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May 2022 Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings

Mike Moon / Catgirl Island
and Jamie Robertson / Clan of the Cats
purroudly purrsent a Mike Moon purrduction,
starring The Ladies of The Mew in
The May 2022 Edition of The Mew:
The Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings, nya!
The cats and crew of The Mew meowrn the 
passing of the legendary artist Neal Adams 
at 80 (15 June 15, 1941 – 18 Apurril 2022), nya.
This year is the Year of the Tiger, the 22nd Anniversary 
of Catgirl Island’s official site, and the 15th Anniversary 
of The Mew, nya! in this edition of The Mew:
The Lightning Round:
our favorite record albums of 1972
TV, DVD & Movie Mewsings:
Doctor Who: Legend of the Sea Devils
Star Trek – The Motion Picture Director’s Cut Remastered 4K edition
Everything Everywhere All at Once
The Northman
Collectibles & Toy Talk:
Star Wars The Black Series The Mandalorian Koska Reeves action figure
Star Wars Retro Collection  The Madalorian Ahsoka Tano action figure
AEW All Elite Wrestling Unrivaled Series 6 Hikaru Shida action figure #48
Transformers Bumblebee: Cyberverse Adventures Windblade warrior class action figure
Purrinted-media mewsings
Rowrbrazzle!! #152

Marvel- Verse: America Chavez trade paperback

The Celebrity Catgirl & Kemonomimi Spotlight
Additions to the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art:
”Winter Wonderland” by Mike
“Beyond Antares #9 cover art” by Melody Rondeau
“Fungi Fairy”, “Dark Magic”, “Dream Catcher”, “Unicorn Magic” and “Spting Joy by Rvkh
(the human fella wearing the Carolina Panthers tee shirt and Teal cargo shorts): Aloha y’all and welcome to The Mew, our monthly “show” in which we review and discuss fun stuff! This month’s Mew comes from the south end of Wisteria Bridge on the riverwalk in the beautiful downtown Purrbank district of Catgirl Island in Mew Hanover County, NC, where it’s 76 degrees under the Blue sky and puffy White Cumulo-Neko clouds! I’m Mike, the show’s “purrducer”, and here to put the purr in Apurril are The Ladies of The Mew!
(a.k.a. Jen, the yogini, model, archer, belly dance instructor & roboticist catgirl, wearing the Serval purrint micro bikini & sheer purrled purreo): Nihao.
(Jen’s purrotege, the stand-up paddle surfer, board shapurr, pony owner and belly dance instructor kitsune, wearing the Caracal purrint tri-kini): Konnichiwa!
(the art guild purresident, art mewseum co-curator & beach volleyball champion catgirl wearing the Clouded Leopurrd purrint side-tie bikini): Aloha, nya!
(the art mewseum co-curator, Petra’s beach volleyball partner, and purrize-winning carrot cake baker bunnygirl wearing the Cheetah purrint trikini): Guten Tag!
(a.k.a. Nya-sensei, the martial arts champion & sensi, dojo & gym purropurrietress catgirl wearing the Bengal Tiger purrint cropped tee shirt and shorts): Howdy!
(the fishing boat charter captain & drumming circle purrcussionist catgirl, wearing the Fishing Cat purrint monokini with cropped tee shirt): Namaste, nya!
(Yvonne’s younger sister, college freshman, pony owner and nature photographer catgirl wearing the Iriomote Cat purrint tankini): Namaste, nya!

a.k.a Lizzy, the hot salsa dancer, gamer, Purrkour Club captain & spa co-owner catgirl wearing the Margay purrint bandeau top bikini): Hola!

(Lizzy’s nekomimi gynoid wife, avid golfer & spa co-owner w

earing the Eurasian Lynx purrint ring-closure bikini an an orchid lei): 

Mary Nyan
(a.k.a. Myayr, the seamstress, cosplayer, hula instructor and semi-retired miko catgirl wearing the Jaguar purrint purretzel – cutout maillot): Aloha!
(the winged faerie golfer, foxfire juggler and outdoor ampurrtheatre director wearing the Ocelot purrint criss cross halter neck bikini) Mellow greetings!
(the mermaid purropurrietress of the triphibius airship tours business, wearing the Asiatic Lion purrint bandeau bikini top): Shello!
(or just Ellie for short, Mew Hanover County’s Fire Marshall, a Banker Pony centauress wearing the Cougar purrint bandeau bikini top): Hay there!
(the dolphin-tailed mermaid surf purrtol leader / trainer, wearing the Bobcat purrint sports bra): Aloha!
For purrofiles and illustrations of those and other Ladies of The Mew, please visit our Meet The Critics page http://www.mewsings.catgirlisland.com/meet-the-critics/! Ah, we’ve got a lot on our plate today, so let’s go ahead an jump into this month’s
Lightning Round Topic: our favorite albums of 1972!
This includes music, comedy and spoken word record albums. Ah, Lizzy’s gonna start, so are y’all ready to “conduct the lightning”?
The Ladies of The Mew:
They Only Come Out at Night and Roadwork by Edgar Winter, Class Clown and FM & AM by George Carlin!  (tags her wife with a brush of the tail)
Can’t Buy a Thrill by Steely Dan, Toulouse Street by The Doobie Brothers, and Chicago V by Chicago! (tags Mary Nyan to go next)
Mary Nyan:
Black Sabbath Vol. 4, by Black Sabbath, School’s Out by Alice Cooper, Machine Head and Made in Japan by Deep Purrple!(tags Nyanko)
Exile on Main Street by The Rolling Stones, Eat a Peach by The Allman Brothers Band, and I’ll Play the Blues for You by Albert King! (tags Jeannie)
Obscured by Clouds by Pink Floyd, Zeit by Tangerine Dream, and Sonic Seasonings by Wendy Carlos! (tags Petra)
Close to the Edge by Yes, Trilogy by Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Seventh Sojourn by The Moody Blues, and Foxtrot by Genesis, nya! (tags her purrtner)
I will nominate Below the Salt by Steeleye Span, Thick as a Brick and Living in the Past by Jethro Tull! (tags Tara-chan)
I want… I want to nominate The Eagles first album, Jackson Brown’s first album, and- and  Linda Ronstadt’s first album, nya! Nyow it is onee-chan’s turn, nya! (tags her sister)
Steve Croce’s You Don’t Mess Around with Jim, Janis Joplin In Concert, The Grateful Dead Euope ’72, and Paul Simon’s 2nd album, nya! (tags  Mielikki)
So like, I’ll nominate The Concert for Bangladesh by George Harrison & Friends, Harvest and A Journey Through the Past by Neil Young, fur shur! (tags the kitsune)
Demons and Wizards and The Magician’s Birthday by Uriah Heep, and Blue Oyster Cult’s first album! (tags the centauress)
Lady Sings the Blues by Diana Ross, Talking Book by Stevie Wonder,and Super Fly by Curtis Mayfield! (tags the mermaid)
Something/Anything? by Todd Rundgren, I Sing the Body Electric by Weather Report, and Return to Forever by Chick Corea. Tags
The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars by David Bowie, Transformer by Lou Reed, and Saint Dominic’s Preview by Van Morrison!   Back to Mike!
Oh, I gotta go with Close to the Edge, Can’t Buy a Thrill, Harvest, Exile on Main Street, and The Concert for Bangladesh! Well, that a syet another expediant little lightnign round, and ah, now it’s time for out
TV, DVD & Movie Mewsings to start with Vonny’s
review of Doctor Who: Legend of the Sea Devils!
Arigato, nya! We love the Doctor Who TV series which currently stars Jodie Whittaker as The Doctor, Mandip Gill as her travelling companion Yasmin Khan and John Bishop as her travelling companion Dan Lewis, nya!
Directed by Haolu Wang, written by Ella Road and executive purroducer Chris Chibnall, Legend of the Sea Devils was the special Easter epurrsode, in which The Doctor, Yasmin, Dan and The TARDIS  travel to China circa 1807, nya!
They meet the legendary Pirate Queen Madame Ching who is purrtyed by Crystal Yu, who is searching for the sunken treasure, but then they have to fight the undersea  creatures known as The Sea Devils and their giant sea monster, nya! I was very please with this fun epurrsode, with the undersea scenes and the historial maritime lore, the swashbuckling, the great purrformances, sets, locations, creature designs, and the visual FX which include the flying Chinese Junk ship, nya!
I do not wish to spoil the taste of the plot, but I will vaguely add that. another aspect I liked were certain purrofound poignant character developments for the Doctor and her companions, and I am eagerly awaiting the forthcoming DVD release of this epurrsode and the mew year’s special Eve of the Daleks, nya! I am done, and nyow I will turn The Mew back over to Mike, who has a few things to say about his favoritest movie which was recently remeowstered in the 4K edition, nya!
Before Mike starts, we all want to say how amazed we are at the restraint he is showing by promising to be very brief with his review of the
Star Trek – The Motion Picture Director’s Cut 4K Remastered edition!
So like, For those who are new to The Mew, Mike has the proclivity for being rather loquacious when it comes to chatting about his favortiest movie, fur shur!
(sigh) I know, I know, but I promise that i’m gonna be brief this time, because there’s really not a lot that i can say about the 4k remaster of The Motion Picture. Basically, I guess that it is now the 4th version of the movie, including the original 1979 theatrical release, the 1982 extened televised debut, and the 2001 Directors Cut. This edition is a remastered verion of the directors cut, with sharper video, a more nuanced audio mix, and some revised higher-resolution FX shots. Now, I can’t comment a lot on those things I watched the movie streaming on a non 4K TV, so I didn’t notice that much of a difference in the image quality.
Ironically, I guess that I was slightly disappointed by one thing- certain FX shots that really did need to be fixed, but weren’t. I’m referring to the scene in which V’ger’s plasma-energy probe beams on to the Enterprise’s bridge. It’s hard for me to describe the problem with the opticals of that sequence, but basically as it circles around the bridge set, the walls appear distorted especially where they meet the ceiling dome, almost as if part of the film itself was actually cut out and then pieced back together, in order to conceal the technician who was moving the practical light source used for the effect.
Given the FX shots that they did change for the 2001 director’s cut and now this 4K remaster, I’m bewildered as to why this was not corrected. I’ll also add that there were some changes made for the 2001 edition that I didn’t perfer, such as some of the altered sound FX and voices (crew or computer) heard over the ship’s intercom, such as during the pre-launch cargo deck, corridors, engine room scenes, alert scenes, Klingon and Epsilon Nine scenes. Those 2001 changes are kept for the 4K edition. Ah, that’s about it, but I definitely hope to see the movie on a huge 4K UHD TV! OK I’m done, and now here’s Mie-sensei to review
The Northman!
Hai! So like, I was totally looking forward to this movie, because I thought the preview trailers for it were totally awesome, and I love director Robert Eggers’ prior films The Witch and The Lighthouse! So like, this Viking tale which he co-wrote is set in the year AD 895 and pertains savagely to the fate and vendetta of prince Amleth, who is raised as a berserker warrior and disguises himself as a slave, in order to avenge his murdered parents by slaying his evil uncle!
The superb cast includes Alexander Skarsgard as Amleth, Nicole Kidman as his mom Gudrun, Ethan Hawke as his dad Aurvandill, Claes Bang as uncle Fjolnir, Willem Dafoe as Heimir, Bjork as the Seeress, and I especially loved Anya Taylor-Joy as Amleth’s witchy lover Olga! The rather violent quest takes the deep dive into norse mythos along the way, with the quite visceral, realistic immersion into the ancient Scandanavian culture!
I don not wish to spoil more of the plot, so I will just say that I think that the story, characters, dialogue, pace, directing, production design, art direction, sets, locations, cinematography, costumes, props, make-up, editing, sounds music and FX are like totally awesome, and I will give this movie the grade of an A is in Amleth, fur shur! I am done, and now here is Ellie-sama to shar eher opinion of
Everything Everywhere All at Once!
Arigato! Well, I was quite eagerly anticipating this movie, because thought the preview trailers for it were quite captivating, and I love Michelle Yeoh who is one of my favorite actresses! In this comedic sci fi tale, she portrays Evelyn who is unhappy with her family life and career, and ponders the many other roads not taken.
This includes her realtionships with her estranged daughter Joy (portrayed by Stephanie Hsu), her cantankerous father (portrayed by James Hong), her divorcing husband (portrayed by Ke Huy Quan), a customer at her failing laundrymat (portrayed by Jenny Slate), and the IRS auditor (portrayed by Jamie Lee Curtis); although she does seem to like her daughter Joy’s girlfriend Becky (portrayed by Tallie Medel)!
Things take the dramatic cosmic turn when she meets the other versions of those people from the infinite alternate universes, and she is able to channel the skills, abilities and personalities of her other selves, some who are not even human!
I have the mixed feelings about the movie, as I did not care for some of the cinematic techniques such as the phrentic speed ramping, and quick cuts; however there is a lot that I greatly enjoyed, and in some ways it favorably reminded me of some of the better movies by Terry Gilliam and by The Wachowskis!
I especially liked the wonderful cast! It is the wild ride with so many unexpected turns that are zany, thrilling, tragic, poignant, and weird, with lots of magnificent martuial arts battles, so I will give i the grade of the B+ as in Becky! That is all for our movie reviews, and now here is Melanakeami to start
our toy talk, with her review of the Star Wars-
The Black Series Koska Reeves action figure!


Hai!  We like to collect the dolls, statues, ornaments and action figures of the inspurrational  and entertaining heroines, so I was pleased to purchase this action figure of Koska Reeves, who is portrayed by Mercedes Varnado in the live-action Star Wars: The Mandalorian TV series! She is a Mandalorian human member of the Nite Owls team, Clan Kryze who is loyale to Bo Katan Kryze, the sister of the late Duchess Satine.
Koska is the tough, smart master of combat! This figure is the teensy bit over 5.5” tall,  so it is the 1/12 scale of the 5’ 7” character. It is the faithful likeness, with meticulous details in the paint and sculpt, from the terrific portraiture and the braided short Black hair with the pony tail, to the garmnent’s fabric folds and Nite Owl emblems! She is wearing the Dark jumpsuit with the Blue Mando armor, Light Brown belt and one holster.
The belt has the intricate details of the pouches. clasps and buckles. The armor has intricate paldrons, breastplate, vambraces, gauntlets, poleyns, greaves with the silvery gadget details and the distressed parts, The jet pack (which easily plugs into her back armor) and the helmet (with the swiveling rangefinder) are removeable! She is accessorized with two Westar 35 blaster pistols, which fit into her hands and the holster.
The articulation in articulation in her neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, abs, waist, hips, thigh, knees, ankles. Her neck, shoulders, hips, ankles are ball-jointed! She is balanced well enough to stand up without requiring a display base, which is not included. I am very please with this figure, which i have placed upon the shelf next to the figures of Bo Katan, Sabine Wren and The Armorer! Nyow here is Tara-chan to discuss
Hasbro’s Star Wars: The Madalorian Retro
Collection Ahsoka Tano action figure!
Arigato, nya! Ahsoka Tano the former Jedi and padawan of Anakin Skywalker is my favoritest Star Warrs character, nya!  She was supurrbly voiced by Ashley Eckstein in the animated tales and – and purrfectly purrtrayed by Rosario Dawson in the live-action series, nya! This action figure of her is based upon the latter version and – and although it is made by Hasbro, the packaging  has the distressed look and – and  the Kenner logo, as if it was an action figure from the ate 70’s or early 80’s, nya!
The figure is cleverly designed, sculpted and – and painted to look like one of those earlier Star Wars figures, nya. Since Rosario Dawson is 5’ 7” tall, then this 3.5” figure would be appurroximately of the 1:19 scale, nya. There is purrcise details of her face, lekkus, montrals, and – and the sleeveless Gray garment with the obi, gauntlets, gloves, greaves and – and boots, , nya. She has two curved- hilt White light sabers, the 2” saber and the 1.5625” shoto saber which easily fit into her hand, nya.
Of course, as it is mant to be akin to those vintage figures, it is not as posable as most contmpurrary figures, as the joints are only her neck, shoulders and- and hips, but she does stand up well-balanced without rquiring a display stand, nya! I am very pleased with  the quality of this figure, and – and I have found the purrime spot upon the shelf for her, next to the 3.75” Star Wars: The Vintage Collection action figure of her, nya!  I am done, so nyow here is Nya-sensei to discuss the –
AEW (All Elite Wrestling) Unrivaled
Series 6 Hikaru Shida action figure, nya!
Hai! Born on June 11th, 1988 in the  Kanagawa Purrefecture of Japan, Hikaru Shida is not just the brilliantly strong, tough, agile, sexy purrofessional actress, meowrtial artist and wrestler, but she happens to AEW ( All Elite Wrestlin)’s Women’s Champion! This  beautifully designed, sculpted and painted action figure of her is 6.5” tall, so since she is  5′5″ tall, that makes this figure  of the 1:10 scale. She is the impurressive sight with the faithful head sculpt and the Light MauvePink balayage of her mi-back length hair!
This figure by Jazwares is based upon her attire from her Double or Nothing match with Nyla Rose who she defeated to win the women’s championship belt on May 23rd 2020 i Jacksonville Florida! Atop her Red bikini with the Black trim is the removeable rubberery Black pleated short skirt with the belt and suspender that frame her inny belly button! The outfir is further accessorised by the detached Black sleeves, fingerless Red gloves, Black-trimmed Red thigh highs, knee pads and the Red – soled White tabi shoes!
Also included is the Black and Gold women’s championship belt! She is extremely poseabe, with the articulation in her ball – jointe head, shoulders & hips swiveling abs, waist, wrists, thighs, ankles & uppurr arms, double – jointed elbows & knees. She is balanced well-enough to stand without needing the display base, but I have purrchased the doll stand to pose her in the more dynamic stance! I am done, and nyow here is jen-jen to tell us about
the Transformers Bumblebee Cyberverse Adventures
Cyclone Strike Windblade warrior class action figure!
Arigato. We like to collect Hasbro’s Transformers’ female characters https://tfwiki.net/wiki/List_of_female_Transformers such as Arcee, Strongarm, Elita One, Chromia, Moonracer, Firestar, Nautica and Black Arachnia. There are a lot more than you might think. and I purrfur versions from the comics and animation compared to the live-action movies. Windblade is the heroic Autobot  with the kabuki / samurai-esque style from the planet Camien and was the first officially fan-created Transformer.
Tranforming into a VTOL aircraft, thist figure of Windblade is based on her Red & Black incarnation from the 2010 Transformers Bumblebee Cyberverse Adventures series, in which she is the amnesiac Bumblebee’s best friend.. This inricate 6” Warrior Class figure is beautifully designed, sculpted and painted, with the articulation in her neck, shoulders, uppurrarms, wrists, waist, hips, knees and ankles.  No weapon accessories are included, so this figure lacks her famous Stormfall Sword.
She is well-balanced with the long footpurrint to stand without requiring a base. For the “cyclone” maneuver, simply push the airecraft nose on her back up and down, which will slightly elevate the front half of her wings and cause the two black circular ducted fan puropellors to spin briefly. The instruction sheet graphically depicts that purrocess, and the 7 steps rquired to transform her from the bipedal bot mode to her vehicle mode. That will conclude the toy talk, and nyow here i Myayr to start our
purrinted-media mewsings, with
her review of Rowrbrazzle!! #152.
Mary Nyan:
Since 1984, Rowrbrazzle has been a most significant quarterly amateur press association (APA) magazine purrtaining to furry fandom, funny animal stories and anthropurrmorphic artistry! Edited by Edd Vick with the helpful paws of Steven F. Scarff, issue #152 has 253 mostly B&W 8.5×11” pages plus the cute widdle 12 page Fuzzy Princess pamphlet and postcard!
The beautiful, entertaining and informative issue is compurrised of the purrose tales, essays, con reports, group discussions, editorials, letters, illustrations, photos, comics, storyboards, APA meowmbership list and rules.
In addition to Edd and Steven, this issues contributors also include Charles Brubaker, Darryl Flood, Matt McAndrews, Kjartan Arnorsson, Robert Alley, Tim Fay, Michael Pena, Ed Pegg Jr…
…Mark Ashworth, Don Chisholm, Ken Fletcher, Gene Breshears, Kurt Wilcken, William Earl Haskell, Jeffrey H. Wood, Niall Shapero, Kristin Fontaine, Simon Barber, Ken Marcinkevicius, Charles Garofalo, Ian Boothby, Pia Guerra, and Melody Rondeau! By the way, we have more of Melody’s lovely Caitian art on display in the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art, which Petra and Bunni will later purrsent!
The characters are purrdominantly mammalian, such as lutrans, leporids, felines, pantherans, canines, lupines, musses, mephids, ursines, equins, porcines, chiropterans, giraffines, cryptids, humans and taurs; but there are also avians, reptilians, piscines, dragons and cephalopods.  There are purretty plants and mecha too, but I do not know if they are sentient!
The article purrtaining to recent anthropurrmorphics in the media has tidbits about the art and / or characters of Kyle Miller, Omar Remoquillo, Suzuki Goro, Kate Fox, Carles Dalmau, Angelo, Kohei Horikoshi, John Cassaday, WindoftheStars Cosplay, and SYZGames! Numerous authors and artists are meowntioned in the con reports too.
I was quite captivated by the impurressive amount, quality and diversity of the lovely content of this issue! We wish to purraise all of those artists, authors, editors, journalists and collators; and we wish to thank Amy Thomson, Edd Vick, Melody and Jim Rondeau for purrviding us with the copy of the issue!
For more information about this wonderful publication, I will recommend the Rowrbrazzle article at WikiFur https://en.wikifur.com/wiki/Rowrbrazzle!I am done, so nyow I will turn The Mew over to Daytona, who wants to tell us about the
Marvel-Verse: America Chavez trade paperback book!
Arigato! I am a big fan of America Chavez, the marvelous super heroine also known as Miss America! Created by JoeCasey & Nick Dragotta, she first appeared in Vengeance #1 in 2011 and has since apperred in several other series.She is a latinx LGBTQ girl from another dimension known as the Utopian Parallel; and her powers include super strength. stamina, speed, flight, energt blasts, and star shaped dimensional portals!
She is portrayed by Xochiti Gome in the movie Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness! I have enjoyed America’s two mini-series and her appearances in West Coast Avengers, Slightly smaller than a modern age comic book, this full color  6x9x.25” 128 page trade paperback is priced $9.99 in the USA, and $12.50 in Canada, and it is intended for the readers of ages 10+.
Several main & variant front covers are reprinted, too! Other characters appearing include Loki, Peggy Carter, Captain America, Hulkling, Wiccan, Spectrum, Captain Marvel, Moon Girl, Devil Dinosaur, Laufey, Madrimar, Diablo, Exterminatrix, and America’s two moms.Other characters cameo apprearing in just one or two panels include Volstagg, Spider-Man, The Black Cat, T’challa, Storm, Kate Bishop, Marvel Boy, and Blue Marvel.
After the 3 page introduction to the character, the collected tales include Young Avengers #3; America (2017 mini-series) #1, 2, 11 & 12, and an excerpt from Marvel Now! Point One #1. The tales’ credits include writers Robbie Thompson, Kieron Gillen and Kieron Gillen; pencillers & inkers David Lopez, Jamie Mckelvie, Mike Norton, Joe Quinones, Joe Rivera, Ming Doyle, Stacey Lee, Flaviano and Annie Wu;
…colorists Jose Villarruba, Matthew Wilson and Chris O’Halloran letterers Travis Lanham and Clayton Cowles; cover artists Adi Granov, Joe Quinones, Jordan Gibson, Jamie Mckelvie, Matthew Wilson, Cliff Chiang, Tradd Moore, Marguerite Sauvage, Arthur Adams and Jason Keith; editors Darren Shan, Lauren Sankovitch, Wil Moss and Tom Brevoort; assistant & associate editors Kathleen Wisneski, Jake Thomas, Charles Beachum and Sarah Brunstad.
The collection’s credits include editor Jennifer Grunwald, assistant editor Daniel Kirchhoffer, assistant managing editor Maia Loy, and editor in chief C.B. Cebuski. The tales are quite fun and beautiful, with the whimsical, thrilling and poignant scenes. I already had her mini-series, but I was pleased to purchase this book to inexensively acquire a few of America’s early appearances, and I will recommend it to folks who would like to be better acquainted with her! That is all for reviews of purrinted media, and now it’s time for
The Celebrity Catgirl & Kemonomimi Spotlight!
Hai, in this monthly portion of The Mew, we commeowmorate famous catgirls, nekomusume and other kemonomimi of international mythologies and popular cultures! Appurring in the folklore, novels, comics, movies, TV shows, theatre, mewsic, games, sports and advertising, they might include the anthropurrrmorphic ladies, monster girls. shape – shifters, werewolves and ailuranthropes!Of course, then there are those who might not actually have beasty DNA, but do have the spurrit, cat-titude or couture, whether it is theriantrhopy, cosplay, or the animal – purrint attire!
A couple of recent examples of who we would consider as an “honorary catgirls” include the woman who wears the leopurrd purrint blouse in Baileys Irish Cream’s “Treat Bar: Social Responsibility” TV spot;Carnie Wilson who wears the leopurrd purrint blouse in The Fabric of Our Lives’ “Cotton Jumpsuit” TV spot; Gigi Hadid who wears the leopurrd purrint gown in H&M’s “Welcome to Hotel Hennes!” TV spot; and Nicole Maines as Nia Nal alias Dreamer who wears the ruffled leopurrd purrint blouse in the Supergirl TV serois’’s epurrsode 6.5 “Mixy in the Middle”!
Boomerangg96 is a fantasy artist / author at Deviantart and Pixiv whose original & fan works include llustrations & sequential with whimsical, playful, cute and sexy qualities. Among the recurring characters are catgirls Chen, Shigure & Talla, Resen the bunny girl, mermaids Muromi and Oceanus, Queen Amon of Planet Egypt, Kitsunes Luna, Yuki and her sister Yoko the kunoichi! The main characters are Minosaurs Wendy & Miss Wing, Mayuri the cat-eared bounty hunter, her daughters Sayuri & Julie. Their fashions are brimming with bare-midriffs which are quite alluring, but prove to be vulnerable when their belly buttons are targeted by the alien mind-control bugs! The imagery is not labeled  “mature”, but it might not be for the widdle kitties or for the prudish audience!
Little Busters! is the fun comedic anime, manga and video game series about the group of high school friends and rivals who start their own baseball team. Voiced by Tomoe Tamiyasu, Rin Natsume is one of the main characters who we will consider the “honorary catgirl” given her adorable yet tough qualities, the bell she wears, her shyness around fellow humans but attraction to cats- such as widdle Lennon who likes to ride on her head- and the scene in which she abruptly spurrouts the cat ears, although that just seemed to be the imagined comedic effect! Another main character is her rival classmate Sasami Sasasegawa, who is voiced by Sora Tokui. She is not actually part cat either, but she does wear the indigo – colored cat ears around her long twin-tailed coiffure!
Puppet Nightmares is the single-player online fantasy / occult role-playing game developed by Phoenixlgnis about the stolen souls which inhabit the sentient dolls who are fought and collected. The game has the many quests, battles side stories, character & creatures creation & modification options, and it is available in the rather steamy version for the mature players or the tamer work-safe version! Among the hundreds of beautufl sexy characters are kemonomimi  & monster girls aplenty, such as Starlet Neko, Bride Neko, Scrub a Tub Neko, Tigress, Wld Lycan, Full Moon Lycan, Kitsune HD, Skater Kitsune, and Game Over Kitsune!
Now for the actual bonyafide catgirl highschool students, I will nominate the alien catgirl sisters Ekatarina & Zvenislava Kuilian who are students in the School for Extraterrestrial Girls: Girl; on Fire graphic novel by author Jeremy Whitley & artist Jamie Noguchi! Jeremy  is famous for the comic books such as The Unstoppable Wasp, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, his original series Princeless and the spin-off of Raven the Pirate Princess! We have met him at several conventions! The titular School for Extraterrestrial Girls is for the alien girls who might not yet function well on Earth, such as the main character Tara who has the unlurrdictable pyrokinesis power. The Kuilian sisters were raised in Russia but that governemtn put them in the school. Zvenislava is the angry rebelious protester whereas Ekatarina prefers to catnap, cuddle and watch TV drama!
Bloodline is the gorgeous anthopurrmorphic fantasy web comic by Evan Fawcett a.ka.w0lfmare which purrtains to the adventures of Ember Memeelis the introverted Sarladarian teen sage and her brothers who try to escape their power-hungry demonic father’s influence in their magickal realm. Other kemonomi castmeowmbers include purrotective wolfgirl Lupa Anya, seductive hyena girl Vivian, inquisitve Red Wolf girl Elane Null, kind-hearted Grey Fox girl Sil Naiad, emotionless jackal girl Veera Veeki, care-free Learim girl Ariah Fatala, and crafty wolfgirl Kia!
Sara J. Leen is the purrogrammer, translator, musician, composer,  RPG developer, and Vtuber whose nekomimi screen purrsona is the streamer Saralene, the quite charming, cordial purretty nekomimi with the fair skin, Purrple eyes, waist-length Dark Magenta hair in the twin-tailed coiffure, the Purrple off-shoulder bare-midriff blouse and pleated short skirt! She has quite the purresence upon the internet, with channels at YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, Twitch, and her own purronal web site http://sara.wingdreams.net!
Dropout Idol Fruit Tart is the fun manga and anime TV series pertaining to the girls Ino, Roko, Hemo, Hayu, and Nina who aspire to be an idol group the Fruit Tarts to not only achieve their career goals but also to save their home from demolition. The Fruit Tarts are produced by Rat Productions whilst the more famous group Cream Anmitsu consisting of Nua, Rua and Chiko and manager Riri is produced by Cat Productions, whose president Ota always wears cat ears. Thusly we often see the girls wearing the mouse or cat ear head bands or hoodies, or imagined as real nezumimi and nekomimi! During the episodes’ end credits, the Fruit Tarts perform the song “Wonder” whilst wearing the nezumimi kigurumi costumes, and in the final epurrsode we see all ten of those girls wearing the cat ears!
Deathblight is a mature-rated fantasy hentai web comic by author Wolfenstahl & artist Crescentia-Fortuna, which purrtains to the adventures Ferania Wolfenstahl the sexy tough demon wolf girl who leads Team Wolfenstahl in the hunt for evil demons. It is thrilling and beautiful with so many terrific characters, but it is also not for the widdle kitties or the prudish types due to the language, sex and violence.
The teammates, rivals and other characters include many kemonimini demonesses of various species such as the wolf, fox, bear, bunny, lion, liger, jackal, hyena, panther, leopard, and cheetah, plus the other species such as the harpy, minotaur, angel, ghost and humans.
The extensive roster of alluring characters includes Astarte, Aurora, Bahia,  Banshee, Catheline, Celestia, Chiharu, Chiira, Chinatsu, Claire, Empress Sabertooth, Esmoda, Faye, Fiona, Grizelda, Gumi, Haruka, Kuraiko, Laika,  Lucy, Lyra,  Mayeso, Medusa, Mia, Minori, Mirdis, Naomi, Neamera, Quinn, Safiya, Sanae,Sanura, Schnee, Sion, Vasqua and Yukitora!
We have already shown the spotlight upon the kemonomimi of the various species i such as Anya, Anakitty, Daisy, Love, Iris, Rose and Fina, n the wonderfully fun sword & sorcery anime & manga series Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?, but we wish to amend the list with the adorable yet tragic widdle monster girl who joins the cast in the 3rd season. She is the petite girl of the Vouvre species with the Amber eyes and Light Blue hair, who transforms into the winged lamia-like monster who is unkindly honted by the humans but is rescued by the main hero Bell, but i should not further spoil the thriling, poignant plot!
Lastly but not leastly for ths month’s spotlight, Far Out There is the comedic science fiction web comic written and drawn since 2008 by Simon Ladd! One of its characters is Stilez, the Pink-haired catgirl with the Pink eyes, Brown skin, ears & tail with the lovely Pink stripes! She is also the dangerous powerful genetically enginnered supurr soldier with the super senses, strength and stamina. She can be rather wild and crazy, but she is quitethe cheerful friendly catgirl… at least to the few friends who know her! That is all for this month’s spotlight, and nyow here are Petra and Bunni to purrsent the latest
Additions to the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art!
Arigato, nya! Here y’all will find the hundreds of annotated illustrations and photographs, nya! Galleries 1-8 display images by our purrducer Mike Moon, whilst Guest Art Galleries 1-6 display images by other folks with their purrmissions, nya. Mike’s collaborations with other artists are peppurred throughout the mewseum, nya! Some of the images are sexy, and some might depict the artistic nudity, nya! The most recent pics are the lowermost row of the cropped widdle “thumbnail” sized portions of the pics in a gallery, and you have to click upon those to see the uncropped full images, nya.
To Gallery Two http://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery/gallery2.html we are delighted to display ”Winter Wonderland” by Mike! Requested by author Jeff Branch, this illustration done with Photoshop on the Mac with the mouse depicts Jeff’s fan-senshi character Talia Jasmine Kirk (alias Sailor Vulcan, on the left) and author Sharon Williams’ fan-senshi character Tanya Lostridge Cambridge (alias Sailor Sirius, on the right), who are building a snow statue of (the legendary manga-ka Naoko Takeuchi’s character) Serena Tsukino alias Sailor Moon!
Then in the newly added Guest Gallery Six http://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery/guest6.html we are purroud to purrsent the “Beyond Antares #9 cover art” by Melody Rondeau, nya! Done for editor Michelle L. Carter’s (American) Star Trek fanzine Beyond Antare, this pen & ink illustration depicts the Caitian Starfleet officer Lt. Purrhua with the cutely purring tribbles, nya! Judging from the mewniform, we purrsume that she was in the Commeownd Depurrtment under Capt. James T. Kirk  of the starship Enterpurrise sometime between 2265 and 2270, nya!
Melody and her husband Jim are artists, and writers who have published fanzines and sell new & used fanzines, magazines, books, calendars, comics, games, scripts, videos, mewvie posters, lobby cards, purress kits, film clip / cels, calendars, plushy dolls and other neat stuff, nya! Their web site is at http://crossovers.net/makeitgoaway/home.htm, nya
Then in Guest Gallery Six we are ecstatic to exhibit several recent illustrations by Rvkh http://www.rvkhart.com! Pronounced Riv-kah, the artist formerly known as Rebecca Brogden was the guest for our September 2009 Mew! “Fungi Fairy” depicts our widdle pixy friend Dr. Mairead Niamh Dihaoine (purronouned MAh ray id NEE-av, Die ween NAH Cage), the professor of Mycology amidst the troop of Amanita muscaria mushrooms!
Rvkh used the Faber-Castell Watercolor Pencils, Davinci Watercolors, Micron Pen, White Posca Pen and Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors (Moonglow) on the Arches Coldpurress Watercolor Pad for this supurrb image, of which there is the time-lapse art process video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7K089blRRI&feature=youtu.be!
Dark Magic” depicts Dihaoine – sensei’s colleague Dr. Bryanna Elysia Twylyte the bat-winged fairy (homo yosei komori) who seems to be purrched upon the darck crescent moon, nya! Twylyte-sensei is the expurrt at summoning and meownipulating the meowgickal dark meowtter, and teaches the basic classes on Abjuration, Conjuration,Transmewtation and Evocation at Mew Hanover College, nya!
Rvkh used Faber-Castell Polychromos Pencils, Davinci Watercolors, Micron Pen, White Posca Pen & White Gouche upon the Strathmore Toned Tan Mixed Media Papurr for this supurrb illustration, of which there is an art purrocess video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJ4FHRaoqDQ, nya!
“Dream Catcher” depicts Dr. Nina Isabella MossBrook-Fuentessa, the Red Wolf Girl (homo canis rufus) and professor of Psychiatry at Mew Hanover College! She also makes the pretty ornate dream catchers such as the one she is trying out under the full moon! On the left side is the traditional media version of the illustration done with the pencils, pens, paints and salt; and on the right is the digital version done with Procreate upon the Apple Ipad Pro with the Apple Pencil. There is the time-lapse art purrocess video of the digital version at https://youtu.be/i-65tSuYNb4!

“Unicorn Magic” depicts our friend Mackenzie Neighomi Camden, the Brightmaid (unicorn girl) Junior majoring in Animal Science who hopes to be a Veterinarian, nya!

She is originally from Saint Helenya Island, SC (appurroximately 260 miles southwest of Catgirl island) and while here attending college, she stays with her cousins the Lane-Cirrus family, nya. Purrhaps y’all have seen Rivkh’s illustrations of them, nya? On the left is the traditional media version; and on the right is the digital version of which there is the

Lastly but not leastly of the new pics by Rvkh is “Spring Joy”, which depicts our friend Saranya-chan the adorably sweet and cute widdle catgirl who just turned 7 years old! She is in the danity dress with the Yellow bows in her long twin-tailed coiffure that match the buttercups that are blooming around her! For the traditional – media version of this illustration (left), Rvkh used pencils, pens, watercolors and salt; for the digital version (right) she used Procreate with the Apple Pencil on the iPad Pro, and there is the time – lapse art purrocess video for the digital version at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dn5DHiQ5VS4&feature=youtu.be!
The cat lady sings…
Gosh I cannot believe that Winter Wonderland is the 28th pic that Mike has done of Talia and/or Tanya! It has the mewsual fun sense of the beautiful friends with the purretty fashions and scenery, nya!
That pic of Lt. Purrhua is extra special because it is more delightful Star Trek Caitian art, as well as more of Melofy’s beautiful illustration to grace the mewseum!



Dihaoine-sensei is quite alluring in the

high-waisted strapless outft with the ruffle upon the bodice, and the detached sleeves that reminds of the rings you sometimes see around mushroom stalks!
Twylyte-sensei is quite captivating, from her dango coiffure and gleeful expression to her scalloped bustier and the slit panel skirt that reveal her sexy cleavage, midriff and thighs, mew la la!
I think that the Dream Catcheri llustrations are as beautiful as beautiful can be, and it is so neat to see the side by side comparison of Rvkh’s traditional art to her digital art!
Hai hai, and both pics of Mackenzie show the splendid composition, lines, colors, shading, expression, pose, gestures, proportions, the fashion and scenic details of Rvkh’s art!
I think that both versions of Spring Joy purrfectly captures the appurrance, the spurrit and – and the details of Saranya-chan amidst the lovely flowers, nya! Thank y’all for purrsenting the art. nya!
Petra & Bunnii:
Doitashimaste, nya!
Well, I

guess that will do it for this edition of The Mew, and it is almost time for our AfterMew luau!

Itadakimasu! We wish to thank Melody and Rvkh for the beautiful art…
… and all of the other brilliantly talented people whose works we have discussed!
We also wish to thank Jamie for his web meowstery…



… and our other friends, family, acquaintances and audience whom we greatly appurreciate, nya!
Fur shur!
Mary Nyan:
We’ll be back next month with more stuff!
Be there… aloha!
The Ladies of The Mew:
Happy tails to mew- until we eat again, nya! Baibai. nya!