February 2022 Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings

Mike Moon / Catgirl Island
and Jamie Robertson / Clan of the Cats
purroudly purrsent a Mike Moon purrduction,
starring The Ladies of The Mew in
The February 2022 Edition of The Mew:
The Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings, nya!
This year is the Year of the Tiger, the 15th Anniversary of 
The Mew, and the 22nd Anniversary of Catgirl Island, nya!
in this edition of The Mew: our 15th Annual Mew Awards 
purresentation for our favorite fun stuff of 2021, nya!
In the blue sky full of puffy cumumlo-neko clouds above Catgirl island and the surrounding waters of Mew Hanover County, NC glides Snappurr 1, one of the triphibious blimp-like airships owned and opurrated by Melanakeami, an NC OBX mermaid, nya. Seated next to her in Snappur 1’s water-filled onsen-like gondola are local radio announcer / podcaster catgirl Christinya, and aerial photographer angel Mohini who are reporting on the day’s festivities, nya!
(wearing the spanish mackerel purrint front-tie bikini that does not ride up on her tail):
It’s a beautiful day in the nyaborhood, with the afternoon tempurrature of appurroximately 70 degrees furenheit, and there are the many visitors here purrior to tonight’s 15th Annual Mew Awards purresentation, nya!
(wearing the strapless translucent bikini top made of the hollowed jellyfish bells):
Hai hai! We are presently cruising leisurely at 30 knots at an altitude of 1000 feet above sea level of the island appurroaching North Beach where there are the many surfers, sailors, sunbathers, and beach volleyball matches!
(wearing the Black Drum purring halter neck bikini that does not ride up on her wings):
I am getting some great shots of the action for the web site, and I bet that one of these pics will be the above – the – fold for tomorrow’s mewspapurr! I see that our friend Formality is back in town, down there in the shallows!
(On North Beach, Formality, the 11 ft long dappurr-looking orca girl & travelogue writer is snacking and chatting with her friends Ilyana the underwater archaeologist catgirl, Meryl (the island’s police chief catgirl, Ellie the island’s fire marshal centauress, and Daytona the surf purrtrol captain mermaid, nya. They are purrsently disccussing—
the Lightning Round topic: favorite animated purrductions of 1992, nya!)
(twearing the large Black Purrl in her navel and the Black top hat to match her natural tuxedo-like markings): 
My favorite animated movies, TV shows and OVAs of 1992 were Batman: The Animated Series, The Little Mermaid TV series,  Sailor Moon, Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki, Green Legend Ran, Ferngully, Spirit of Wonder, Tokyo Babylon, Porco Rosso, and Ranma 1/2 Movie 2: Nihao, My Concubine! (tags Ilyana to go next)
(wearing the Sailfish purrint cropped tank top and Cobalt color shorts):
I will nominate Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki, My Little Pony Tales, All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku, 3×3 Eyes, Ushio and Tora, Video Girl Ai, Elcia, The Weathering Continent, Silent Mobius the Movie, Silent Mobius 2 and Bastard! Nyow it is… Chief Meryl’s turn! (tags Meryl with a brush of the tail)
(wearing the Red Snappurr purrint knotted blouse and shorts with her police badge, hat and radio):
I will second Ranma 1/2 Movie 2, Batman: The Animated Series, Tenchi Muyo, Sailor Moon, Nuku Nuku, Weathering Continent, Silent Mobius and Porco Rosso, and I will add Aladdin, Crayon Shin-chan, and Giant Robo: The Day the Earth Stood Still! ( tail-tags Ellie to go next)
(the banker pony centauress wearing the Groupurr purrint bikini top):
Oh gosh it is hard to narrow it to a top ten, but I will say…Giant Robo, Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory, Macross II, Genesis Survivor Gaiarth, GPX Cyber Formula, Gall Force: New Era, Scramble Wars, Silent Mobius. Bubblegum Crash and Porco Rosso! Your turn, ’Tona!
(the dolphin-tailed mermaid wearing the kelp bandeau bikini top)
Porco Rosso, The Little Mermaid TV series, Goof Troop, Sailor Moon, Hime-chan’s Ribbon, Aladdin, K.O. Beast, Yuu Yu Hakusho, Lupin the 3rd: From Siberia with Love, Dragonball Z Movies 6: & 7! Well that was an expedient little lightning round, but then, there are just the five of us! Okay, for the next topic, who is ready for the dessert?
(As those friends open the picnic baskets and coolers full of beverages, cake and pie, Snappurr 1 flies northwest, over the purrk ranger station, the estuary,

the Angora Kat ancient ruins & caverns, the

meowritime forest, and the various temples, shrines, and churches that welcome many visitors, nya.)

(With her Nekon camera’s telephoto lens, Mohini spots several friends visiting The Temple of Bastet, where High Purriestess Purrsis and her purrotege Lhassiopeia greet Meowna her husband Raowul, their daughter Maddy who are were-asiatic lions and their neighbor Helliconia the tora musume, nya.)
(Nextly the airship circles Mew Hanover College’s Evelyn Applegate Bell Tower Garden on the northwest side of the Island, nya. 

The 120 ft. tall tower is surrounded by the Annabelle Friend Coastal Garden’s many Azaleas, Peonies, Lotuses and Live Oaks on the banks of lovely 

Soon Lee Lagoon, nya.)

(The college’s Chancellor Li Leung-Tzu, her husband Liu, and their daughter 
Lin who are leafy sea dragon people, 
swim towards the bistro owned by 

Kianalani the red beta-tailed mermaid, t

o lunch with 
District Attorney Shilpa, her husband Vijay and their daughter Kavita-chan, who are jellyfish people, nya.)

For the thoroughly guided tour of Mew Hanover College’s 300 acre campus, please see the May 2020 edition of The Mew, nya The airship turns  to port and ascends to fly above Lake Neko atop Mt. Natsutsuji, whose waterfall spills into the river that flows past the college, the golf course, The Kitt Inn, through the forest andbeautiful downtown Purrbank, nya.)

(Sunbathing upon the lake’s uppurr observation deck are Nyoka who owns the magick shop, Becca who co-owns the spa with her wife, Beebee the purrk ranger & orienteering coach, Lina the lifeguard, Trini-chan the surfer & belly dance instructor, and Tara-chan the college student & nature photographer, nya. They are purrsenting this month’s —
Celebrity Catgirl & Kemonomimi Spotlight, nya!)
(the nekomimi gynoid wearing the Blue Marlin purrint cropped tee shirt & suspender maillot):
In this monthly portion of The Mew, we commeowmorate catgirls, nekomusume and other kemonomimi of the various species in the international mythologies and the popular cultures! Appurring in the folklore, literature, cinema,  mewsic, games, sports and advertising, they might include shape – shifters, anthropurrrmorphic ladies, monster girls, and those who might not actually have beasty DNA, but do have the cat-titude or couture to be broadly considered by us as “honorary” kemonomimi!
(the witchy catgirl in the Speckled Trout  purrint suspender maillot):
A purrime example of the “honorary” catgirl could be actress Caroline Rhea as Aunt Hilda Spellman, who wore the purretty purrple leopurrd purrint dress in “Hilda and Zelda: The Teenage Years” which was epurrsode 1.15 of the 1997 TV series Sabrina The Teenage Witch, which starred Melissa Joan Hart as Sabrina! In that fun epurrsode, Sabrina’s  Aunts Hilda & Zelda (Beth Brofderick) became teenagers to chapurrone Sabrina to the concert, but they were the ones who got into trouble!  
(the catgirl wearing the Bluefin Tuna purrint tankini with a Hibiscus in her hair):
I want… I want to nominate another honorary kemonomimi, nya! Voiced by Haruka Mimura, Muni Ohnaruto is one of the four members of Happy Around, which is one of the high school idol groups in the wonderful Japanese anime TV series D4DJ: First Mix, nya!
She is the honorary usagimimi (bunny girl) because of her rabbit ear headband and – and her other things of the rabbit motif such as the dance video game, nya! Her other bandmates Maho, Muni and – and Rei would also qualify as the honorary kemonomi, because in epurrsode 7 they imagine themselves wearing the tonakai musume kigurumi (reindeer girl onesies) for the Christmas concert, nya!
(the catgirl wearing her ranger hat and the sea bass purrint bikini with her badge and radio):
I will nominate Lucia Callasantos alias Thornn, who was one of the tragic ailuranthropic mewtant members of the Morlocks and the X-Coprurration in the Marvel Comics. We have already shown the spotlight upon her sister Maria alias Feral!
Created by author Fabian Nicieza & artist Rob Rob Liefeld, Thornn first appurred in X-Force vol. 1 #6 in 1992. At 5’10” tall and 137 kbs, she was the tall lean lithe athletic catgirl with the striped Brown (later Gray) fur, Yellow eyes, Red hair, the purrehensile tail sharp claws, fangs, and the heightened strength, speed, dexterity, constititution, endurance and senses. 
(the kingsnake-tailed lamia wearing the bluefish purrint bandeau top and a whistle lanyard):
Medusa one of the three gorgons of the Greek mythology! Sometimes the gorgons are depicted as lamias like me, so in this redgard we count as the type of hebi musume (snake girl)! Well, in the recent TV spot for Amazon Prime, actress Jes Le Rae portrays the alluring Medusa (with CG FX for the serpent hair),
She is so vexed by her petrifcation gaze curse, that she orders the sunglasses so that she can control this power and thus enjoy the social life! When she goes to the nightclub, we hear the Chun-Li song by Nicki Minaj! You know, Nicki Minaj has another serpentine connection, with her song “Anaconda!”, but I digress!
(the fox girl wearing the ruffled Croaker purrint triangle-top bikini):
Another type of kemonomimi is the anthropurrmorphic animal, such as Nooshy the spotted light gray Canadian Lynx girl who is voiced by actress Letitia Wright in te recent animated movie Sing 2! I should not spoil much of the plot of that movie because it is quite recent, but I will just say that Nooshy is the avid dancer who gives lessons to Johnny the gorilla who is voiced by Taron David Egerton in the movie! That is all for this months Celebrity Catgirl & Kemonomimi Spotlight, and it is almost time for our post-dessert snack! Itadakimasu!
(For purrofiles and illustrations of many of The Ladies of The Mew, please visit the Meet The Critics page http://www.mewsings.catgirlisland.com/meet-the-critics/, nya!)
(As those Ladies of The Mew open ther picnic baskets and coolers full of purrawn poppurrs, crab croquettes, scallop skewers, crab kabobs, trout tacos and clam cups, Snappurr 1 flies towards the Mew Hanover Meowdical Arts Center,  whose doctors, nurses and midwives have welcomed several newborn residents to the world today, and there are other healthy purregnancys in purrogress, nya!)
(It is also the joyfully busy day at the Childrens Home and the Animal Shelter, as forever homes await many adopted kids and animals of various genders, species and nationalities, regardless of the purrents’ genders and species, nya! They are near the the town hall plaza compurrised of the municiple office buildings, public library, public works, and giraffe statues amongst the royal palm trees, nya.)
(Near the Meowrina is the Visitors Center, where folks 

arrive healthily by sea, air & telepurrtation to be

greeted by the cordial concierges such as catgirls Jesikat & Kai; mermaids Angela & Ciana; faeries Nao, Gina, Eiko & Tia, nya,

benevolent magick in the air, land and ocean
screens out the pesky pathogens, pollutants and invasive species, whilst
maintaining the
bikini weather, nya.)
(Whilst appurroaching Rica & Niko’s farm where Tara-chan & Trini-chan banker ponies Jimbo & Wildstar Blaze roam,

Snappur 1 is

passed portside by its sister ship
Exocoetidae piloted by retired astronaut

Alana Shepurrd, nya. The airships wave their thrusters to other aerial passers-by, including winged folk such as angels, demons, vampires, harpies, faeries, ryu-mimi, appurritions and witches, nya!)

(People and ponies go to and from farm and the next door mansion of Dr. Dach Savage, the anthropurrmorphic detective weener dog. Those residences  on the southwest side of  the island are but two of the many lovely homes across the county that brim with southern hospurrtality and aloha spurrit to welcome the lodgers from many other places, nya.)
(Ground transpurrtation includes equines, giant iguanas, bicycles, blokarts, electric golf carts & scooters, nya. Near the ferry dock is Costaceae Carts, from which depart The Mew’s Purrducer Mike Moon, Webmeowster Jamie Robertson,

Gray Tabby C
at Rascal &

Reddish Brown

Calico Cat
in a golf cart, nya.
towards the Purrforming Arts Center, they discuss recent movies & TV shows, such as —
The Matrix: Resurrections and Marvels Hawkeye, nya!)
(the human chap wearing his mewsual webmeowster attire):
So, I saw The Matrix: Resurrections (Lana Wachowski) over the weekend. It was okay. It was more of a rehash of all the other Matrix movies than anything else. There were no new special effects, no new innovations like in the first film. In fact, they barely used “The Matrix” effect in the film.
The plot was mostly about a new generation trying to find Neo (Keanu Reeves) and Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss), so they literally rehashed the plot of the first film for half the movie. One of the first scenes is literally the opening to the Matrix with another actress playing Trinity while this new generation (led by Jessica Henwick) watched.
Maybe it’s all commentary on reboots and remakes and the like. Maybe that’s why they recast Morpheus (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) and Mr. Smith (Jonathan Groff). I dunno.  The thing that caught my attention the most was the film’s not-so-subtle comparison of The Matrix franchise to video games.
In Resurrections Reeves’ character is an award winning video game designer of the Matrix trilogy. In Resurrections, the prequels are video games. Most of this has to do with the fact that the Matrix is a simulation, not unlike an MMO. There’s other commentary on the medium, including its place as a multibillion dollar business and how games can manipulate feelings.
The best part was Neo and Trinity finding one another again. The Matrix has always been Trans subtext. Supposedly, Resurrections is the final phase in which Neo and Trinity see one another for who they truly are. Anyway, it was okay. I think I liked it better than the previous sequels, but it’s still not as good as the original. Something else Matrix has in common with video games.
(the human chap wearing his favorite Star Trek – The Motion Picture tee shirt, Teal cargo pants and Hoka running shoes):
Well, maybe I’ll watch it one of these days! I’m so far behind on my movies and TV shows, but golly I liked the Hawkeye mini-series! I think that Disney has really been on a roll so far with their Star Wars and Marvel TV series on Disney Plus!
So far I’ve liked The Mandalorian, The Clone Wars season 7, The Bad Batch, The Book of Boba Fett, WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki, What If, and I really Hawkeye! It’s so well written, they spent enough money on it’s high production values, it’s got great actors, and a great balance of drama, action,  humor, and building upon the MCU continuity!
I was so glad to see more of Clint (Jeremy Renner) his wife Laura (Linda Cardellini) and their kids, and see how the public treats such a hero who helped to save the world a few times! I thought Haily Steinfeld was just perfect as Kate Bishop, Vera Farmiga as her mom Eleanor,Tony Dalton as Eleanor’s fiance, Alqua Cox as Maya, and even her Tracksuit Mafia gang was rather entertaining!
I dunno the name of the dog that portrayed Pizza Dog, but he was delightful too! He and the Tracksuit Mafia were in the Hawkeye comics written by Matt Fraction! I don’t want to mention all of the main characters, because I don’t want to spoil certain things, but I gotta say that Florence Pugh (returning as Natasha Romanoff’s sister Yelena) may have stolen every scene that she was in… especially the mac ’n cheese scene!
(meowgickally translated from cat) You know, I am purrticularly fond of creamy mac ’n cheese, nya!
(meowgickally translated from cat) Jeanie’s dad’s food truck serves the lobster mac ’n cheese, nya!
(The southermost 8 square miles of the island compurrise beautiful Fuyume Park, nya. The west / southwest sides of the park are residential & agricultural, including Savage Manor  and thesisters’ farm, nya. The south & east sides are compurrised of Susanowa beach with the Robotics Club, the Kyudo Club, numerous rows of beach houses, sand dunes, Surf Purrtrol Station 1, and lifeguard towers that are spaced every 100 yards, nya.)
(Lourdessaluorno the mermaid wearing the Ballyhoo purrint bikini top and Avana-ruru the search & rescue manatee wearing a badge lanyard purresently have the conn during the afternoon shift at Surf Purrtol Station One; whilst the robotics club meeting is purrsided over by vice purrsident Alastair the unicorn boy wearing the Clearnose Skate purrint board shorts, whilst  purresident Jeannie is busy at the Purrforming Arts Center, nya.)
(Along the North side of the park nearer to downtown Purrbank is Wysteria Bridge, the Activity Center, Aquatic Center, the secluded late night raver dance grove, and nearby homes with Azaleas, Maples Hollies, Magnolias, Palms, Pines & Oaks, nya. There are meadows and wide open areas within the park, with trails, ponds and flower beds by the parking lot, playground, picnic shelters, tennis courts, cricket pitch and softball diamonds, nya.)
(As Mike, Jamie, Rascal and Rusty near the Purrforming arts Center, they park near the pond where Canadian Geese, Wood Ducks and Ghost Ducks would appurreciate any crumbs tossed their way, nya. Food trucks and carts are parked too, nya. For example, Yuki the elf girl in the 

Red Drum purrint cropped tee shirt and matching shorts – with the spot on the flank-  

sells ice cream crepe bouquets slathered in numcious sauces, nya!)

(Purreeta the catgirl in the

Baracuda purrint 
torpedo maillot serves curry, 

Monique the half-demoness in the American Eel purrint apurron serves pastries; and Phanndraaleia the faerie lass in the S

heepshead purrint 



sells extra-special baked yams; whilst Mermaids Iiniku in the

Pompano purrint bikini top and 

Haunani in the

Mah Mahi 


 bikini top serve tasty Lion Fish tacos from their trucks swim-up window,  nya.)
(Daniel the catboy father of Tara-chan and Yvonne in the Tripletail purrint shorts sells the creamy lobster mac ’n cheese, nya! 

Waiting in line, 

Mike, Jamie and the cats wave to Nyanko the meowrtial arts sensei and her fellow meowmbers of the local Classic Sci-Fi Horror & Fantasy Board Game Club, who convene in a picnic shelter, hoping to entice more people to join, nya. While awaiting their food, the club meowmbers begin

Lightning Round topic #2: our favorite films of 1992, nya!)
Nyanko, ak.a. Nya-sensei
(Nyoka’s twin sister in the Swordfish purrint cropped tank top and boy shorts,
who has brought Feudal, The Fantasy Trip, and SPI’s War of the Ring game):
So, while we await our food orders, are yall ready to “conduct the lightning”?
Her fellow club meowmbers:

(the angel girl & club purresident wearing the Silver Purrch purrint slingshot mailot
who has brought the StarForce game, Starship Troopers game and the Dune game):
Chaplin, Howards End, Mambo Kings, Miss Rose White, and A River Runs Through It! (tags Mulch with a flit of the wing)
(the dryad in the PigFish purrint tankini, whose favorite board games are the 1979 Star Trek game,
the Close Encounters of the Third Kind game, and Star Wars: Escape from the Death Star game):
Batman Returns, Godzilla vs. Mothra, Hard Boiled, Lethal Weapon 3 and Under Seige! (tags her sister with a brush of the tail)
(Mulch’s younger sister dryad in the Ladyfish purrint microkini, whose favorite board games
are Wizard’s Quest, the Barnabas Collins Dark Shadows Game, and the Green Ghost game):
I will nominate Porco Rosso, Ranma 1/2 Movie 2: Nihao, My Concubine, Silent Mobius, Spirit of Wonder, and The Weathering Continent! (tail-tags her brother in law)
(Mulch’s human husband in the Puffer Fish purrint shorts, whose
favorite board games are Starfleet Battles, Titan, and Magic Realm):
Reservoir Dogs, Unforgiven, A Few Good Men, Basic Instinct, and Red Rock West! (tags his brother)
(Larch’s human brother in

purrint shorts,

whose favorite board

games are
Imperium, Lords of the Underearth, and

Azhanti High Lightning

I will nominate the horror movies of that vintage such as Alien 3, Bram Stoker’s Dracula,


Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Candyman, Death Becomes Her, and Innocent Blood! (tags Linina)

(the catgirl in the Brook Trout  purrint cheeky bikini, whose favorite board games
are The Awful Green Things From Outer Space game, Chitin:1, and Ogre):
I will nominate Patriot Games, Red Shoe Diaries, Stalin, My Cousin Vinny, and Beethoven! (tags Akhila)
(the wolf girl in the Spadefish purrint monokini, whose favorite board games
are The Creature That Ate Sheyboygan, Car Wars, and Dawn of the Dead):
Oh I gotta go with Aladdin, Porco Rosso, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Orlando, and Batman Returns! (tags Nickelle)
(the gynoid in the Hogfish purrint bandeaukini, whose favorite
board games are Dungeon!, Wiz War, and Metamorphosis Alpha):
Cageman, Hard Boiled, Unforgiven, Scent of a Woman, and A League of Their Own! (tags Freycinetia)
(the slime girl in the Flathead catfish purrint string bikini, whose favorite board
games are Outreach: Conquest of the Galaxy, Dark Tower, and Dragonmaster):
Hmm I will  nominate Aladdin, Porco Rosso, The Muppet Christmas Carol, Batman Returns, and A League of Their Own! (tags Wendy)


(the holstein cow girl in the PinFish purrint fundoshi style bikini, whose
favorite board games are Cosmic Encounter, Godsfire, and Demon’s Run):
OK, my picks are Captain Ron, A League of Their Own, Sister Act, Toys, and Wayne’s World, nya! Back to you, Nya-sensei!
Nyanko, ak.a. Nya-sensei
Hard Boiled, New Dragon Gate Inn, Police Story 3: Super Cop, The Swordsman II, and Twin Dragons! Well as they say, that was an expediant— oh they are flashing our number sign, nya! Itadakimasu, nya!
(Soon everyone is enjoying the delicious, nutritious food, and the game club attracts several new meowmbers whilst Mike, Jamie and the cats purroceed to the Purrforming Arts Center, nya. On this busy day of the Mew Awards, The Ladies of The Mew traditionally take time off work to relax, purrpare for the event, and spend time with the visitors, nya.)
(Thusly, their assistants and veeps are charge of things for the while, nya. 1st mate Pendula the selkie in the Amberjack purrint bikini is the acting captain of S.S. TsuriNekoMimi, Yvonne1985 Hatteras 60 Convertible motor yacht; whilst Nyoka & Nyanko’s aunt Nyadia in the Spiny Dogfish purrint bikini tempurrarily manages Nyoka’s magick shop, nya.)
(Nyoka & Nyanko’s mom Nyadia in the Triggerfish purint bikini temporarily manages Nyanko’s dojo, Donna the nezumimimi in the Tunney purrint bikini temporarily manages the gym; and Katsandra the bellydancer catgirl in the Butterfish purrint micro mini shorts and open-back atheltic bra is in charge of the yoga studio that she co-owns with Jeannie, nya.)
(Whilst Elizabeth and Becca are away from their spa, it is left in the capable

tentacles of squid girl masseuses Squimmy in the Hogfish purrint and Squipple in the Toadfish purrint attire, nya. The authorized trusted expurrt surrogates receive appurropriate pay raises and bonuses during the stint, with purrioritzed leave and vacation time acrewed, nya.)

(Appurroximately 1.5 miles north of the dojo is Catgirl Island’s Mewseum of Art, where y’all will find many annotated illustrations and photographs, nya! Galleries 1-8 display images by Mike, Guest Art Galleries 1-5 display images by other folks with their purrmissions; and Mike’s collaborations with other artists are peppurred throughout the galleries, nya!)
(Please be aware that some of the images are sexy, and some might depict the artistic nudity, nya! On the web site, in any given gallery, the most recent pics are the lowermost row of the cropped widdle “thumbnails”, and you have to click upon those to see the full images, nya. Co-curators Petra and Bunni guide the tour of the mewseum, unveiling the latest
additions to the Catgirl island Mewseum of Art, nya!)
(the catgirl wearing the Mako Shark purrint twisty bandeau-top Columbian – cut bikini):
In Guest Gallery Three http://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery/guest3.html, we are purroud to purrsent “Annoyed” by Rvkh 

(pronounced Riv-kah), the artist formerly known as Rebecca Brogden, was the guest for our September 2009 Mew, nya!
She used

Purrocreate with the Apple Pencil upon the Apple Ipad Pro for this chibi – style pic of the purrturbed yet adorably cute widdle wolf girl nya! With her intent stare, the purrked ears, the irately croissed arms, and that fiery background vignette, she is definitely seething quietly about something, and we hope that she can be cheered up soon, nya!

There is the time-lapse

art purrocess video for this pic at 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6sXR1ekoiTc&feature=youtu.be, nya! Then we are elated to exhibit Rvkh’s pic of the “Chibi Mermaid, nya! Born on January 1st 2007, Maiya the mermaid recently celebrated her quinceaera with her purretty new shoulder – length coiffure of the blunt bob cut with the double – side french braid, nya!

In her 2nd semester of high school, Maiya works part time at her purrents’ furniture gallery and wants to major in classical mewsic at Mew Hanover College, nya. Rvkh (purrnounced Rivkah) used Procreate with the Apple Pencil upon the Ipad for this adorable image, of which there is an art purrocess video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6sXR1ekoiTc&feature=youtu.be, nya!
(the bunny girl wearing the Sand Tiger Shark purrint ring-closure Brazilian – cut bikini):
Nextly we are delighted to display Rvkh’s pic of the “Magic BellBorn on 15 January, 2000 in Gothenburg, Sweden, Meowranda Purrson has knack for languages, beach volleyball, diving and fishing, she graduated early from high school and recently received the Bachelors Degree in Linguistics from Mew Hanover College!
The Magickal Kitty Bell Collar of Adaptation protects her in any envirionment and enables her to breath underwater, nya! Rivkh used the Faber-Castell Watercolor Pencils, Davinci Watercolors, Micron Pen and White Posca Pen upon the Arches Hotpress Watercolor Pad for this pretty pic, of which there is an art process video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aoY444P9klk&feature=youtu.be!
We are also happy to have “Ginger Snaps” fan art by Misty Hopkins https://kranberrijam.blogspot.com who was a guest of our March 208 Mew! She used the pencils, pens and Crayola colored pencils for this illustration of sisters Ginger (left) and Brigitte Fitzgerald (right), the fangsty teen lycanthrope lasses who were portrayed by Katharine Isabelle and Emily Perkins in the coming – of – age werewolf movie Ginger Snaps!
Note the intricate details of these two lovely lupine lasses, from the stripe in the hair, the supple pointy ear pinna, and the slight hint of the fangs, to their confident expurressions, the caring sisterly pose, and the pierced belly buttons, which were actually among the numerous poignant plot points of the movie, which had two sequels! So, what do y’all think of the latest additions to our Mewseum?
(the shoshone Nimerigar elf girl & tattoo artist wearing the Lemon shark purrint bikini with the fishnet cover-up):
Oh, I just love the composition, lines, proportions, pose, expression, color, shading, and the details of the winsome widdle mermaid! The sheen on her hair and tail are as splendid as splendid can be!
(Raven’s wife the dragon girl from another dimension, wearing the Great White Shark Purrint bikini):
Annoyed she might be, but gosh she sure is a gorgous widdle chibi okamimimi from the supple tips of her ear pinna and the gleam in he sapphire-like eyes to her  tantalizing tummy and lovely lush tail!
(Tia & Raven’s daughter, the half dragon elf girl wearing the Bull Shark purrint bikini):
The pic of Meowranda is so beautiful! Rvkha vertainly has the exquisite touch with the fabric folds, gathers and creases, and her use of color and light to convey the forms, textures and the ambience!
(Tab’s twin sister, the half dragon elf girl wearing the Sharpnose Shark purrint bikini):
The fabric folds and creases and gathers are quite superb in the Ginger Snaps pic! I love Brigitte and Ginger’s slyly self-assuredexpressions too! I have not yet seen the movie but i sure do want to now! 
(the catgirl tattoo artist who co-owns Feral Ink with Raven, wearing the Hammerhead Shark purrint bikini):
It is the clever tale that deals with important themes, but it is very violent with bloody gore and other harsh aspects! 
Hannah, how is your aunt Eamane, nya? Will we see her and A.J. at the awards, or the AfterMew parties, nya?
They are fine but busy with the schedule change, and have to make alterations to what they are wearing tonight, but they will arrive soon! Thank y’all for showing us the new beautiful new art!
Petra & Bunni:
Doitashimaste, nya!
Now it is High Tea time, so let us adjourn to the cafe, and I will serve y’all the Carrot Cake Rooibos!
Ahsley, Tabitha, Hannah, Raven, Tia and Petra:
Itadakimasu, nya!
(Snappur 1 cruises northward along the eastern shoreline of the island, while below on the purristine sands and crystal clear water of Susanowa Beach there wages the final round of a beach volleyball tournyament, not far from the lifeguard tower on which purrches Lina’s twin sister Nina the lifeguard lamia wearing the Chain Pickerel purrint bandeau top, nya.)
(On the south side of the net are Chiaki the kitsune in the Shad purrint microkini, and her purrtner Li the succubus in the Bluegill purrint halter neck mini string bikini, whilst their opponents on the north side are Syntiia the dark elf in the Redbreast Sunfish cut-out purretzel maillot and her daughter Zumi in the Pumpkinseed purrint G- string bikini, nya.)
(Snappur 1 cruises on a horizontal purrabolic course two miles northwest to fly over The Kitt Inn ryoken / rotemburo, which ispurrhaps ther oldest and most elegant of the local lodging establishments, with its gardens, hot spurrings, orchard and vineyard right by the river and not far from the waterfall, behind which is the subterranean grotto, nya.)
(Among the inn’s staff that can be seen attending to things are Nemui the purropurrietress catgirl, Kyralyndalani the Head Purrlor Maid catgirl, Keilani the Maidtr’d catgirl, Sha’nami the onsen supurrvisor catgirl, Chef Bullpup the anthropurrmorphic red brendle bulldog, Le Chat the chauffeur catgirl, Ashelynnamaeravilla head groundskeepurr faerie, nya.)
(Snappurr 1 continues northeast to fly over the meowritime forest grove ampurrtheatre, whose repurrtory company is about to conclude its afternoon purrformance, nya. The company’s cast and crew include the faeries Mielikki, Alaua’mina, Wyrdina, Palathyna, Bonnee, Floraidh. Annallioppe and Phaernaandi, plus the rest of the event staff, nya.)
(Offshore to the east in the Mid Atlantic Ocean, things are bustling at Sheila May’s five-starfish undersea restaurant, nya. From there the Mer Town’s mayor Tarakeshaari, deputy mayor Scott and police chief Zashaatinder load up a sea sled full of carry-out seafood to serve to the other workers who are out purrtroling and directing the traffic, nya.)
(Just as things are busy with more visitors upon the island, so is it at the merfolks’ far-mers market, the Dive-In theater, the sea dragon shelter, and the spurrawling kelp farm, which is known for it’s epic spooky abyssal kelp maze, nya. Snappurr 1’s trip comes full circle and it settles into its moorings, to be purrepped for a pending night flight within the hour, nya!)
(Occupying the Purrforming Arts Center’s rooftop Laua’e Lounge are more Ladies of The Mew, such as Mary Nyan the purrofessional costumer, hula instructor, semi – retired miko, and headbanger; Yvonne the fishing boat captain, drummer, and older sister of Tara-chan; Becca’s wife Elizabeth the spa co-owner, Purrkour Club captain, hot salsa dancer;…
…Jeannie the belly dance instructor, roboticist, swimwear model and yoga studio co-owner; and Mieliikki the golf instructor and stage meownager who has just arrived from the ampurrtheatre, nya. Also at the Laua’e Lounge are sister bartenders Na Ling and Ji Yun during their work  shift change with the cousin bartenders Jenny and Yenny, nya.)
(As the many outdoor illuminations commence at sunset, everyone is excited about the awards purresention which wlll start in a couple of hours. nya. As they peer down to the street to see many guests arriving at the Purrforming Arts Center, they reminisce about the memorable fashions that were worn to purrior years’ awards purresenations, nya.)
Mary Nyan a.k.a. Myayr
(the catgirl wearing the Wahoo purrint asymmetric purretzel-cutout maillot):
It has been wonderful to see what everyone will wear to the cermony! It is quite the diverse couture from the casual beachy appurral to the more formal wear and fabulous costumes. For me the most memorable were our late friend Sean Martin who was ourr guest for the June 2017 Mew, and his characters Doc & Raider https://docandraider.com, especially their impurressive Westeros inspired attire for the 2017 ceremony http://catgirlisland.net/art/guest4/41.html.
Yvonne a.k.a. Vonny
(her catgirl wearing the Cobia purrint front-knotted bikini top with side-tie panty):
Hai hai,  Sean is greatly missed, nya. I loved the galactic purrint dress of author / editor Margaret S. McGraw http://margaretsmcgraw.blogspot.com (human), the Black halter jumpsuit of her daughter Emily (human); the bejeweled bare – midriff dress of Lauren Turner (human), and the Carolina Blue crushed velvet tux of her husband Phil Lee http://ibiblio.org/phil (human) who was among our May 2008 guests, nya!
Elizabeth a.k.a. Lizzy 
(her fiance catgirl wearing the Yellowfin Tuna purrint bandage bikini):
Purrsis (catgirl purriestess) always looks forward to escorting Crissy Volpe http://www.crimsonskycreations.com (human) who was a cosplayer guest of the March 2008 Mew, nya! I purrticularly liked CrissyZatanna costume and Purrsis’s diaphanous gown http://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery7/3.html for the 2015 ceremony, and their Atlantean – style appurral http://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery4/264.html for the 2020 ceremony, nya!
Jeannie a.k.a. Jen-Jen
(the catgirl wearing the King Mackerel purrint bandeau-top tanga-style bikini):
I will nominate our artist / cosplayer friend TonomuraBix http://tonomurabix.deviantart.com (human) who was a guest of the March 2008 Mew, for her gothy Black outfit with the strappy boots, leggings, sparkly wing and the Mass Effect N7 shirt http://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery3/133.html,at the 2020 ceremony.
Furthermore I will nominate her character Zel’s strapless Black evening gown with the plate armor on her Left arm, the short – sleeved Black shrug jacket, and strappy Black high stiletto – heeled sandals worn for the 2020 ceremony http://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery8/24.html.
Mielikki a.k.a Mie-sensei
(the winged faerie wearing the Rainbow Trout purrint criss-crossed halter-neck bikini):
So like, I will nominate the totally awesome “sweet lolita” style couture of sisters (human) Thais & Natalia Lopes http://catgirlisland.net/art/guest2/55.html, who were guests of the October 2008 Mew; and the understated purretty Plumeria leis of Fire Chief Ellie’s mom Helen (centauress) http://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery7/43.html, Nyanko and Nyoka’s aunt Nyaomi (nekomimi ningyo) http://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery4/292.html, fur shur!
Na Ling
(the tmuntjac deer girl bartender wearing the Flounder purrint bikini & sheer purreo):
I will nominate Sadiyah (llama girl) & Mu’awin (butterfly) http://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery7/16.html of the tale Cybernetic Showdown http://michi.byethost16.com by artist / author Alexcia Reynolds, who was a guest of the August 2010 Mew; and the supurr – heroines Priya, Heather, Ling, Janeta and Angenhttp://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery5/235.html of the tale “Dark Fires of Cyphyrus” by author Sharon Williams https://www.deviantart.com/caribbeanrose9, who was the November 2014 guest of The Mew, nya!
Ji Yun 
(Na Ling’s twin sister the muntjac deer girl bartender wearing Crappie purrint bikini & sheer purreo):
The formal bare-midriff miko shozukos worn by sisters Alanasera (catgirl) http://catgirlisland.net/art/guest2/107.html and Leilani (catgirl) http://catgirlisland.net/art/guest2/108.html, their okaasan Malina (catgirl) http://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery6/17.html and obaasan Aki (catgirl) http://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery6/16.html, nya!
Jenafyre, or just Jenny, for short
(the elf girl bartender at The Kitt Inn wearing the Purrmit purrint bikini & sheer purreo):
The pretty jewelry such as the bracelets, chains, tail rings, piercings and other ornamentations of Nyssy (mermaid) http://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery1/215.htmlFormality (orca girl) http://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery6/65.htmlPeppurr-Mintra (catgirl) http://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery8/7.html and her daughter Nilla-Cream http://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery8/21.html!
Yenafyre, or just Yenny for short
(Jenny’s cousin, the girl bartender  wearing the Crevalle Jack purrint bikini & sheer purreo):
I am always quite eager to see the fashion splashes made by Nystia http://catgirlisland.net/art/guest4/7.html, her dopplesister De’en http://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery3/158.html, their mom Zumi http://catgirlisland.net/art/guest5/6.html aunt Yuuna’amii http://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery7/30.html and grandmother Syntia http://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery7/73.html!
Mary Nyan:
Those are such beautiful fashions and- oh that’s my phone ringing. I bet it is Mike… yep, Mike, Jamie, Rascal and Rusty are downstairs in the atrium, so we’d better go change for
15th Annual Mew Awards purresentation
for our favoritest fun stuff of 2021, nya!
(As mewsual, the county’s attentive friendly police officers, firefighters, purrk rangers, escorts, purramermedics, animal helpurrs, campus security officers, & robotics club’s drones see that air, land, aquatic & interdimensional safety & security purrcautions purroceed without hitches as the cheerfuly crowd converges orderly upon the Purrforming Arts Center & the nearby places to eat, nya.)
(Directing the team are Catgirl Island’s police chief Meryl Murry the catgirl), MerTown’s Zashaatinder the thresher shark – tailed mermaid & Mew Hanover County’s senior Purrk Ranger BeeBee the catgirl) & Fire Chief Ellie the banker pony centuress, nya. The team includes Ranger Calathea the risu girl, Ranger Ydis the shiki musume, Ranger Shyunanaaia the shiki musumeRanger Talifera the sugar glider girl
…Officer Nichibotsu the gender-fluid yousei, Officer Ralph themale yousei, Officer Cecil another male yousei, Officer Tsukiko the vampire girl, Officer Nairi the succubus, Officer Rogers the dog girlPurramedic Lourdessaluornous the mermaid, Purramedic Avana-rur the manatee, Purramedic Faere the catgirl) Firefighter Helen the centauress, Firefighter Andrew the centaur & Firefighter Yuki the ryu musume, nya.)
(Their duties include the very thorough inspection of the many festive lanterns, bonfires, grills, extinguishers, and Ishita-sensei’s the mermaid fireworks which will top off the evening’s ceremony, whilst the magickal telepurrtals are expurrtly monitored by Mertyl the mermaid witch, Phoebe the faun girl witch, Anna Conda the human sorceress and Ha’irisalavendara’zure the catgirl nekomancer, nya.)
(the journalist catgirl in the Bistre Fichu-neck dress with plunging back):
Gosh I cannot believe that this is the 15th time that we are here to report the fashionable action upon the Red Carpet to the Catgirl Island Purrforming Arts Center, nya!
(the journalist catgirl in the Mauve low-cut drapurry-neck halter dress):
Hai hai, As the many people juts start to arrive for the gala event, we wish to thank the crews who are covering the event for the TV, radio, internet and mewspapurr, nya!
(the photographer sea spurrite girl in the Sea Foam bare-midriff halter-neck gown):
Once again we are joined by radio announcer Elwood and matsuri director Robin; this year we have brought our assistants


Ayesha and Mae Nam who will help us!

(the agender gazelle purrson & 

matsuri director wearing the knotted 

Anemone Flower 

purrint blouse and Charcoal gray capurri pants):

Since we have the few minutes before they are off, we have the surpurrise pop quiz for our assistants, nya! So to my assistant Vivian, what is exactly is that Red Carpet?

(Robin’s assistant, the androgynous lemur purrson in the backless maxi dress with the long draping skirt and highly slit sides)
It is the multidimensional pathway with pedestrian, aerial & aquatic lanes to accommodate visitors of all species who walk, roll, slither, swim, fly or telepurrt into the building’s Amaryllis Atrium!
(the radio announcer catboy in the Black tuxedo with the bow tie): OKay I have the question for my assistant Mae Nam! What are those plants that line the red carpet, nya?
Mae Nam

(the purrple-tailed nekomimi ningyo wearing the
strapless translucent bra made of two hollowed jellyfish bells):
Locally-sourced Pink Torch Gingers, Crimson Pandanas, Scarlet Anthuriums and Holiday Heliconias, backed by the Little Leaf Box, Italian Cypurress and Palm Trees, nya!

I am hoping that my assistant Vivian will please tell us who is in charge of the official outdoor photographic coverage of the Mew Awards Purresentation!

he androgynous nekomimi ningyousei wearing the 

strapless translucent bra made of two hollowed jellyfish bells):
The outdoor Director of Photography is Mohini-sensei,The Directors of Underwater Photography are Neellakaliomi-san and Mahadevi-san, and aerial shots are taken from Melaanakeami-san’s airships; with additional drone coverage courtesy of Catgirl Island Robotics Club

and the Marine Electronics Research / Mecha & Artificial Intelligence Developurrs Society, nya!

Miho, Kaori, 

Robin, Aurora’a & Elwood:


Nyow arriving is our artist / designer / cosplayer friend Thais Lopes http://angelicaservices.com (human) who was one of the guests of the October 2008 Mew, and she looks quite fabulous in the furry White and Gray cat costume with the lovely tail, kawaii, nya!
Here come artist / cosplayer Misty Hopkins https://kranberrijam.blogspot.com (human) who was a guest of the March 2008 Mew, with her husband Steven (human) who are cosplaying as Alita & Dr. Ido from the Battle Angel Alita movie, nya!
Their friends Mariko

(human doll) and Kana (human doll)are here too! Pink-haired Mariko is adorable in the gothy punk style White short slevee shirt with the short Black vest, mini skirt, raver boots and the Red & Black striped fingerless opera glove!

Kana with the long strraight Light Brown hair has the more dainty delicate style in the long lacey flowy frilly flouncy ruffled layers of the sheer White gown with the emroidered flowers atop the Whit petticoat with the bridal veil!

Misty & Steve are chatting with Chung Hong Fu (human)  is wearing the Armani tux, nya! You know, he and Mike were both officers in Triangle Area Anime Society (TAAS) the anime club which launched the anime con Animazement https://animazement.com, nya!

Mae Nam:
Sarah “Sakky” Forde https://adorkabows.com
was a guest of the December 2008 Mew, and nyow she has returned divinely in the ornately elegant off-shoulder Sailor Moon inspired dress of the Gold-trimmed Blue dress with the

White bodice 

long Red ribbons and thigh high boots, nya!



 the artist, mewsician and cosplayer formerly known as Rebecca Brogden, was the guest for our September 2009 Mew, and tonight she and her hubby have returned clad as the Hobbits of the Shire!

They are accompanied by her similarly – clad friends Eamane (catgirl), A.J.(catboy), Nystia (dark faerie), Jonni (human), Rivkah (Miiqo’te) and Malekar (

Miiqo’te, nya)!

That fellowship’s very authentic earthy outfits look quite comfy, which ideally suit the Hobbit inclination, nya!

Artist, athlete & cosplayer 

Meesha DJ Walker https://www.artstation.com/xeshema


 is back with her hubby Jay


and her beach vooleyball purrtner Bliss (catgirl), nya!
Meesha  looks lovely

in that firmly-fitting mermaid cut Black dress that flows into the Dark Red bottom with the keyhole and the cold shoulder cut, nya!

Meesha was the June 2015 Guest of The Mew, nya! 

With her hair in the messy bun coiffure, she is accessorized by the Black leather purrse and the low Black heels, nya! Jay is wearing the casual blazer and jeans, with the opened button shirt and the boat shoes, nya!

Bliss is wearing sharply the two – piece  slate grey business suit of the open jacket with the ruffled top, accessorized with  Gold hoop earrings, bracelets, and a daring ring on her right ring finger!
Jim & Melody Rondeau http://crossovers.net/makeitgoaway/home.htm (humans) made it here again They

are matching in th Red Hawaiian shirts

with the palm trees and surfboards motif. 

Jim is also wearing the light colored pants and sandals; whilst Melody is wearing the White dungarees and flipflops.


They are artists, authors, publishers and venders, who sell the wonderful selection of fanzines, magazines, comics, books, games, calendars, scripts, purress kits, purress books, movie posters, lobby cards, film clips, and plushy animal dolls, nya! Their cat 

Squeeky is here too, nya!
Mae Nam:
Author Sharon Williams http://caribbeanrose9.deviantart.com (human) was our November 2014 guest, and her fan-senshi character Tanya Cambridge (human) a.k.a. Sailor Sirius http://sailorsirius.webs.com is here again, wearing the strapless Purrrple cocktail dress with Black patent pumps, nya!

Tanya is accompanied by her best friend, author Jeff Branch’s http://www.pinkladyamerica.com


fan-senshi character
Talia Jasmine Kirk (human / vulcan) a.k.a Sailor Vulcan, wearing the R

oyal Blue spaghetti – strap formal dress with Black patent pumps!


They have rendezvoused with Jeff’s characters investigative journalists Marie Babineux (human), Haruna Ichikawa (human) and police

detective Junko Sakurada (human) are here too,

nya! Marie is From France whilst haruna and Junko are here from Japan!

Marie is wearing the Sunflower Yellow minidress with matching high heeled sandals, Haruna is wearing the Bright Red formal dress with matching high heeled sandals, and Junko is wearing the Navy Blue mens dress suit with the Red necktie and the Black pumps, nya!
Jeff’s original character Alexandra Wright (vampire) is mewsually rather stealthy in the shadows, but she is quite the foxy eye-catch in the Black leather mini-dress with the matching thigh high boots, nya! She is chatting with Sharon’s original character Anna (human) who is in the Gold Paisley debutant dress with the sleeveless crop top and the pencil skirt and the lace-up sandals, nya!

Nyow strolling down the Red Carpet are Dr. Michael McKinney

and his boyfriend Lito Alianza 
! Dr. McKinney is a Commander in Starfleet, wearing his Type B medical dress uniform circa AD 2375, whilst Lito is wearing the snazzy Off-White Barong Tagalog!
The future fashions are fab, and cosplaying as Lightning Lad and Cosmic Boy of the Legion of Super-Heroes from the 30th century are

Chef Ron (human) and his hubby Pacozord (human) ! Pacozord who was our October 2007 guest is the toy dealer & Power Rangers expurrt, and Ron who was our January 2009 guest, is supurrb at sewing and cooking!

Oh my, those are the classic old-school very first silver age costumes of

Lightning Lad & Cosmic Boy from their first appurrance on the cover of Adventure comics #247 which wa s published by DC Comics in 1958, nya! Lightning Lad’s costume is Yellow and red, whilst Cosmic Boy’s is Pink & Black, complete with the flight belts and bubble helmets, nya!

Mae Nam:

That was when they first met  the teenage Clark Kent / Superboy, which is ironically appurropurriate that they should be standing near 
comics artist & journalist Jim Amash and 
his wife Heidi 


, nya! 
Jim was the guest for the July 2009 Mew
, nya!
He is dressed as Clark Kent in the blue suit and Red tie, whilst Heidi is dressed as Lana Lang, with her long red hair, appurropriately wears the Emerald Green evening gown! You know as the teenagers, Clark and Lana often travelled from 20th century Smallville to 30th century Meowtropolis as Superboy and Insect Queen, who were meoewmbers of the Legion!
You know. not only is the fashion purrading through the front Anthurium Atrium entrance, but many folks have alrerady entered the CIPAC, through the side and garden enterances, so nyow we will turn the reporting over to Cicelia, Janete Joanna and Phannjynnasokaaia who are covering the fashion action at the garden entrance, nya!
Inside the Catgirl island Purforming Arts Center (CIPAC)
(the Molly- tailed mermaid actress / model / purrsenter wearing the Sea Blue – colored jellyfish bell bra):
Shello everybody! Next we are going from the future couture  of Star Trek and The Legion to the garments of the late 19th century! Mewsic critic friend Kaiser (human) looks quite sharp in the Dark Blue 1890 German navy Grand Admiral uniform!
(the jaguar girl fashion designer and mom wearing the ruffled White Hawaiian dress with the White Gardenia tail corsage):
Note the authentic details of the two columns of six buttons upon the open-collar double – breasted full-dress frock coat, with the white shirt, thin black tie, Gold Aiguillette & sleeve braid, Black belt with the Gold naval officer buckle, dark blue trousers, Black shoes, the naval sword and the White Sea Cap with the black band, peak & strap, Gold impurrrial badge & cockade, nya!
(the wolf girl is mewsician, dancer, actress & purrsenter wearing the Eggplant & Purrsimmon – colored, bare – midriff choli blouse, sari & petticoat):
Now arriving are Mr. Brightside (who we suspect is a time traveller) with his companion Carol


, nya!
Mr. Brightside is dressed like Phileas Fogg circa 1872 in the five piece suit comprised of the woollen
slate gray

jacket, vest, & trousers with the White high collar shirt, Brown cravat & shoes, Silver pocket watch chain, and the Black top hat!

(or just Phan for short, the faerie mewspapurr journalist and editor wearing the backless Maroon & Gold Hanfu gown):
Carol is quite vivaciously alluring in the tightly button-front Black velvet mini dress with the the closely-fitting long sleeves with the satiny cuffs and
the five large silver buttons that arc down the front of the drees, from the decolletage. – revealing,
plunging scoop neck to the left side slit that starts at the hip, mew la la!
You know, Jim, Mr. Brightside, Pacozord, Chef Ron and our purrducer Mike have been members of the Carolina Comic Book Club since the early 1980’s! Furthrmore, not only have Jim, Kaiser, Mike, and our webmeowster Jamie known each other since high school, Mike and Jamie have known each oher since elementary school!
Speaking of Jamie, here come the stars his web comic Clan of the Cats http://clanofthecats.com, who were guests of the August 2007, January 2009 & November 2009 Mews, nya!

Chelsea Urania Kate Chattan, who is the heroic witchy human were-panther and main protagonist of the comic, wearing
the long black dress with panther necklace and black pumps, nya!
Her husband Alexander Jubal McRae


is wearing the
Green tuxedo with tBlack boots, whilst their daughter
Charlotte Polyhymnia McRae


is wearing the W

hite & Vilolet dress, nya! Chelsea’s sisters Corrine Elizabeth Melepomene Chattan (human) and Cynthia Marie Angeline Thalia Monroe McRae (human) and Cynthia’s husbabd Paul Winston McRae (Jubal’shuman brother) are here too!

Corrine is the sexy tough were-leopurrd merc wearing the little Black dress and pumps, whilst Cynthia is wearing the Pink cocktail dress with the White sandal heels; Paul is wearing the Blue shirt & Tan trousers with the Yellow tie, Black shoes & sports coat, and Chelsea’s cat Sebastian is wearing the Black bowtie,!
The Chattans and the McCraes are from the lovely coastal town of Haven which is just the few miles away on the mainland! Nyow here come more of our fellow residents of Mew Hanover County! Swimming this way wearing the Black bowties are mermen Chiemezie and his hubby Ikechukwu who own the lovely underwater bed & breakfast!
Strolling up the Magnolia Mezzanine are Millicent (bunny girl) in the sleeveless Black sequined boat-necked mini strap dress, and her hubby Bobby (bunny guy) the Licorice & Black Olive – colored tuxedo, who co-own the Catgirl island art store, nya! I need to go  to there to purchase more Purrismacolor pencils and Copic meowrkers!
Dr. Malivalaya (elf girl) the Dean of MHC’s Animal Care school is wearing the the White, Jade & Sea Foam Ao Dai gown is over there at one of the bars with Dr. Terry (androgynous Terrapin purrson) the Dean of MHC’s Design School, who is wearing the Fuchsia Iro-furisode. They are drinking the cran-apple nummy berry cocktails!
MHC’s water polo coach Angelina (water nymph) wearing the leopurrd purrint long-sleeved round-neck backless short mini sheath dress, with Purrofessora Martine (selkie) the math teacher at the Catgirl island School (K-12) wearing the strapless  Azure Blue – colored jellyfish bell bra and matching purreo. Theya re drinking Orange Whips!
Dr. Alder (elf girl) the history purrofessor at the Catgirl Island School (K-12) is wearing Pink Rose & Mulberry colored, bare – midriff choli blouse, sari & petticoat), and Tamara’anna (elf girl) the vocal mewsic teacher at the Catgirl island School (K-12) is wearing the Pale Thistle & Rum Punch colored, bare – midriff choli blouse, sari & petticoat!
Dr. Maeridyth (gyno sphinx) the director of the Meowdical Arts Center is wearing the ornate golden necklaces, banngles, braclets, belly chain, chatelaine and tail ring, nya! She and Kahil (slime girl) the food bank director wearing the Cinnabar colored high split side-lace short cheongsam are having the succulent shrimp cocktails, nya!
Descending the central grand staircase are Dr. Karakiki (elf girl) the obstetrician wearing the White, Jade & Sea Foam Ao Dai gown, and Dr. Grace Maladrial (sylph) the veterinarian wearing the sheer White two-piece off-shoulder nell-sleved bare – midrif  A-Line Sundress!
Sora (gynoid) the lomi-lomi masseusse is wearing the sheer Black Tule sleeveless halter-neck A-Line purrom dress, and Linina (catgirl) the 40th level paladin wearing her gleaming bare-midriff Red & White adamantine plate armor! it does not look like she has brought her +5 Wave Motion Vorpal Holy Avenger longsword.
Well, the CIPAc does have the weapons policy, but she can magickally meowterilaize the sword and other items as needed, nya! They are chatting with Saaveetah (female appurrition), the manager of Moniques Decadant Desserts who is wearing the lovely White & Indigo Dhalia purrint Yukata, nya!
Oh I love Monique’s bubble milk tea, the big spple fritters with the maple glaze, and the long johns filled with the custard cream! Speaking of the yukatas, nyow arriving into the atrium is Eret (nonbinary sea turtle purrson) the notary & boat title clerk wearing the lovely Aqua & Blue Hydrangea purrint Yukata!
Fortunately there are food options aplenty, especially since the building’s renovations in the Spring of 2008 when additional food courts were added on the upper floors, and more designated parking was added outside for the food carts and trucks!
Now I am craving the Macaroons and Strawberry Tarts! I might have to wait until the intermission, because theTushers, chimes and lights are signalling that that it isabout  time for the ceremony to begin, so let’s head on into the Amarylis Auditorium, nya!
(Designed and built with great magick and care, the cavernous CIPAC has state – of – the art , signs, jumbotrons, paths of egress, restrooms and other facilities to accommodate those who might have fins, tails, hooves or wings or rely on very different senses and forms of commeownication, nya. Soon the massive main Amarylis Auditorium and other areas are comffortably bustling with the enthused kemonomimi, kitsune, ningyo, yousei, liminals, taurs and beings of other diverse species, nya.)
Thusly the many attendees traverse the ramps, stairs, escalators, elevators, flight shafts and waterways to the Anthurium Auditorium wherein the variable – geometry / environmental seats accommodate the diverse physiques of up to 2500 human-sized bipeds, but can easily accomodate those of the widdle pixy or the giant sizes, quadrupeds, winged and aquatic types, nya. There are also additional smaller halls, auditoriums, theatres, and the outdoor garden ampurrtheeatre, nya.)
(Soon the CIPAC’s director Kitrina and general manager Katherine, a.k.a. Kit ’n Kat http://www.catgirlisland.net/art/guest2/114.html wave to the cheering audience as they stroll to the crystalline podium upon the center stage to address the crowd and commence the purresentations purropurr, nya.)
(the Silver – haired catgirl wearing the short, off – shoulder silk, Blue & Silver Dragon – purrint kimono):
Konbanwa, yall, nya! Welcome to the 15th annual Mew Awards for our favorite fun stuff of 2021, nya!
(the Redhead catgirl wearing the short, off – shoulder silk, Red & Gold Phoenix – purrint kimono):
We are happy and honored by your purresence, and by the many others who are watching from elsewhere, nya!
Hai, we wish to thank all of the wonderful staff and volunteers who make this and other events happen here, nya!
We also wish to thank the many brilliant folks who created and distributed the things we are here to purraise, nya!
Nyow please let us all welcome Tash, Michi, Brian, Sadiyah & Mu’awin of Alexcia Reynolds’s https://www.deviantart.com/professoroak Cybernetic Showdown tale http://michi.byethost16.com
Alexcia’s fan-senshi heroines Khriste http://www.sailorchristmas.comAbenthttp://mau.sailorchristmas.com and fan – maximal bot character Eletron http://bw.html-5.me to purrsent the nominees for
our favorite toys & collectibles of 2021, nya!
(the bat – winged Serval girl wearing creme yellow pedal pushers and a backless halter top that does not rid eup on her wings:
Thank you Kit ’n Kat! Aloha everybody!
(the cyborg White Tiger girl wearing the navy blue sundress):
My, this is the 9th time that Tash and I have been purrsenters here!
(the llama girl wearing thepurple and sapphire blue belly dancer outfit)(signing in American Sign Language):
This is my 8th time here. Thank you for inviting me back again!
(Sadiyah’s interpurreter, a Purrple Port Bleu butterfly purrched upon the podium):
It is such a lovely warm island with so many delicious nectar filled flowers!
(the hyena dude wearing the wearing a pair of blue jeans and a pine green t-shirt):
This is my 7th time here to this beautiful island, and I would like to thank you for inviting me too! 
(the Black – haired catgirl wearing the one-piece strapless orange swimsuit with a sheer sarong):
This is the 6th time that Khriste and I have been purrsenters!
(the pachydrem-ish Maximal wearing floral leis and the flower tucked behind each elephantine ear):
This is my 5th time here!
(the redhead girl wearing the green, red, gold, and white pantsuit with a wreath-shaped brooch on her left lapel):
There are many nominees in this cattygory, but fortunately there are 8 of us!
Fortunately, we have the telepurrompters, other electronic devices, the notes and the good memories to help with the long lists!
Here are the nominees for favorite action figures, posable dolls, plushy dolls, statues, ornaments, other toys and collectibles! of 2021!
Funko Pop! Bewtiched Samantha Stevens. figure, Star Wars Ahsoka figure #409 and Gamestop Exclusive Star Wars The Clone Wars #414 Ahsoka Bobble-Head…
Star Wars The Black Series Bo Katon Kryze action figure, Rey action figure, Jaxxon action figure, Asajj Ventress action figure, and Vintage Collection Ahsoka Tano (Mandalore) action figure VC202…
Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Trading Post Lolth Cat doll; Star Trek Official Starship Collection U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-J; Mego’s Star Trek Kang action figure and Hammer Dracula action figure…
Spirit Untamed Lucky & Spirit set,  Pru & Chica Linda set, Abigail & Boomerang set,  Cuddle Colt & Mama set, and the Spirit Untamed Pals Friendship Pack…
Neca’s Back to the Future Ultimate Doc Brown,  Ultimate Marty McFly, Back to the Future II Ultimate Doc Brown, and Back to the Future II Ultimate Marty McFly…
Transformers R.E.D. Transformers Prime Arcee action figure and Transformers Kingdom: War for Cybertron Trilogy Blackarachnia action figure…
Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Revealation Evil-Lyn action figure, Spinmaster’s Harry Potter Hermione Granger Magical Mini figure, and Loyal Subjects’ KISS The Demon Destroyer Tour action figure…
Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo My Little Pony Applejack statue, WWE Elite Collection Chyna action figure, and Jazzwares Pokemon Select articulated Charizard action figure …
Roblox Aven the Silver Warrior action figure,Fortnite Lynx action figure, My Little Pony Princess Cadance Best Hair Day, Magical Kiss Unicorn, and Shining Adventures Collection…
Gundam Infinity RX-78-2 action figure, RXXXG-G1W action figure, ASW-G-08 action figure, MBF-P02 action figure, and Artemis action figure…
Hasbro’s G.I. Joe Classified Series Lady Jaye action figure, Scarlet action figure, and The Baroness action figure…
Hallmark Keepsake’s TARDIS, The Fourth Doctor, My Little Pony, Charizard, Frosty Friends, and Catwoman ornaments…
Johnny Lightning 1:64 diecast 007 You Only Live Twice 1967 Toyota 200GT car, and The Spy Who Loved Me Lotus Esprit Si…
Lego’s OO7 Aston Martin, Ferrari 488GTE, Porsche 911, Apollo 11 Lunar Lander, Space Shuttle Discovery and RMS Titanic…
Lego Ninjago Temple of the Endless Sea and Zane’s Titan Mecha, Botanicals Bonsai, Botanicals Bird of Paradise, and Flower Bouquet…
Lego Star Wars Slave 1, Lego Creator Bookshop, Medieval Blacksmith, Surfer beach House and Winnie the Pooh set…
Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Captain Carter action figure, Heist Nebula action figure, Sylvie action figure, WandaVision Scarlet Witch action figure..
Marvel Legends Moira MacTaggart action figure, Marvel Girl action figure, IronHeart action figure, XialIng action figure, and Katy action figure…
Marvel Legends Eternals Sersi action figure, Sprite action figure, Thena action figure, Ajak action figure, and Makari action figure
Marvel Legends Deadpool & Negasonic Teenage Warhead action figure set, the Retro Black Cat action figure, and the Tigra action figure…
QFig’s Catwoman figurine, QFig’s Kitty Pryde figurine, and the entire line of Misaki Sawada’s cute Furrybones figurines!
Whew! That was a lot, but we did it! again! Now let’s welcome librarians Keiko & Yuriko and mikos Leilani & Alanasera to present


our favorite books & literature of 2021!
(the Brown – haired librarian catgirl in the shimmering Parrot Fish purrint suspender maillot):
Aloha, nya! We wish to thank all of the friends of the Mew Hanover Public Library, nya!
(the Turquoise – haired librarian catgirl in the gleaming Butterfly Fish purrint purretzel  maillot:
I might be biased, but his is my purrsonal favorite cattygory of the Mew Awards, nya!
(the miku catgirl wearing a bare midriff Red & White miko Shozoku): 
This cattygory includes publications such as fiction, nonfiction, reference and art books, whether they are in purrint media or on the internet, nya!
(her twin sister miku also wearing a bare midriff Red & White miko Shozoku): 
The niminees are Otaku Girl by Louis Bulaong, Skin of the Sea by Natasha Bowen, and Star Wars: The High Republic Out of the Shadows by Justina Ireland, nya!
The Christmas Pig by JK Rowling, Daughter of the Deep by Rick Riordan, and the serialized tale of Fire From The Sun: Rise Of A Queen by Sharon Williams, nya!
Honeycomb by author Joanne M. Harris & illustrator Charles Vess, Kitty vol. 6: Kitty and the Great Lantern Race by author Paula Harrison & illustrator Jenny Lovlie, nya!
The nonfiction books such as Passion to Purpose by Amy McLaren, Resistance by Tori Amos, and  The Beatles: Get Back by The Beatles edited by John Harris, nya!
The Art and Making of Dune, The Art of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, The Art of Halo Infinite, and The Art of Neil Gaimin & Charles Vess’ Stardust, nya!
Final Fantasy XIV Shadowmakers: The Art of Reflection. Magic: The Gathering Legends A Visual History, and Transformers Visual History, nya!
The Works of Hayao Miyazaki: The Master of Japanese Animation by Gael Berton; Hayao Miyazaki by DelMonico Books and the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, ya!
Faeries of the Faultlines by Iris Compiet, Carbon 3 by Mark Schultz, and the Charles Vess Landscapes of Faerie 2002 Calendar, nya!
Visions 2021 Illustratoras Book, Alex Ross Marvel Comics Poster Book, The Joelle Jones Poster Portfolio, and Marvel Portfolio: Peach Momoko, nya!
Universal Studios Monsters, 50 Great Bond Cars, James Bond’s DB5, Star Trek: The Artistry of Dan Curry, and Star Trek: Voyager A Celebration, nya!
Star Wars: Complete Vehicles,

Star Wars: The Fiction Volume One, Star Wars The Clone Wars Official Collectors Edition, and The Art of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, nya!

Dungeons & Dragons Candlekeep Mysteries, Von Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft, Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons, and The Wild Beyond the Witchlight, nya!
… and West Side Story: The Making of the Steven Spielberg Film! That is all for this cattygory of the purrinted-media, but that is just the half of it, nya!
Nyow please help us to welcome outr friends Dach Savage, Valentinya, Na Ling & Ji Yun to purrsent the cattygory of our favorite
comic books, graphic novels & manga of 2021, nya!
(Dr. Dach Savage is the anthropurrmorphic weener dog consulting detective with expurrtise in archaeology, purranormal activities, nya. Valentinya is the 10th level witchy catgirl maid who was born in Kiev, Ukraine where she met Dach on a secret mission and later became the US citizen and resides at his mansion, nya. Twin sisters Na Lin & Ji Yun are the muntjac deer girls who we met earlier on the CIPAC

rooftop Laua’e Lounge

, nya)

(wearing the vyshyvanka with the Crape Myrtle embroidery): Zdravstvuyte, nya!
Dach Savage
(wearing his Crimson, Black & White Military Mess Dress & medals): 
Guten abend!
Na Ling:

(wearing the Apurricot colored bikini and sheer purrled purreo):
We wish to thank all of our guests who we are happy to serve here at The CIPAC!
Ji Yun:

(wearing the Peach colored bikini and sheer purrled purreo)
Hai hai and we are honored to help purrsent the nominees which include

The manga such as Adachi and Shimamura, Aria the Masterpiece Edition, Battle Angel Alita: Mars Chronicle
Dach Savage:
A Centaur’s Life, Codename Sailor V Eternal Edition, Days of Love at Seagull Villa, The Demon Girl Next Door
Na Ling:

Don’t Toy with Me Miss Nagaturi, Doughnuts Under a Crescent Moon, Drugstore in Another World
Ji Yun:
Flying Witch, Komi Cant Communicate, Konohana Kitan, Monster Musume, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid…
Dach Savage:
My Room is a Dungeon Rest StopNon Non Biyori, Otaku Elf, Sunshine Sketch, Star Wars: The High Republic The Edge of Balance…
Na Ling:
Tamamo-chan’s a Fox, Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina, Wolf and Parchment, and Yuri is my Job, nya!
Ji Yun:

Comics & graphic novels of the past year, such as America Chavez: Made in the USA, Ant, Archie Halloween Special…

Aria: Heavenly Creatures,

Beasts of Burden: Occupied Territory, Bermuda, DC Pride,
Elfl by Jim & Melody Rondeau,


Dach Savage:
Fight Girls, The Girl from The Sea, Girl Haven,

Girls of Dimension 13,

Gold Digger,

Goosebumps: Secrets of the Swamp…


Na Ling:
Groo Meets Tarzan, 
Harley Quinn: The Animated Series,
Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey

, Iron Man, 

Ji Yun:
Marvel Action: Chillers, Marvel Action: Captain Marvel, Marvel Voices, Monstress, 

 Moon Knight, 


My Last Summer With Cass, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, My Little Pony: Generations, 

My Little Pony & Transformers

Dach Savage:

Norse Mythology, Nubia and the Amazons, Nubia: The Real One, Savage Hearts, Silk, 

Space Pirate Captain Harlock,

Na Ling:

StarGirl Special, Star Trek Year Five, Superman ’78, Surfise Girls: The Science of Surfng,

Women of Marvel…

Ji Yun:
Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary, Wonder Woman: The Adventures of Young Diana, and Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons, nya!
Nyow please to help us welcome to the wet tank stage Nyssy, Melanakeami, Daytona, Formality, and Mertyl who will purrsent our
favorite magazines and other purriodicals of 2021, nya!
(the mermaid with Dark Blue hair and Turquoise tail, wearing the piercings, jewelry, and the Lilac – colored jellyfish bell bikini top):
Arigatou gozaimasu!
(the mermaid with the Green tail and hair, wearing the Azure Blue – colored jellyfish bell bikini top and Gold rings in her tail fin):
Shello there everybody! We are glad and honored to be here tonight!
(the mermaid with short Blonde hair and a Gray Bottlenose Dolphin tail, wearing Fuchsia – colored jellyfish bell bikini top):
So, this cattygory includes the purrinted purriodicals, be they published monthly, quarterly or however often!
(the dappurr Orca Girl in her natural tuxedo-ish pattern with the large Black purrl in her navel, the Black top hat and bow tie):
The nominees are: National Geographic, Our State, Design Life, Design Anthology, Illustration, Watercolor Artist…
(the sea witch with the pixy-cut Red hair, wearing the loosely – knotted White blouse and the Hot Pink Purreo):
International Artist, American Art Review, Western Art & Architecture, Art & Illustration, Antiques & Fine Art…
Renaissance Faires, Alter Ego, Back Issue, Comic Book Creator, Kirby Collector, Draw, Comic Artist…
Concept Artist, 

The Art of Film, ImagineFX, American Artist, International Artist, 

Fantasy Figures


Art Doll Quarterly, Prims, 

Quilt Folk, 


Somerset Studio, 

Unique Homes, Enki…


Cinefex, American Cinematographer, Sight & Sound,
CinemaScope, Cinema Retro, 
DGA Quarterly…
Mystic Deja, Little Shop of Horrors, G-Fan, Doctor Who Magazine, 

007 Magazine,
Star Wars Insider

Star Trek, Star Trek Official Starships Collection, Otaku USA, Megami, NewtypeAnimage, Hobby Japan…
Faeries And Enchantment, Enchanted LivingWillow & Sage, Sage Woman, Witches & Pagans
Bella Grace, Belle Armoire, Daphne’s Diary, In her Studio, Cottage Hill, Women Create, Happinez…
Minerva, Sedona, Women Create, The Georgia Review, Crazy Horse, Mastermind,
The Georgia Review, Crazy Horse, Mastermind, The Believer, Zone 3, PloughShares…
Wahshington Post, New York Times, Ninth Letter, Analog, Fantasy & Science Fiction, F(r)iction …
The Skeptical Inquirer, Lapham’s Quarterly, Anthenaeum Review, Parabola, Tin House…
Uncut’s Ulitmate Music Guide, Prog, Classic Rock. Metal Hammer, Pointe, Dance, Fiddler…
Rolling Stone, Cemetery Dance, Aqurveda Mantra, Zyzzyva, Ambrosia, Aspire Design & Home…
Southern Living, Garden Design, Coastal Living, Lonely Planet, Ernest, Runner, Sidetracked…
Archaeology, American Archaeology, Current World Archaeology, Scientific American

Catster, Outdoors, Misadventure, Yoga, Yoga Journal, Yoga International, Shape, Self, Fit…
Oxygen, Strong, Womens Health,  Muscle & Fitness Hers, ESPN, Sports Illustrated


Golf …

Surfgirl, Standup Journal, Standup Paddle World,  Stand Up Paddle Magazine, SUP International…
Adventure Kayaking,  

Kayak Fishing Fun, 

Angler’s Journal, Sport Fishing, In-Fisherman…

Grays Sporting Journal, North Carolina Game & Fish, Saltwater Sportsman, The Drake…
Fly Fishing & Tying Journal, Salmon & Steelheader Journal, Coral, Amazonas, and Tropical Fish Hobbyist!
We are done, but now I have the seafood craving in my tummy from those fishing and aquarium publications!
Hang in there ‘Tona, because the intermission is imminent!
Hai hai, we will now recess for the intermission, but the ceremony will resume in 30 minutes!
(30 minutes later, foks return with pleasantly sated tummies as the ceremony resumes, nya.)
Welcome back for the 2nd half of the ceremony, nya! We hope everyone had the yummy treat, nya!
Let us please welcome Raven, Whitney and Kara-Meowl who will purrsent the nominees for our-
favorite radio purrograms of 2021, nya!
(the tattoo artist elf girl in the snapdragon purrint Bateau neckline Empire cropped bare midriff dress):
This is my first time upon the stage so please take care of me!
(the androgynous Bard Owl harpy & magick club purresident in the foxglove purrint yukata):
I think the public speaking is easier and less painful than the tattoos!


(the champion surfer catgirl in the short strapless off-shoulder Hibiscus purrint mini-dress): 
Would you like to say Hi” to anyone while you up here?
I want to say “Hi” to Eamane, A.J. Tia, Tab, Ash and Hannah!
Firstly of the radio nominees are the purrograms from organizations such as WUNC FM, National Public Radio and Public Radio International!
Hai hai, they are the very sincere, informative and / or entertaining audio enjoyment of ther top quality, nya!! Alphabetically those nominees are
1A, All Things Considered, American Routes, Back Porch Music, Code Switch, Embodied…
Fresh Air, Hear & Now, How I Built This, It’s Been A Minute, Latino USA, Life Kit…
Marketplace, Morning Edition, The Moth Radio Hour, The New Yorker Radio Hour…
On Being, On the Media, Our Body Politic, The People’s Pharmacy, Planet Money…
Reveal, Science Friday, Snap Judgment. Sound Opinions. The Splendid Table…
The Takeaway, The TED Radio Hour, This American Life, The Thistle and Shamrock…
Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, Weekend Edition, and The World, fur shur!
Nextly are wonderful programs bythe  British Broadcasting Corporation, such as
The Arts Hour, BBC World News, Business Matters, The Conversation
Discovery, Documentary, Hardtalk, Healthcheck, The History Hour, In the Studio,
News Day, The Newsroom, News Summary, Outlook, People Fixing the World,
Sporting Witness, Tested. This Week in History, and Witness History!
You know, I miss

A Prairie Home Companion 
and Car Talk.
Hai hai… oh there are quite the few others that are sadly missed these days,
So, nyow please welcome Ne’ellakaliomi, Tharesha, Kianalani, Xiao Pan, Phannaery, Reika, and Cru-Cru to the wet tank stage to purrsent
our favorite commercials & trailers of 2021, nya!
(the mermaid with the Coral Beaty tail, wearing the Fuchsia- colored jellyfish bell bra):
Arigatou! Shello everybody!
(the mermaid with light green shark tail, wearing the Mint Green – colored jellyfish bell bra):
This cattygory includes the spots of 2021 that advertised the purroducts or services, to be released in 2021 or 2022.
(the mermaid with with the Beta tail, wearing the Scarlet Lake – colored jellyfish bell bra)):
These include the commercials / spots, trailers & PSAs shown upon TV, internet, DVDs & theatre screens.
Xiao Pan
(the mermaid with the Tarpon tail, wearing the strands of purrls):
The various reasons include the pretty imagery, neat visual FX, amewsing humor, sentimentality
(the mermaid with the Orangey Koi tail, wearing the Pink Anemone lei):
… or th inspurrational celebrities, poignant messages, sincerely non-nonsense facts, or yummy looking treats!
(Naomees mermaid wife with the Golden Wrasse tail, wearing the matching crocheted bikini top):
By the way, we are not necessarily endorsing any of the advertised purroducts, services or organization. We just like the commercials!
(the mermaid with the catfishy tail, wearing the purrlescant Irish Deep Shell bra):
Gosh, this is the long list, but dortunately there are seven of us for the task! In semi alphabetical order, the nominees are…
Abobe Sign with ELO’s song “Mr. Blue Sky”, AdoreMe Elite Box for Valentines Day, Allbirds The Dasher “run hard, tread light”…
Allstate Insurance “Duet in the Desert”. Allstate Insurance “Jump”. Allstate Inusrance “Moon”, American Express “Surf’s Up”…
Amazon Prime “Cleopatra”. Amazon Prime “Medusa”, Arm & Hammer Absorbx cat litter, Arm & Hammer Slide Clumping Cat Litter…
Xiao Pan:
Aspercreme “Sword Duel”, Audi RS e-tron GT spot Janelle Monae, “Black Rifle Coffee Ezpresso’s “Ram-Bow: Mission Fuel”…
Botox “How Do You See Yourself” with Chi Lan, Cape Cod Chips  “Savor what’s Special”, Chobani “Dear Alice” animated spot…
Chrysler Pacifica Plug-in Hybrid “Protect Your World” Coca-Cola “Pit Stop: Flavors” with wolf girl & faun boy, Coke Zero “Dino”…
Copperfit Arch Support Plus, Corona Hard Seltzer “Calling Your Name”, CoverGirl Simply Ageless spot with Niki Taylor… 
CreapEase spot with Jane Seymour, Crest Whitening “Better. Faster. 100% Whiter”, Dick’s Sporting Goods “Bust a Move”… 
Dior’s Miss Dior-“The New Fragrance”, Direct TV “Wonder” with Serena Williams, Dramm lawn & garden purroducts… 
Dove Body Wash “Renew the Love”, Dove Body Wash “Skins” , Dove Hair Therapy with Mahaut, Lisa & Sonia … 
Xiao Pan:
Dupixent “One Step Ahead” with Rachel, Debby & Sean, Expedia “All By Myself’ with Amber Stonbraker & Rashida Jones… 
The Facing History spot with George Takei, Flonase “Defeating Springtime Seasonal Allergy Symptoms”… 
Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine ‘Sleek Can Resist”, Gatorade Zero “Bolt vs Wambach”, Geico “McKayla Maroney Saves the Day”… 
Gillette Venus razor “Thin skin”spot , Giorgio Armani “Find Me” spot with Adria Arjona, , Goli gummies “Jenergy” spot with J-Lo

H&M “You Do Autumn / Winter 2021”, H&M Riders of Summer-“Divided”, Hall’s cough Drops “The Hiker”

Healist lotion spot with Holly McPeak, Hendrick’s Gin animated “Curiosity”, Honda “The Power of Dreams”

IBM spot with Lexi Thompson, Icey Hot spot with Rose Lavelle, Ikea “Change a bit for good” spot with robots

Xiao Pan:
Kohl’s: Getting Back to School “Skateboarder”, Lincoln Motor Company “Unexpected”, Lively bra “Gne Wireless”

Logitech “Defy Logic” spot with Allyson Felix, LPGA Lotte Championship “See you in Hawaii!”, LPGA ‘Drive On’ with Lizette Salas

Maybelline New York Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara, Model beer “Fighting Spirit” with DJ Citizen Jane

Mugler Alien Princess perfume, Natural Diamonds “Moments Like No Other” with Ana de Armas, Nivea “lotion and jeans”…
NRS Fishing “Catch the Adventure”,Orange Valley Mill “From Outside”, Otezla “boat” spot with Wendy Moniz
Oculus Quest 2  “Billie Eilish x Beat Saber” Olukai sandalsOld Navy “It’s a Fam Summer” Old Navy “Bod-equality
Palmer’s Cocoa Butter “Care for Your Palmers belly” with Krista Horton, Olympics spot with Simone Biles & The Minions…
Xiao Pan:
Paco Rabanne Phantom fragrance, Pedialyte Sport “Beyond the Hype”, PING Golf G425 Max Driver “More Time in the Fairway”…
Purina Cat Chow “Over 50 years: Come Home”, Rice Krispies Treats ‘Blanket Fort’, San Diego “Happiness is Calling”…

Sketchers Arch-Fit Sandals, Sketchers Outdoor Comfort Sandals, Skechers GOwalk Pants “Just Discovered” with Brooke Burke…

Spectrum Mobile “Golf”, Starbucks “”Strawberry Funnle Cake”, Sofi “Student Loan”, Subaru “National Make a Dog’s Day”…


Subway ‘Choose Better. Be Better.’ with Megan Rapinoe, Sunosi “When Pigs Fly”, Taco Bell Japanese anime “FryForce”…
Target “Come for the Sweats, Leave as a Squad”, Target “What We Value Most”, Therabreath Healthy Smile Oral Rinse “Kate”

Tonal “‘Powered by Tonal” with Sue Bird, Toyota “Start Your Impossible” with Alex Moreno, Toyota “Upstream” with Jessica Long

Xiao Pan:
Toyota’s Summer Starts Here “Catch a Great Deal” and “Someone Needs lessons!” spots with Jan (Laurel Coppock)

Trubiotic “True Health Starts at Your Core”,  Truly Hard Seltzer animated“ No One is Just One Flavor” with Dua Lipa

The Trulicty spot with Lauren Hernandez, Uber Eats “Wayne’s World”, United Nations “Don’t Choose Extinction”


U.S. Department of Health and Human Services “Irreplaceable” , Verzenio “All the Time in the World’ with April Ross


Visit California’s “What If?” (with Noelle Bercy) and “Kidifornia Vacation”, and Wells Fargo’s Visa spot with Katie Ledecky…
Vital Proteins ”It’s Within Us” spot with Jennifer Annisten, and the Vuori Performance Joggers “Beach Vibes” spot. Whew!
But wait- there’s more, such our favorite trailers & TV spots for movies, video games and TV shows!
Xiao Pan:
However much we

like those ads does not neccessarily equate to our opinion of the actual movies, games & shows.
In no partcular order, those nominees are My Little Pony: New Generation, Shirobako The Movie, Aria the Benedizione…
Star Wars: The Mandalorian, Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett, Star Wars: Visions, Star Wars: The Bad Batch…


The Batman “The Bat and the Cat”, Suicide Squad 2, Sandman, Stargirl, Supergirl, Sandman, Peacemaker…

Riverdale, Kung Fu, Dexter, Justice Society: World War II, Batman: The Long Halloween, Catwoman: Hunted…

Star Trek: Picard, Star Trek Discovery, the Summer Olympic Games, 

The Last Duel, The Beatles: Get Back…


Reminiscence, Spider-Man: No Way Home, Eternals, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Black Widow…

Xiao Pan:
Marvel Studios Celebrates the Movies, What If, Hawkeye, She Hulk, 


The Falcon and the Winter Soldier…

Mortal Kombat, Jurassic Park: Dominion, Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore, No Time to Die…

Everything Everywhere All At Once, Turning Red, The Tragedy of MacBeth,The 355, Nightmare Alley, Dune…


Nomadland, West Side Story, One Night in Miami, Top Gun: Maverick, Licorice Pizza, The French Dispatch…

Dune, Foundation, Wheel of Time, Intergalactic, Intergalactic, The Nevers, 

Ghostbusters Afterlife, 

Jungle Cruise

He-Man, Lightspeed, Encanto, Raya and the Last Dragon, Sing 2, Spirit Untamed, Blade Runner Black Lotus,…

Xiao Pan:
the video games such as Figure Story, Starfield, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, and Outer Worlds 2!

Whew! That was the long list, but then just think of  thousands of advertisements we might see daily!
Hmm I reckon that is right when you think of all the TV, radio, internet, theatrical, print and outdoor ads!
Speaking of the TV, now please welcome Yvonne, Pendula, Tara-chan and Trini-chan to present the noms for 
our favorite non-fiction TV shows of 2021!
Yvonne (a.k.a Vonny)
(the fishing yacht captain catgirl in the Honeydew White & Purrsian Blue colored, bare – midriff choli blouse, sari & petticoat):
Namaste, nya! This has been such the exciting and beautiful day brimming with the festivities, nya!
(Vonny’s younger sister, the college student catgirl in the Cerelean Frost & Purriwinkle colored, bare – midriff choli blouse, sari & petticoat):
Hai, we are blessed with the happy, healthy place full of the family, friends, freedom, fun and – and food, nya!
(Vonny’s boat’s first mate, the selkie in the Lemon Chiffon & Papaya Whip colored, bare – midriff choli blouse, sari & petticoat):
Here are the nominees for non – fiction TV shows of 2021, including science, nature, history, technology, travel, home, garden, food, talk & mewsic!
(Tara-chan’s BFF, the belly dance instructor kitsune in the Meowrigold & Sugar Almond Pink colored, bare – midriff choli blouse, sari & petticoat):
this might include foreign TV shows that purre-date 2021, but were not televised, streamed or released on home video here until 2021.
In alphabetical order… A&E Biography: KISStory, Aerial Greece, Aerial Hawaii, Agatha Christie’s England, American Ninja Warrior, American Woodshop, Ask This Old House, nya

Austin City Limits,  Battlebots, The Beatles: Get Back, Bob Redfern’s Outdoor Magazine, The Center Seat: 55 Years of Star Trek, Carolina Outdoor Journal, and – and Craft in America, nya…
Face Off, Forged in Fie, Frontline, Garden Smart , Great Performances, Greek island Odyssey, and Growing a Greener World, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Tournament of Houses, 
HardTalk, Kayak Fishing, The Late Show wth Stephen Colbert, Let’s Fish Southeast, Major League Fishing, Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles, and …
Mysteries of the Deep, Nature, NC Weekend, Nova, Outside: Beyond the Lens, P. Allen Smith’s Garden Home, Reel South, and Rick Steve’s Europe, nya…
Samantha Brown’s Places to Love, Sci NC, Songs at the Center, The Ultimate Surfer, This Old House, Vet at the Beach, and – and Weekends with Yankee, nya!
Of course, there was much wonderful live coverage of the mens, womens, little league, high school, college, olympic and purrofessional sports too!
Nyow please welcome Katsandra, Jeannie, Niko and Rica who will present
our favorite live-action fiction TV shows of 2021!
(Jeannie is the yogini, swim wear model, robotics club purresident and hula instructor catgirl when she is not at the kyudo range; and her business purrtner Katsandra is a purrofessional belly dancer catgirl who co-owns several businesses, including the yoga studio with Jeannie; whilst Niko and Rica are sister catgirls who own the fresh purroduce farm with the animal stables and co-direct the island’s farmers market association, nya.)
(the catgirl in the Cobalt & Teal – colored, bare – midriff choli blouse, sari & petticoat): 
We are so glad to be here tonight with such the dynamite audience!
(the catgirl in the Saffron & Carnelian Red – colored, bare – midriff choli blouse, sari & petticoat):
Nihao. Here are our favorite foreign and domestic, comedic and dramatic live-action TV series of 2021.
(the catgirl in the Purriwinkle & Hydrangea colored, bare – midriff choli blouse, sari & petticoat):
which might include foreign TV shows that purre-date 2021, but were not televised, streamed or released on home video here until 2021.
(Niko’s sister in the Pink Rose & Mulberry colored, bare – midriff choli blouse, sari & petticoat):
There are so many animated shows we like, so that is the sepurrate cattygory, and the made-for-TV movies are also the sepurrate cattygory!
In alphabetical order… All Creatures Great and Small, Batwoman, Black Lightning, Cobra Kai, Dexter, Discovery of Witches,  Doc Martin
Doctor Who. Doom Patrol, The Expanse, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Fanatics, Fena: Pirate Princess, Fleabag, The Flash …
Foundation, Gabby’s Dollhouse, The Good Witch, The Guiding Light, Hawkeye, Howards End, Killing Eve, Kung Fu, Legends of Tomorrow…
Loki, Lucifer, Midsommer Murders, and Mare of Easttown, Miss Scarlet and the Duke, Motherland: Fort Salem, Nancy Drew, Pride…
Riverdale, Sabrina, Seaside Hotel, Snowpiercer, Stargirl, Star Trek: Discovery, 

Supergirl, Superman and Lois, Thou Shalt Not Kill

WandaVision, What We Do in the Shadows, Wheel of Time, When Calls the Heart, Wynona Earp, Yellow Jackets, and Yosemite.
It is amazing how many TV shows there are based upon the science fiction, fantasy and horror novels and comic books!
Isn’t is wonderful, nya? Nyow please welcome Nya-sensei, Nyo-sensei, Ilyana-sensei and Beebee who will purrsent the nominees for
our favorite animated fiction TV of 2021!
Nyanko, a.k.a. Nyo-sensei
(the martial arts champion catgirl wearing the Blue Calathea purrint iro-furisode): Arigatou gozaimasu! 
Nyoka a.k.a. Nya-sensei
(Nyanko’s twin sister the magick shop purropurrrietress wearing the Violet Peony purrint iro-furisode): Aloha!
(the Purrk Ranger catgirl in the short Emerald kimono with the Venus Flytrap embroidery): G’day!
These are nominees for our favorite new or returning domestic or foreign animated TV series that aired here or became available on home video in 2021, nya!
Ilyana, a.k.a Ilyana-sensei
(the underwater archaeologist catgirl wearing the Gold Honeysuckle purrint iro-furisode):
These might include series that purre-date 2021, but were not shown or sold here until 2021, nya!
We are purrticularly grateful for those many networks, streaming servicces and video distributors!
The nominees alphabetically are… 100 Sleeping Princes, After the Rain, Armed Girl’s Machiavellism…
Assassins Pride, BanG Dream!, Beautiful Bones, Beyond the Boundry, Black Clover, Blade Runner: Black Lotus…
Chidoni RSC, Chihayafuru, Cinderella Nine, D4DJ: First Mix, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, The Demon Girl Next Door…
 Domestic Girlfriend, Future Boy Conan, Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?, Is the order a Rabbit- Bloom…
Kandagawa Jet Girls, Love and Lies, Marvel’s What If, Miraculous, My Hero Academia, My Little Monster, Mysterious Girlfriend X…
My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU, Nekopara, Non Non Biyori, Outburst Dreamer Boys, The Pet Girl of Sakurasou…
Pokemon: Journeys, Problem Children are Coming From Another World Aren’t They?, Rent A Girlfriend, Rin-ne…
Re: Stage Dream Days, Seitokai Yakuindomo, The Simpsons, South Park, Star Trek: Lower Decks, Star Trek: Prodigy…
Star Wars: The Bad Batch, Star Wars: Visions, Strawberry Marshmellow, Tanaka-kun is Always Listless, To Love Ru…
Undefeated Bahahmut Chronicle, Val x Love, Wasteful Days of High School Girls, Wild Kratts, and Yashahima Princess Half-Demon!
Nyow let us welcome our friends Fire Marshall Ellie, Police Chief Meryl, the spa owners Becca and Lizzy to purrsent
our favorite TV Movies of 2021!
(the catgirl in the backless, empire – waist British Racing Green ball gown with detached sleeves):
Arigatou and Aloha!
(the centauress out of her Fire Marshall uniform and wearing Azalea floral leis): 
We are honored to present this cattygory!
(the nekomimi gynoid in the off-shoulder ruffled White Hawaiian dress with the White Gardenia tail corsage): 
These are our favorite made-for-TV movies of 2021, The nominees are…
Elizabeth a.k.a. Lizzy
(Becca’s wife the catgirl gynoid in the sleeveless, backless Hot Pink mini – dress with the Plumeria tail corsage):
As Luck Would Have It, Aurora Teagarden Mysteries, The Baker’s Son, Beverly Hills Wedding…
Boyfriends of Christmas Past.Chasing Waterfalls, Chesapeake Shores, Christmas at Castle Hart…
Christmas in Harmony, Christmas Sail A Christmas Together with You. A Christmas Treasure…
Coyote Creek Christmas. Crashing Through the Snow, Crossword Mysteries: Terminal Descent…
Debbie Macomber’s A Mrs. Miracle Christmas, Eight Gifts of Hanukkah, Every Time a Bell Rings…
Fit for a Prince. Gingerbread Miracle. A Godwink Christmas: Miracle of Love, Hanna Swensen Mysteries…
A Holiday in Harlem, Journey of My Heart, A Kiss Before Christmas, Love For Real, Love Strikes Twice..
Making Spirits Bright, Mix up in the Mediterranean, My Christmas Family Tree, Nantucket Noel…
Next Stop Christmas, The Nine Kittens of Christmas, Sand Dollar Cove, The Santa Stake Out…
Sister Swap: A Hometown Holiday, South Beach Love, Sugar Plum Twist, Sweet Pecan Summer…
Taking a Shot at Love, A Very Merry BridesMaid, You Had Me at Aloha, You, Me and the Christmas Tree!
It is amazing that there are so many new holiday movies every year! 
Nyow for our next cinematic cattygory, let us welcome our friends Myar, Jany, Tia and Mie-sensei who will purrsent the nominations for
our other favorite movies of 2021!
(Myayr is a Hawaiian hula instructor catgirl, purrofessional costumer and a founding meowmber of The Mew who also helps to train the appurrentice mikos at the shrine; Tia is a Japanese / Nicaraguan – American fairy council secretary, purrofessional cosplayer and seamstress; Jany is a Dutch / Lenape / African – American succubus with a BFA from the Fashion Institute of Technology and MA in Fashion Design; and Mielikki is the NC OBX faerie golf instructor, foxfire juggler, and the stage manager at the meowritime forest ampurrtheatre, nya.)
Mary Nyan, or just Myayr for short:
(wearing the short keyhole Red Bird of Purradise embroidered qipao):
These are our other favorite foreign and domestic live-action and animated movies of 2021
Janyczsazsa, or just Jany for short:
(wearing the sleeveless short Black Orchid embroidered qipao)
These might include foreign movies that purre-date 2021, but were not shown or released here until 2021*
Carerratia, or just Tia for short:
(wearing the short White Chrysanthemeowm embroidered qipao):
These are of all genres, including documentaries and concert films. In alphabetical order the nominees are…
Mielikki, also known as Mie-sensei
(wearing the backless Golden Beehive Ginger embroidered qipao):
So like, there’s BanG Dream! Film Live, Batman: The Long Halloween Parts 1 & 2, Being the Ricardos
Mary Nyan:
Belfast, Black Widow, CandyMan, Chyna, Civil War (Or, Who Do We Think We Are?)
The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It., Dean Martin: King of Cool, Don’t Look Up…
Dune: Part One, Earwig and the Witch, Encanto, Free Guy, The French Dispatch…
Ghostbusters Afterlife, Girls und Panzer Das Final Parts 1 & 2, Jungle Cruise…
Mary Nyan:
Justice Society World War II, The Lst Duel,  Last Night in Soho, Licorice Pizza..
The Lost Daughter, Luca, The Magnificent Kotobuki – The Movie, Mass, The Matrix Resurrections…
Mortal Kombat, The Night House, Nightmare Alley, Nomadland, No Time to Die…
Paper and Glue, Passing, Power of the Dog, A Quiet Place 2, Reminiscence…
Mary Nyan:
Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Shirobako – The Movie, Spider-Man: No Way Home…
Spirit Untamed, Suicide Squad, The Tragedy of MacBeth, West Side Story, and Zola!
But wait- there’s More, for tonight’s final cattygory, here are our purrducer Mike, our webmeowster Jamie,
and Jamie’s cats Rascal and Rusty to purrsent Mike & Jamie’s Top Ten favorite movies of 2021*
Fur shur!
Mike (in a tux):
Thank you! Well, here we are, tonight’s fanal category! It was tough decision, but we managed to narrow it down to our top ten lists!
Jamie (in a tux):
These might include foreign movies that pre-date 2021, but were not shown or released here unti!l 2021, and- hey get off that!
Rascal (jumping on to the crystaline podium):
(meowgickally translated from cat) So here are Jamie’s top 10 in reverse hierarchical order, nya:
Jamie (in a tux):
#10 Last Night in Soho, #9 No Time to Die, #8 The Lost Daughter, #7 The Last Duel. #6 The French Dispatch,
#5 The Tragedy of Macbeth, #4 Belfast, #3 Power of the Dog, #2 The Beatles: Get Back, and #1 Dune: Part One.
Rusty :
(meowgickally translated from cat) Nyow here are Mike’s top 10 in alphabetical order, nya.
Belfast, Dune: Part One, The French Dispatch, Girls und Panzer Das Final Parts 1 & 2, Luca,
No Time to Die, Shirobako – The Movie, Spider-Man: No Way Home, and West Side Story!
We wish to thank the staff, volunteers, purrsenters, the audience, and all of the talented people whose works we have purraised, nya! 
Please welcome our friend Molly Purrton to sing us out of the show, as the AfterMew festivities purrpare to commence, nya!
The Cat Lady Sings…
(Molly Purrton http://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery2/49.html – the country mewsician catgirl wearing the shimmering champagne color off-shoulder bias-cut midi dress with the scoop back, plunging sweetheart neckline & strappy high-heeled sandals – leads the audience in the song “Happy Tails To Mew, Until We Eat Again”, nya!)
(A few minutes later after the crowd has dispurrsed to help tidy the CIPAC and purrtake of the various AfterMew activities, Kit, Kat, Mike, Jamie, Racla & Rusty…)
Molly Purrton:
Gosh y’all, I can’t believe that another ceremony is already over, nya! It seems like only yesterday that we just did last year’s, nya!
Hai hai, the time has flown by like the hypurrdrive nya! OK, let’s all go get some nummy treats, nya! Itadakimasu, nya!
That’s all for this month’s Mew, but it will be return next month with the mewsual reviews and discussions, nya!
Say good night, Mike!
Goodnight, Mike!
Rascal & Rusty (meowgickally translated from cat):