, we commeowmorate famous nekomusume, therianthropes, monster girls, and other kemonomimi of mythologies and popular culture, including anthropurrrmorphic ladies and monster girls! Furthermeowore, there are those who might not actually have the beasty DNA, but might have the spurrit, cat-titude or clothing of the animal theme, who we will broadly consider as the “honorary kemonomimi”!
This month’s spotlight shines on the anthropurrmorphic lasses and lads of the French purrint ads and CG animated TV commeowrcials circa for Orangina carbonated citrus drink of various flavors! The imagery was quite photorealistic, sexy and whimsical, with deer, zebra, jackal, hyena, panda, poodle, giraffe, lion, flamingo, penguin, peahen, and octopus ladies mewsually clad in bikinis, slingshot maillots, lingerie or pasties!
The bear, lion, and chameleon boys were clad in shorts, speedos or strategically – placed leaves! The purrinted ads depicted the characters purrched upon melty blocks of ice, whilst the TV spots offrolicking various lengths featured them dancing, frolicking, swinging and getting splashed in the jungle. Some of them  depicted the characters in the bathroom, boudoir, locker room, and in the more-dressed domestic, athletic & social scenes.
There was dialogue and interacting with humans. Such examples include  the deer mom purrparing breakfast, a horse filly mouth washing and bronco riding a giant bottle, a goat lady mopping and waiting at the bus stop, a giraffe femme doing laundry and roller blading, a cheetah girl sensually washing a car, a bear boy in the locker room, a chameleon chap at the sink, lion lads shaving. biking and drumming…
… a samurai tiger and siamese cat geisha, a French poodle snapping at her servants, and a saucy hyena woman teasing and mocking people at the office, cafe and restaurant! The anthropurrmorphicness was not limited to the female fauna, but some of the ads depicted the rather alluring feminine flora such as the hibiscus, lilac, cactus and palm tree, mew la la!cThat is all for the spotlight, and nyow here is Ellie to start our
Purrinted-Media Mewsings, with her review of the novel
Non Sequitur the Equitaur: For the Galactic Core Corps!
Hai! The famous math expert Ed Pegg Jr.’s first novel stars the titular tall, dark and handsome character who is akin to a centaur, but has the head of a horse and certain other physiological differences! As a former human from Earth  with much science, math, gaming and pop cultural knowledge, he has been reincarnated on the planet Icarus n intergalactic police detective on another world!
Non Sequitur the Equitaur: For the Galactic Core Corps! is a science fiction / fantasy tale is of the somewhat the isekai type of prose LitRPG (Literary Role Playing Game) as if the characters are metafictionallly aware that they are in a virtual realm with game mechanics such as player-character statistics, abilities, hit points, dice rolls and so forth! Non also has talkiing magickal A.I. wand!
In D&D terms, Non has the strength of 17, intelligence of 16, wisdom of 12, dexterity of 14, constitution of 20, charisma of 16, and 4d20 hit dice- which will be quite handy when numerous enemies try to thwart his investigation into a murderous conspiracy of planetary proportions! There are anthropomorphic NPCs of many species such as avian, canine, cervid, equine, rodent, formic, troll, etc, and one of my favorites is a medusa-like mare named Nagappaloosa!
The 478 page 1x6x9” is profusely illustrated with over 70 widdle B&W illustrations; and it is brimming with lots of algebra, trig, calculus and physics… a lot of which is over my head (and I am 7’ tall)! I rather enjoyed the character development, the world-building, the action scenes, the art, the clever use of typography the references to many books, movies, and TV series in this rather complicated, captivating, fun novel! Now I will hand off to Becca, who will tell us about —
Gold Digger: War Mistress of Mars #1!
Hai! For over the 300 issues, plus the initial mini-series, the many annuals, mini-series, spin-offs and other special issues since 1991, Gold Digger by Fred Perry

was the beautiful fun comic book  about the zany, alluring, thrilling adventures of the nerdy genius archaelogist Gina Diggers, her adopted were-cheetah sister Britanny, their family, friends and rivals who searched for relics and treasures!
For our spotlight upon the cast of Gold Digger, please see our August 2011 Mew. It is published by Antarctic Press, which is also known for other manga – inspired and anthropurrmorphic comics such as Ninja High School, Albedo, Genus, Furrlough, Shanda, Twilight X, Warrior Nun Areala, Blade Bunny, Star’s End, Team Mobile, Plush and Mangazine (which featured the first Gold Digger tale)!
The series ended last year with issue #301, but

 Britanny, Ayane the wealthy meowrtial arts meowster, and their purrple evil enemy Keldoor awaken buck naked after having telepurrtaled to the planet Barsoom (which we call Mars), where due to the gravity difference they are more supurrhumanly strong! Thusly ensues the fully nude meowlee, which is soonly joined by the giant bug meownsters!
The bugs are unclothed too. The first of a full-color four issue mini-series wonderfully written & illustrated by Fred Perry, and intended for the meowture audience, it is purriced $9.99, with the 26 uninterrupted pages (followed by the 6 pages of ads) that are brimming with the rather titillinterplanetaryating sexy, amewsing action of the interplanetary romance genre based upon the Edgar Rice Burroughs tale!
I purrticularly like the uncensored character poses, expurressions and details, and the exquisitely composed pages that have nice large panels, including about a dozen half-page pics, half a dozen three-quarter page pics, and two full-page pics! I will give this issue the A as in ailuranthrope (feline shape-shifter) and my anticipation for the next issue! I am done, and nyow here is Tara-chan to discuss
Cat Fans Unite!
Arigato, nyan! You know, May the 4th was the purrticulrly festive day as t was not only Star Wars Day but it was also Free Comic Book Day at the purrticipating comics shops, nyan! That means that there are special free issues by several publishers, and – and one of my favorites was Random House’s full color 32 page issue for the young readers which includes excerpts from Katie the Catsitter: The Purrfect Plan, and – and Max Meow: When Pancakes Go Bad (Really Bad) plus the bonus Max and – and Katie crossover tale, nyan!
The 10 page Katie excerpt was written by Coleen AF Verable, illustrated by Stephanie Yue, and – stars 12 year old Katie Spera the supurr hero sidekick in ther 7th grade who cares for hundreds of adventurous cats such as Bailey, Rylan, Hazel, Claudia, Inka, ScribblePeeveJolie  and – and Stevie, nyan! in the 10 page Max excerpt by John Gallagher, the supurr-hero catboy craves the breakfast at the diner of Reggie the robot and – and Agent M the mouse, until a mysterious stranger transforms the pancakes into the giant monster, nyan!
In the 5 page crossover, Portal Gal creates the interdimeownsional portal which sends Max and his sciencey kemonomimi friend Mindy to Katie’s home in New York , and then sends Katie to their city Kittyopolis, nyan! To top of the issue is the fun widdle quiz about the characters, nyan! The tales were purretty, peppy whimsical and fun, so nyow i am curious to read more of those graphic novels, nyan! It looks like there are 4 Katie the Catsitter books, and- and 5 Max Meow books, nyan! I am done, so nyow here is Mike to tell us about
Design Life Magazine’s Spring 2024 issue, nyan!
Thank you, Tara-chan! Edited by Christine Klocke who is the director of communications & marketing of NCSU’s College of Design, and designed by Ellie Bruno who is the design editor for NCSU’s official student newspaper The Technician, Design Life is the official annual magazine of NCSU’s College of Design, from which I graduated with a Bachelors and Masters degree in Industrial design (formerly known as product design).
The older I get the more nostalgic I get about those days, and even moreso reading this – and the previous- issue, which commemorate the 75th anniversary of the College of Design – which used to be called the School of Design when I was there. ThisThis 8.75x 8.75” full-color 32 page issue’s theme pertains to faculty, student and professional visions of the future of design education, community, climate and technology.
The front cover is graced by the photo of media arts, design & technology student Cora Jone’s “unveiled” augmented reality filter, which is followed by the cordial introduction by the college’s dean Mark Elison Hoversten, Phd. The four featured articles are writer / researcher Sam Gunnells’ “Designing a Resiliant Tomorrow” about adapting design with increasing awareness of climate change in particularly vulnerable regions;
graphic & experience professor emerita Meredith Davis’ “Designing in an Environment of Change”” about looking ahead to the next 75 years of design intentions, methods and technology; marketing writer Miriam Antelis’ “Building Equity in Communities” about the socio-political & economic impact on built environments; and Christine Klocke’s “The Future of Design in Technology” on the role & ethics of emerging tech such as AI.
Other content includes a look at the philanthropy by alumunus Roxanne Hicklin, Jerry & Marilyn Cook; the  memorial pages about  alumni who passed away in 2023 & 2024; and a chart breaking down the numbers of this year’s enrollments in the College of Design’s 12 Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral degrees. It was quite a delightful read as usual!  Ah, well that’s all for our printed-media mewsings, and now here are Petra, Bunnii and Vonny to present
The Latest Additions to The Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art!
Arigato, nyan! For those who are new to here, Galleries 1-8 display the images by our purrducer Mike, whilst Guest Art Galleries 1-6 display images by other folks with their purrmissions; and Mike’s collaborations with other artists are throughout the mewseum, nyan! There is no overall chronological order from gallery to gallery, so you will find older and newer pics in each gallery, nyan!
However, on Catgirl island’s Official Web Site, the most recent pics are on the lowermost row of the cropped widdle “thumbnail” portions of the pics in a gallery, and you have to click on those to see the full images, nyan! Some of the images are sexy, and might depict artistic nudity, but none are hentai or porn, nyan! We should also meowntion that none of the content at Catgirl Island is purrmitted for A.I. purrposes, nyan!
This month, into Gallery One https://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery/gallery1.html we have added illustrations by Mike, and in In Guest Gallery Two http://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery/guest2.html, we have added more illustrations by Rvkh Brogden http://www.rvkhart.com,  our webmeowster Jamie, and more cosplay photos of Crissy Volpe http://www.crimsonskycreations.com/bloodsweatandglitter by various photographers, nyan!
Firstly are Rvkh’s pics of Rivkah Ash and Rivkah X, who  are two more of her Elder Scrolls Online video game characters, nyan! Both are Khajiit catgirls, nyan! On the right is Rivkah Ash of the Archanist class with the Tuxedo Cat meowrkings, and on the left is Rivkah X of the Nekromeowncer class with the Calico Cat meowrkings, nyan!
Then we have Rvkh’s “Breath of Spring”, which depicts in chibi style her original character Candace the Cherubim Angel, who helps with care of vernal gardens of the realm. She is vegan and loves to snack on any fresh fruit and nut. Done with Procreate on the iPad with the Apple Pencil, this pic has the art purrocess video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdjfcVG8nHo, nyan
Nextly is Jamie’s pic of the same title! Both his and Rvkh’s pieces were the June art purrompt theme for the Starry Eyed Artist Collective https://www.facebook.com/Starryeyedartistcollective! Done with Photoshop, Corel Painter, and the graphics table, it depicts the serenely rainy day! Then we are delighted to display three more collages of photos of Crissy! 
The 1st collage includes Crissy in her first Sailor Mars costume which was made in 1999; David Ng’s November 2021 photo of Crissy as the Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Tifa Lockhart; Terry Chu’s photo of Crissy at Otakon 2017 in the Qi Lolita dress; and J. Salugao’s photo of Crissy as Fatal Fury’s Lizzy McGuire at the 2018 New York Comic Con!
The 2nd collage includes Mama Lori’s 2011 photo of Crissy in the Elegant Gothic Lolita costume by Milanoo; Rich Wexler’s photo of Crissy as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ April O’Neil in the licensed costume with her grandfather’s old camcorder at the 2023 New York Comic Con; Bob Plant’s photo of Crissy in the costume by AllCosplay at the New York Comic Con 2022 as Marvel’s Agent Carter; and David Borreggine’s photo of Crissy as Street Fighter 6’s Chun Li at the 2003 New York Comic Con!
The 3rd collage includes Crissy as Dorothy Gale of The Wizard of Oz in a store-bought costume for Halloween 2011; David Ng’s June 5th 2011 photo of Crissy as Hino Rei in the dreaming dress from the fourth Sailor Moon art book; David Ng’s photo of Crissy at Otakon 2016 as Sailor Mars in the Art Nouveau style costume; and Vlad’s photo of Crissy in a sequined dress for Mew Year’s Eve 2023, nyan!
To top off this month’s additions are several pics by Mike, starting with “Rivkah Nekostorm” which is his half Altmer Elf / half Khajiiit Neowncer Nekomimi version of Rvkh’s Elder Scrolls character Rivkah Storm, nyan! After that is “Friday Night Foxy”, which depicts the his original character Chimie Wakabayashi the sexy kitsune who is celebrating her 100th birthday at the nightclub’s EDM rave, nyan!
Those are followed by three of his “Star Trek- The Meowtion Picture: Meowrror Mewniverse” scenes, nyan! Starfleet Admeowl Shiboline M’Ress purrches atop the purrody of the iconic Bob Peak mewvie poster; the Impurrial StarShip Enterpurrise encounters the assimeowlated ships and Mewtenant Nyailia inside the vast P’ger entity; and the gynoid purrobe clone of Nyailia purrches atop the Enterpurrise which is trapped inside P’ger’s vessel, nyan! Those were all done with Derwnt pencils, Sakura Micron pens, and Photoshop on the mac with the mouse, nyan!
The cat lady sings…
Crissy, the photographers and costumers result in such meowgnificant collaborative images!

She has been quite the industriously, beautifully purrolific cosplayer for the past 25 years!

Fur shur!
The rainy scene has the tranquil ambience as the flowers, shrubs and trees get the sumptuous soak!

Candace is such the adorable angel with the darling wings and – and the charming purresence, nyan

Rivkahs Ash and X have quite the exotic, alluring, confident, powerful and mysterious qualitiies!
The Nekostorm version has the lovely tail with the Blue tip to match her eyes and the staff’s crystal!
Mary Nyan:
Wakabayashi-sensei is quite sexy and peppy amidst the dazzling lights and FX of the nightclub!
The Enterpurrise, Ameowr, Espurrlon 9, Yamato, Sulaco, Leonov and P’ger are quite accurate.
I hope that we will see more ofan art and fics of f M’Ress and Nyailia and Ms. Spock!
Hai hai! Gosh, it is almost time for our AfterMew Luau, so that will do it for this edition of The Mew, nyan!
We wish to thank all of the amazingly talented people whose works we have discussed!
Hai hai, and we also thank our other friends, families, acquaintances and our audience whom we greatly appurreciate, nyan!

We’ll be back next month with the July edition of The Mew! Be there… aloha!
The Ladies of The Mew: