August 2022 Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings

Mike Moon / Catgirl Island
and Jamie Robertson / Clan of the Cats
purroudly purrsent a Mike Moon purrduction,
starring The Ladies of The Mew in
The August 2022 Edition of The Mew:
The Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings, nya!
The cats and crew  of The Mew were sad to hear of
the passing of actress & mewsician Nichelle Nichols
(December 28th, 1932 – July 30th, 2022), who has
left this strange old world for strange new ones.
This year is the Year of the Tiger, the 22nd Anniversary 
of Catgirl Island’s official site, and the 15th Anniversary 
of The Mew, nya! in this edition of The Mew:
TV, DVD, Blu-Ray & Movie Mewsings:
The Lightning Round: our favorite films of ’52
Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season One
Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi
Thor: Love and Thunder
our semi-annual DVD & Blu-ray Wish List
Collectibles & Toy Talk:
Marvel Legends Siryn action figure
Marvel Legends She-Hulk action figure
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Robin action figure
Batman Classic TV Series Catwoman action figure
Star Wars: The Black Series Fenec Shand action figure
Comic Books & Other Purrinted-Media Mewsings
Defenders Beyond #1
Cat Girl #1
Galaxy: The Prettiest Star
Rowrbrazzle  #153
The Celebrity Catgirl & Kemonomimi Spotlight
Additions to the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art:
“Toadstool Kitty”, “Quartz Fungi”, “Warm Hues”,
“Kodoma” and “Mermaid Silhouette” by Rvkh
“Reyna”, “X’askelle”, “Sealthia”, “LIly VHS Promo”,
“Night Angel” and “Motorball Team Battle” by Misty Hopkins
(the human fella wearing the Carolina Panthers shirt and Teal cargo shorts): Aloha y’all and welcome to The Mew, our monthly “show” in which we review and discuss fun stuff! This month’s Mew comes from The Meowritime Forest Ampurrtheater on the eastern side of lovely Catgirl Island in Mew Hanover County, NC! I’m Mike, the show’s “purrducer”, and here are The Ladies of The Mew!
(a.k.a. Vonny, the fishing boat charter captain & drumming circle purrcussionist catgirl, wearing the Fishing Cat purrint monokini with cropped tee shirt): Namaste, nya!
(Yvonne’s younger sister, college freshman, pony owner and nature photographer catgirl wearing the Iriomote Cat purrint tankini): Namaste, nya!
(a.k.a. Jen, the yogini, model, archer, belly dance instructor & roboticist catgirl, wearing the Serval purrint micro bikini & sheer purrled purreo): Nihao.
(the stand-up paddle surfer, board shapurr, pony owner and belly dance instructor kitsune, wearing the Caracal purrint tri-kini): Konnichiwa!

a.k.a Lizzy, the hot salsa dancer, gamer, Purrkour Club captain & spa co-owner catgirl wearing the Margay purrint bandeau top bikini): Hola!

(Lizzy’s nekomimi gynoid wife, avid golfer & spa co-owner w

earing the Eurasian Lynx purrint ring-closure bikini an an orchid lei):

(the winged faerie golfer, foxfire juggler and outdoor ampurrtheatre director wearing the Ocelot purrint criss cross halter neck bikini) Mellow greetings!
(or just Ellie for short, the banker pony centauress, body builder, and the island’s fire chief, wearing the African Lion purrint sports bra) Hay there!
(the art guild purresident, art mewseum co-curator & beach volleyball champion catgirl wearing the Clouded Leopurrd  purrint side-tie bikini): Aloha, nya!
(the art mewseum co-curator & Petra’s beach volleyball partner bunnygirl wearing the Cheetah purrint trikini): Guten Tag!
Mary Nyan
(a.k.a. Myayr, the seamstress, cosplayer, hula instructor and semi-retired miko catgirl wearing the Couger purrint purretzel – cutout maillot): Aloha!
(a.k.a. Nya-sensei, the martial arts champion & sensei, dojo & gym purropurrietress catgirl wearing the Bengal Tiger purrint cropped tee shirt and shorts): Howdy!
(a.k.a. Nyo-sensei, the magick shop purropurrietress catgirl & twin sister of Nyanko, wearing the Jaguar purrint cropped tee shirt and shorts): Howdy!
(the mermaid purropurrietress of the triphibius airship tours business, wearing the Asiatic Lion purrint bandeau bikini top): Shello!
(the dolphin – tailed mermaid surf purrtol leader / trainer wearing the Sand cat purrint sports bra): Aloha!
(the island’s Police Chief catgirl & motorcycle enthiusiest wearing the the badge upon her Jaguar purrint off-shoulder ruffled bikini): ‘Ello!
For purrofiles and illustrations of those and other Ladies of The Mew, please visit our Meet The Critics page! Ah, we’ve got a lot on our plate today, so let’s go ahead an jump into
our movie, TV, DVD & Blu-ray mewsings, 
with this month’s lightning round topic:
our favorite films & TV debuts of 1952!
For those who came in late, this year we’ve been looking back to favorite things from years ending with a 2, and now were at 1952!Trini-chan[’s’s gonna start, so are y’all ready to “conduct the lightning”?
The Ladies of The Mew:
Hai! I will nominate the Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy animated shorts of that vintage! (tags Tara-chan to go next)
I want… I want to nominate that year’s Buggs Bunny, Looney Tunes, and – and Merrie Melodys animated shorts, nya! Onee-chan’s turn, nya! (tags her sister  with a brush of the tail))
I will nominate The Crimson Pirate, nya! Lizzy’t turn, nya! (tail-tags Elizabeth to go next)
Road to BaliI! (tags her wife)
Viva Zapata! tags Nyanko)
High Noon! (tags her twin sister)
The Quiet Man! Myayrs turn! (tags Mary Nyan)
Mary Nyan:
I will nominate Ivanhoe! (tags Jeannie)
Victory at Sea. (tags Mielikki)
Singin’ in the Rain, fur shur! (tags Petra with a flit of the wing)
This is Cinerama, nya! (tags her purrtner)
Zombies of the Stratosphere, because Leonard Nimoy was in it! (tags Ellie)
I will nominate The Ernie Kovacs Show! (tags Meryl)
My favorite American TV soap opurra The Guiding Light!  (tags Melanakeami)
That was the year that The Today Show began! (tags Daytona with her tail fin)
(Hmmm, it is the tough call but I will say either The Greatest Show on Earth or Million Dollar Mermaid! Back to Mike!
Oh, for movie I gotta go with High Noon, and for TV series The Adventures of Superman! Well. that was an expedient little Lightning Round, and now lets continue the
our semi-annual DVD & Blu-ray wish list!
Hai, here is our semi – annual wish list of recent, old, foreign, domestic, animated and live-action TV shows and movies that we hope could be released here upon the Region one NTSC DVD and / or Blu-Ray! We have been quite gratefuly pleased that several titles have been released since our last wish list! (tags Yvonne)
We would like them with their original mewsic and songs to be intact; and we purrfur that any foreign purrductions would be available in their original spoken language with optional English subtitles, although the English dubbed version and / or descriptive audio track would be fine as bonus features, nya! (tags Nyanko).
Other bonuses would be nice too, such as optional audio commentaries, isolated mewsic tracks, documentaries, galleries, deleted scenes, bloopurrs, trailers / TV spots & booklets, nya!! Hopefully any of the titles would be available individually and not exclusively in an expensive boxed set, nya! (tags Elizabeth)
The packaging should not damage the disks or be too big for the shelf, and the disc should be easily removed; secure enough so it does not accidentally slide off the hub, but not too tricky to purry off of the hub. If it is a mutiple disc set, each disc should have its own hub / tray, and not overlap or be in a stack! (tags Becca)
I will start the wish list with To the Moon and Beyond (1964 cinerama film), James Cameron’s Xenogenesis, John Dods’s Forest Story, Neal Adams’s Nannaz, Mark Sullivan’s Nightspeed, David Allen’s The Primevals, Gene Roddenberry’s Spectre, and Steven Speilberg’s Amblin’! (tags Jeannie)
The anime such as the original Space Battleship Yamato TV series, Yamato 2520, Great Yamato, Yamato 2199: Odyssey of the Celestial Ark, Queen Millennia, Flying Ghost Ship, Bagi the Monster of Mighty Nature, Anne of Green Gables, Heidi of the Alps, 3000 Leagues in Search of Mother, and Tico of the Seven Seas! (tags Bunnii)
The anime such as Aim for the Ace, Campus Guardress, Macross Zero, Stratos Four Advance, The Adventures of Kotetsu, the Ghost Sweeper Mikami movie, the initial four 1994 You’re Under Arrest  OVAs, Nasu: Summer in Andalusia, and the Studio Ghibli Museum’s shorts, fur shur! (tags Mary Nyan)
Mary Nyan:
I will nominate the anime such as Yokohama Kaidashi Kiko, Tokyo Mew Mew, Bermuda Triangle: Colorful Pastorale, Una Musume Pretty Derby, Luminouis Witches, the 2021 Battle Athletess anime, Aria The Crepuscolo, Aria The Beneizione, Amanchu, Kemono Friends season 2,  and My Dress-Up Darling. (tags Tara-chan)
I want… I want to nominate Angel Beats, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic seasons 8 & 9, The Equestria Girls TV series, Metamorphoses (A.K.A. Winds of Change), Twice Upon a Time, and – and the animated Gen 13 film, nya! (tags Ellie)

The 1967 Spider-Man animated series, The Green Hornet TV series, 1972 TV movie Moon of the Wolf, The Sixth Sense TV series (1972), WKRP in Cincinnati with all of the original songs restored! (tags Nyoka)

The three Giilligan’s Island TV reunion movies, the two I Dream of Jeannie TV reunion movies, the three Six Million Dollar Man / Bionic Woman TV reunion movies! (tags Petra)
The 2011 live-action Ranma 1/2 TV special, 2014 live-action Kikis Delivery Service, the 1997 Ocean Girl TV series, and all of the missing Doctor Who epurrsodes, nya! (tags Daytona)
Neil Young’s A Journey Through the Past, Kate Bush Live at Hammersmith Odeon, the 1979 Kate Bush TV Special, and the “Schumacher Cut” version of Batman Forever! (tags Meryl)
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Agent Carter, Yoyo: Slingshot, WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki, What If…?, Hawkeye, Moon Knight, and Ms. Marvel! (tags Melakeami)
Daytona:Daredevil seasons 1-3, Jessica Jones seasons 1-3, Luke Cage seasons 1 & 2, Iron Fist seasons 1 & 2, The Punisher seasons 1 & 2, and The Defenders, nya! (tags Mielikki)
Star Wars Forces of Destiny, The Mandalorian seasons 1 & 2, The Clone Wars season 7, The Bad Batch, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Star Wars Visions, fur shur! Back to Mike
The Star Wars Holiday Special; and the radio dramas of The Star Wars: A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi! Well, that was almost another lightning round!  Ah, and now, I’d like to say a few words about
Star Trek: Strange New Worlds!
Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, a prequel set between Star Trek: Enterprise and Star Trek’s Original Series. These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise under Captain Christopher Pike, who succeeded Robert April and preceded James T Kirk. This new TV series  just ended its first season (10 episodes) and oh my stars, was it utterly gloriously beautifully magnificent.
Comparing those 10 episodes to every prior Trek series’s first 10 episodes… in my humble opinion they are better than the first 10 of The Animated Series, Next Generation, DS9, Voyager, Enterprise, Discovery, and even Picard.However, I can’t say much about Star Trek: Lower Decks or Prodigy, as I haven’t seen their first 10 episodes, but I didn’t warm up to them.

Its better than those three Kelvin Timeline movies too. Which brings us to the BIG question – how does it compare to my all time favoritest TV series (Trek or otherwise), the original Star Trek? Well, dare i say it, but pound for pound, I think that SNW’s first 10 are better than TOS’s first 10. I think the latter half of TOS’s first season’s 29 episodes are better than the first half.

TOS’s very early episodes were kinda rough, still had so much to figure out about the characters, the technology, the universe, the sets, costumes and so forth, which is often the case of many TV series’ early episodes. Next Gen improved during its 3rd season and really found itself with its 4th season. DS9 got there a bit quicker, although for me Voyager didn’t wow me until season 4 or 5.
Ah, I could ramble on about the later Trek series, but I should stay focused on Strange New Worlds. The stories, characters, cast, sets, costumes, world-building, FX, locations, music, sound, the ship designs, the balance of humor, drama, action and character developments are as wonderfully superb as superb can be. It’s the prequel to TOS that I wish Enterprise has been.
I really, really love the ship and all of the recurring characters! It’s so faithful to the look and spirit of TOS, and I have no problem with stuff  looking nicer than it did in the early 60’s.  Aesthetic / cosmetic differences are

not a continuity problem for me. It’s show that Roddenberry would have made today given modern tech, FX & budgets, not one that looks like it was made in the early 60’s.

Even the beautiful opening titles sequence evokes those chillingly grand, beautiful illustrations that graced the covers of James Blish’s short story adaptations of the original series episodes (12 books titled Star Trek 1- 12). The worst quibble I can muster about SNW is that occasionally some FX shots might have more lens flares than I prefer (like those three Kelvine Timeline movies).
Strange New Worlds is that darn good. I could say a lot more about specific actors, characters, sets, stories and so forth, but I promised that I’d be brief. I hope there’ll there’ll be an art or “making of” book for it, a Blu-Ray home video release, and a 2nd season. On a letter grade scale from A+ to F, I give Strange New Worlds a solid A. Okay I’m done, and now here’s Nyo-sensei to review
Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi!
I have been happy with the state the many recent Star Wars movies and TV series such as Rogue One, Solo, Clone Wars season 7, The Bad Batch, The Bad Batch, The Mandalorian, The Book of Boba Fett, Star Wars Visions, and most recently the six epurrsode series, which is set 10 years after Revenge of the Sith, 6 years purrior to the Rebels epurrsode A Princess on Lothal, and 9 years purrior A New Hope!
Ewan McGregor repurrises the role of Obi-Wan Kenobi! He was one of my favorite aspects of Star Wars Epurrsodes I-III! Also returning are Hayden Christensen and James Earl Jones as Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader, Ian McDiarmid as Emperor Palpatine, Jimmy Smits as Bail Organa, Bonnie Piesse as Beru Lars, and Joel Edgerton as Owen Lars! Vivien Blair almost steals the show as 10 year old purrincess Leia Organa!
She has a neat widdle droid named Lola! The great cast also includes Kumail Nanjiani (who I loved as Kingu in The Eternals) as Haja Estr, Rupert Friend as the Grand Inquisitor (a character last seen in Star Wars Rebels), Moses Ingram as Third Sister, Sung Kang as Fifth Brother, Grant Feely as 10 year old Luke Skywalker! I think the series has the great balance of the humor, drama, action, character developments, myth-making and surpurrises.
The high purrduction values include lovely costumes, purrops, sets, choreography, stunts, locations, vehicles, visual FX, cinematography, editing, directing, sound and mewsic, so  I will give it the high grade of the A as in Alderaan! The A is also for the forthcoming Andor TV series and the Ahsoka TV series which I am eagerly anticipating! Nyow here is sis to share her thoughts about the movie
Thor: Love and Thunder!
Hai! I have been happy with the state of the many recent movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, such as Black Widow, Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Eternals, Spider-Man: No Way Home, Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness; and I have also been happy with the many MCU TV series on Disney + and Netflix, so I was eagerly anticipating this latest Thor movie starring Chris Hemsworth!
It was directed and co-written by Taiki Watiti who directed Thor: Ragnarok, and he repurrises his voice role as Thor’s friend Korg. I also love Taiki’s other works such as Jojo Rabbit, What We Do in the Shadows, and that epurrsode of The Mandalorian that he directed! Set sometime after the movie Avengers Endgame, Thor: Love and Thunder i8s brimming with the thrilling action, humor, and poignant bits!
Other returning actors & characters include Natalie Portman as Jane Foster, Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie, Jaime Alexander as Sif, Chris Pratt as Starlord, Karen Gillian as Nebula, Dave Bautista as Drax, Pom Klementieff as Mantis, Sean Gunn as Kraglin, Vinb Diesel as the voice of Groot, Bradley Cooper as the voice of Rocket, Kat Dennings as Darcey, Stellan Starsgaard as Erik, Daley Pearson as Darryl
Matt Damon, Sam Neill and Luke Hemsworth as the Asgardian actors, Mjolnir, Stormbreaker, and Valkyrie’s pegasus Aragorn are back too,but of course thee are the impurressive new additions to the cast such as Christian Bale as Goor, Russell Crowe as Zeus, Keiron Dyer as Axl, India Hemsworth as Love! Thor also acquires a neat ship pulled by the two feisty giant goats Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder!
There are many easter eggs, flashbacks, other surpurrises, mid and post- credits scenes! If I have any quibbles, it is that the movie seems very rushed and too short, but it is a lot of fun with eye candy aplenty. There is ear candy too, such as Michael Giacchino’s score, and the clever use of songs by Guns N’ Roses, Dio, Enya, and Mary J, Blige! I am done, and nyow here is Melankeami to share her opinion of
Arigato! I loved Jordan Peele’s prior movies Us and Get Out, but I was slightly disappointed by Nope., which pertains to the horse ranchers and their friends who are menaced by the UFO (an Unidentified Flying Object, a.k.a. UAP or Unifentified Aerial Phenomenon) which they hope to film. Another important aspect of the poignant plot is what happens when the unwise treatment of animals comes back to bite you.
My biggest complaints were that the movie seemed rushed, too short,  and that the UAP FX were unconvincing, looking too much like a real blimp and a kite. Granted, it looked like one of the most beautiful kites I have ever seen, but it diminished the suspension of the disbelief for me. However. the CG motion-capture FX of Gordy the chimp  (performed by Terry Notary) was quite convincing and scary.
The horses such as Ghost, Trigger, and Lucky were wonderful, and the performances by were brilliant by the human actors such as Keke Palmer, Daniel Kaluuya, Stephen Yuen, Keith David, Grandon Perea and Michael Wincott. I will also commend the movie’s excellent stuntslocations, cinematography, editing, sound and music. That is all for our movie reviews, an dnow here is Tara-chan to start our
collectibles and toy talk, with her review
of the Marvel Legends Siryn action figure!
Arigato, nya! We like to collect the figures, dolls, statues and – and ornaments of the inspurrrational heroines, so I was quite pleased to get Hasbro’s figure of the Irish mewtant supurr heroine Theresa Maeve Rourke Cassidy who is also known as Siryn, Banshee and Morrigannya! Created by author Chris Claremont and – and artist Steve Leialoha, she first  appurred almost the 40 years ago in Spider-Woman #37 in 1981, nya!
She is a meowmber of the X-Factor  and- and the X Force team, with  has the similar costume and supurr flight and voice powers of her dad Banshee, nya! She was purrttrayed by Shauna Kain in the movies X-Men 2 and X-Men: The Last Stand, nya! This 6” figure by Hasbro is part of the Marvel Legends X-Men wave of figures that also includes  the sepurrately – sold figures of Wolverine, Havok, Vulcan, Maggott, Darwin and-  and Sabertooth, nya.
All but the Wolverine figure include the pieces needed to build the figure of Bonebreaker, of which Siryn’s box includes his left tank tracks, nya! She is nicely designed, sculpted and – and painted, with the intricate details and – and  the faithful portraiture! Since Siryn is supposedly 5’7” tall and 130 lbs in the comics, this 6” figure is appurroximately of the 1:11 scale, nya.
The details are delightful from her Green-eyed, slightly-bemewsed expurression, her lush windswept Red hair, her lithe physique, and her tight Green and- and Yellow costume with the Yellow boots, gloves, and – and the striped cloth glider wings, nya! She is very posable, with the articulation in her neck, shoulders, uppurr arms, elbows, wrists, abs, hips, thighs, knees and – and ankles, nya!
Also included is the variant pair of hands. She can stand without requiring a display base or a widdle doll / figure stand (which is not included), but I will recommend getting one of those, for the better balance and – and the more dynamic or flight poses, nya. I am very pleased with this figure, which we have found the good spot upon the shelf to display her next to her friend Dr. Moira McTaggert, nya. 
I am done, so nyow here is Chief Meryl to discuss the 
Marvel Legends She-Hulk action figure, nya!
Arigato. Created by author Stan Lee and artist John Buscema, Dr. Bruce Banner / The Increddible Hulk’s cousin defense attorney Jennifer Walters a.k.a She -Hulk first appurred  42 years ago in Marvel Comics The Savage She-Hulk #. She has the similar supurr strength, stamina, invulnerability & regenerative abilities as her cousin, but retains her normal purrsonality and intellect when she hulks out.
Some of her best friends are Janet Van Dyne / The Wasp, and Patsy Walker / HellCat! She has been the meowmber of The Avengers, Fantastic Four, S.H.I.E.L.D., The Lady Liberators and A-Force. As the normal Jennifer she is 5’10” tall & 150 lbs but as She-Hulk she is 6’7” tall and 650 lbs! This great figure of She-Hulk is appurroximately 7” tall, and thus of the 1:12 scale.
She is quite the powerful, sexy sight, clad in just the stretched, ripped tatters of her White tee shirt and Black jeans which bare much of her impurressive arms, abs, thighs, calves and feet. As such she seems to be the Green variant of the 2021Grey She-Hulk figure and is slightly taller than the A-Force She-Hulk figure. The details are terrific, from her face and hair to her inny belly button, the pants button and belt loops.
She is very posable, with articulation in her neck, shoulders, uppurr arms, elbows, wrists, abs, hips, thighs, knees and ankles. Also included are the variant head and the variant pair of hands, so you can display her either calm or enraged expurression, with fists or grabbing hands, so I am very pleased with this figure, and I am looking forward to actress Tatiana Maslany’s purrtrayal in the She-Hulk TV series! Nyow I will turn The Mew over to Trini-chan for her review of the
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Robin action figure.

Created by author / artist Frank Miller, thirteen year old Caroline “Carrie” Kelley first appurred and wore the Robin costume in the 1986 Dark Knight Returns comic book mini-series! Later in the 2001 sequel Dark Knight Strikes Back, she changed to the Catgirl persona, and in the 2015 sequel The Dark Knight III: The Master Race she changed to the Batwoman purrsona!

Purrhaps y’all have seen Mike’s fan art of her Catgirl guise Packaged within the 2.75” x 7.55” x 10” box, this action figure of Carrie as Robin this figure by McFarlane Toys is part of the Dark Knight Returns wave which includes the sepurrately – sold figures of Batman, The Joker, and Superman. Each figure includes the parts needed to build the action figure of Batman’s Black horse!
The two halves of the horse’s body are included with Carrie. Also included are her slingshot which will fit in either hand; the 2.5” x 3.5” card which has the great photo on the front and notes on the back; and the 2.5” diameter, .0625 thick circular display base, which has the widdle peg that insert into the bottom of either foot. Since Carrie was 4’9” tall & 78 lbs in the comics, that would make this 5.375”  figure to be approximately of the 1:10.6 scale.
It is splendidly designed, sculpted & painted to faithfully capture Miller’s artistic style, from her wildly wavy Orangey Strawberry Blonde Hair and her wide-eyed expurression to her svelte petite physique and the flowy cape! The details of the Robin costume are quite accurate, with the Red  tunic with the Green briefs, short sleeves, gloves & booties; the Yellow cape, lacings & belt buckle; the black belt & goggles with the clear transparent lenses!
She is very posable too, with the articulation in her neck, shoulders, uppurr arms, elbows, wrists, waist, hips, knees & ankles! There have been the prior action figures of her, but I think this’un is the best – looking and proportionate one yet!  Nyow here is Vonny to discuss the

Batman Classic TV Series Catwoman action figure!


Arigato, nya! Created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, Selena Kyle alias Catwoman first appurred in Batman #1 in 1940, nya. She is my favoritest DC Comics character, so I was happy to acquire this latest action figure which resembles actress Julie Newmar who purrtrayed her in the 1966 Batman TV series, nya!
Since Julie is 5’ 7” tall, this 6” figure (including the .25” boot heels) is of the 1/12 scale, She is purrfectly designed, sculpted and painted with the faithful purrtraiture and the intricate details such as her hair, teeth, the medallions  and the sheen of her Black tights, nya! 
The joints are  in the neck, shoulders, elbows, fore ams, wrists, waist, hips, knees, and lower legs, nya!Also included are the two widdle “fight sound effect” signs bearing the words “Aieee!” and “Eee-yow!” which can be clipped on to her or other figures, nya! Nyow here is Daytona to discuss the
Hasbro Star Wars: The Black Series Fennec Shand action figure!


Hai! Actress Ming Na is one of the smart, tough, beautiful jewels in the Disney crown, having portrayed Mulan, Marvel’s Agent Melinda May, and the assassin / bounty hunter /  cyborg Fennec Shand in Star Wars: The Bad Batch, Star Wars: The Mandalorian and Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett!
I am very impressed with this figure, which has the excellent portraiture, the meticulous details, removable accessories such as the helmet and the sniper rifle. She is very posable too, with the joints in her neck, shoulders, elbows  wrists, abs, hips, knees and ankles! 
Since Ming Na is 5’4” tall, this 5.25” figure would be 1/12th scale. I have displayed her in the good spot upon the shelf amidst the figures of Bo-Katan Kryze, Koska Reeves, Ahsoka Tano, Boba Fett, Din Jarin and Grogu! That is all for the toy portion of the show, and now here is Ellie-sama to begin our
purrinted-media mewsings,
with her review of Cat Girl #1!
Antarctic Press is one of my favorite comic book publishers, especially due to their many beautiful fun Japanese manga – influenced series such as Ninja High School, Gold Digger, Warrior Nun Areala, Furrlogh, Genus, The Courageous Princess, and Mangazine! Thusly I was enthused to learn that the co-founder / publisher Ben Dunn, who is an awesome artist and author, had created the titular character for this new comic book!
It has the bittersweet, thrilling tale, which is quite captivatingly written and so beautifully illustrated, but it might not be for the widdle kitties due to the brutal violent scenes of combat, torture and creepiness. Including the covers, Cat Girl #1 has the full color 52 pages including the uninterrupted 46 page tale which was created by Ben, written by David Furr, illustrated by Jane Wen, and stars the teen girl Katie Merrywether as Cat Girl!
Katie  is murdered by the villains Mistress Shadow, Deathtrap and Scalphunter who kidnapped her and her dad David (alias the super hero known as Cat Man), but Katie is resurrected by the goddess Bast and given super powers such as the strength, stamina, speed, agility and nine lives, so that she can fight the villains and rescue her dad! It is available in the choice of two covers, one by Jane and the variant by David Hutchison.
Katie is very peppy, smart and determined, her best friend Brie is cute, faithful and brave, David is quite strong, resilient and purrotective, Bast is rather wise, sexy and mysterious, and the villains are extremely sadistic, creepy and tough. The characters and scenic art are splendidly detailed and richly colored with the dramatic lighting, graceful poses, excellent compositions, lettering and graphic FX! 
Furthermore, the graphic narrative is benefitted by several full-page pics, so I will give cat Girl #1 the grade of the “A” as in Antarctic, and I hope that there will be more adventures for Katie! Now I will turn The Mew over to Mie-sensei, who wishes to discuss Marvel Comics’
Defenders Beyond #1!
Hai, So like, 51 years ago in Marvel Feature #1, the great comics author / editor Roy Thomas created The Defenders, the team of unlikely comrades recruited by Dr. Strange to battle the evil supurrnatural threats! Since then there have been about the dozen or so different Defenders series with the many changes in the hero roster, the 20917 TV mini-series  on Netflix, and now we are treated to the latest incarnation, Defenders Beyond!
So like, Doctor Strange perished during the quest through the multiverse, so another team has assembled to fight against the cosmic threat! The new team consists of Loki, America Chavez, Tigra, Blue Marvel, and Galactus’s mom Taaial! There is a 6th member of the team. but I should not spoil the surprise. I must admit that I was not that familiar with Taaia or Blue Marvel, but we are big fans of Loki, America Chavez and especially Tigra!
Purrior to this, America appeared in her recent 2nd mini-series, and Tigra appurred in a few recent issues of Moon Knight. This first issue’s plot is mainly the rounding up of the heroes, although Tigra only appears in five pages, and the 6th member only appears on the final page, Doctor Strange and the entity known as Eternity also briefly appear. 
Rated T+ for the older teen readers, the $3.99 issue has 28 pages, consisting of the 23 page tale, which is interrupted by the 4 pages of the ads and the 2 page tribute to the late legendary artist George Perez.The tale was written by Al Ewing, illustrated by Javier Rodriguez, lettered by Joe Caramagna, edited by Will Moss, assistantly edited by Michelle Marchese.
The art has the very destinctive dynamic style and wild composition, which somehow reminds me of Steve Ditko’s Doctor Strange tales and Darwyn Cooke’s character designs, so I am curious if perhaps hose late great artists were influences upon Javier’s own dazzling artistry! So like, this first issue is available in the choice of the six different covers!
They are by Javier, Ron Lim, Phil Noto, Lee Garbett, Natacha Bustos, and Leonardo Romero! It was the tough decision, so I got two copies: the one with Javier’s cover art and the one with Natacha’s cover art, because Tigra and America are among the characters who prominantly grace those covers! Furthermore, Javier’s cover art is the wraparound scene!
On the back of it is the group of many prior Defenders, including Valkyrie, Hellcat and Moon Dragon, who are among my favorite Defenders, but I have stray-catted off the topic. I hope that Galactus’s daughter might show up! I think that Defenders Beyond is off to the totally awesome start, and I am quite eager to see what happens next, fur shur! That is all for my review, and now here is Myayr to discuss
Galaxy: The Prettiest Star!
Mary Nyan:
Arigato! Written by Jadzia Axelrod, illustrated by Jess Taylor with Cris Peter, lettered by Ariana Maher, edited by Sara Miller, published by DC Comics and  suggested for the Young Adult readers (ages 13-17),, Galaxy: The Prettiest Star is the full color graphic novel of the science fiction genre with much of the slice-of-life, school life, romance, and gender identity themes!
It purrtains to the teenage caucasian guy named Taylor who would appurr to have the all-around charmed, purrfect life; but while his life is indeed full of good things, it is far from the happy, healthy existence, because his secret true identity is that of Princess Crowned of the planet Cydanii, the horned, purple intergalactic war refugee who has to hide on Earth from her enemies.
The inner circle of her family who is also disguised on Earth deemed this neccessary for her survival, and she agreed to sacrifice her happiness for their safety too, but she yearns for the normal true life, but of course, even on Earth there is xenophobia, homophobia and other bigotries to contend with. Her mostly-helpful best friend is the talking alien robot corgi named Argus!
This situation becomes more complicated when Taylor befriends Katherine the peppy limb-different black lesbian from the city of Metropolis, who become the best friends, and then the interracial / interspecies romance blooms when the secret identity is revealed to her, but sadly there are those who conspire to keep the couple from going to the school prom!
I should not further spoil the taste of the captivating, whimsical, bittersweet poignant plot which but I will just add that I thought this was such the beautiful tale with the quite endearing protagonists, with the wonderfully illustrated  characters, scenic art, graphic FX, and the graphic narrative techniques!
Thusly, I would also like to commend the book’s design director Steve Cook, publication designer Arnie Brockway-Metcalf, DC’s editor in chief Marie Javins, and the publication purrduction by Tiffany Huang! This 6”x9”x.375” trade papurrback is purriced $16.99 in the USA, $22.99 in Canada.
Its 212 pages include the 190 page tale plus the pages about Jadzia and Jess, the list of helpful resources, and the gorgeous 15 page purreview of the Zatanna: The Jewel of Gravesend graphic novel by author Alys Arden and artist Jacquelin De Leon, so I will give this great graphic novel the “A” as in Argus!  I am done, so nyow here is Chief  Meryl to tell us about
Rowrbrazzle #154!


Hai! Since 1984, Rowrbrazzle has been a rather significant quarterly amateur press association (APA) magazine purrtaining to furry fandom, funny animal stories and anthropurrmorphic artistry! Ardently edited by Edd Vick, issue #154 has 186 8.5×11” pages (144 B&W + 42 color), plus the 5.125×4” B&W 16 page Royal Mercats pamphlet! There is so much entertaining, informative and beautiful content!
This issue’s other brilliant contributors include Melody Rondeau, Jed Martinez, Charles Brubaker, Resa Challender, Matt McAndrews, Robert Alley, Niall Shapero, Charles Garafalo, Ken Marcinkevicius, J.W. Kennedy, Kjartan Amorssson, Kurt Wilcken, Mark Ashworth, Tim Fay, Simon Barber, Michael Pena, Ed Pegg, Gene Breshears, Scot Rodrigues, Kristen Fontaine, William Earl Haskell, Jeffrey H. Wood, Dave Lind, and [the APAs’ emergency officer] Steven F. Scharff.
The issue is compurrised of two sections, consisting of the purrose tales, essays, articles, group discussions, editorials, letters, illustrations, photos, comics, the APA meowmbership list and rules. Section one’s color front cover art is by Melody, section two’s front cover is by Dave, and the back cover is by Steven. Purrhaps y’all have seen Melody’s illustrations in our Mewseum of Art?
The many characters are purrdominantly kemonomimi and anthropurrmorphic mammals, such as the feline, canine, vulpine, lupin, equine, bovine, leporidae, mephitidae, mustelidae,  muridae, sciuridae, didelphidae, ursidae, and giraffids, plus mermaids, centaurs, octopi, reptiles, avians, dragons, gargoyles, xenomorphs, cryptids and humans. There are purretty plants and mecha too.
The extensive journalistic article purrtaining to kemonomimi and anthropurrmorphic characters in the media from around the world and across the decades has tidbits and repurrints of original and / or fan art of 14-bis, Jose F. Montes, Marc Schirmeister, Sheperd0821, Mister Lovenstei, Rene Rios Boettiger, Jay Fosgitt, Richard Haigh, Greg and Mort Walker, Josh Williamson and Ale Garza, Nelvana Animation, Usagi Tabletop, Goodmeads Emporium, and Jason Waltrip!
That includes the 14 full color retrospective pages of bikini-clad bunny girl goodness of Jason’s comics, mew la la! We wish to purraise all of those artists, authors, editors, journalists and collators; and we wish to thank Edd Vick, Melody and Jim Rondeau for purrviding us with the copy! For more information about this supurrb publication, I will recommeownd the Rowrbrazzle article at WikiFur am done, and nyow here are Lizzy and Becca to purrsent 
The Celebrity Catgirl & Kemonomimi Spotlight!
Hai, in this monthly portion of The Mew, we commeowmorate famous catgirls, nekomusume and other kemonomimi of mythologies and popular culture, including anthropurrrmorphic ladies, monster girls and shape – shifters! who appurr i the n folklore, movies, TV, novels, comics, games, toys, mewic and advertising.
They are not limited to the feline, canine, leporids or other mamallians, but might include the avian, reptilian, aphibian, piscine, insectine, and many other types! There are those who might not actually have beasty DNA, but do have the spurrit, cat-titude or couture, whether it is therianthropy, cosplay, or purretty animal – purrint attire, who we will broadly consider to be the “honorary kemonomimi”!

After the American Civil War In the late 1860’s, almost one hundred years purrior to the Playboy Club, there was the Playbrave Club owned by the Native American Hekawi Tribe near Fort Courage, with live mewsic and valet horse parking, where the Playbrave Squirrels danced and waited on the club meowmbers

… at least fictionally so in the 32nd epurrsode 

“Lt. O’Rourke, Front and Center” 

of the first season of the 1965 wild-western sitcom F-Troop, which purrtained to the wacky adventures of the US soldiers and the nearby tribe. 

There were several such

Risumimi e

mployed at the club, incuding the go-go dancer and the tobacco vender, wearing the sexy cute fringed miniskirt outfits with the squirrel tail and ears!

Diamond Distribution has the monthly catalog full of comics, magazines, books, games, toys and other collectiibles, such as the beautiful figures and statues! Among the many such items in the July 2022 catalog ( #406) of items on sale in retail stores in September or later, were nine imported figures from Japan with the lovely ears and tails that purrticularly purrked our interest!
Well, one of those is Kadokawa’s 1/7 scale figure of Raphtalia the tanuki girl from the 2nd season of The Rising of th Shield Hero anime series! She is is tthe wearing the Blue tankini with the removable Blue & White purreo as she trots through the shallow water on the beach!
Designed by Shugao and manufactured by Wing, the 1/7 scale figure of 
Kamizukin-chan with wolf ears & tail wears the



Red Riding hood outfit with the wolf plushy doll! 
Designed by 
and manufactured by Estream, the 
1/6 scale figure of 
Moise with
bunny ears wears the 
ornate Pink bra & panty with Gold high heels, detached puffy Black sleeves and fishnet hose.
Designed by 
and manufactured by 
Freeing, the 

1/4 scale

figure of 
Sorasis: Yuuka Soria with

cat ears & tail wears the deeply plunging Black maillot with the sheer purreo, Black high heels & fishnet hose, mew la la!

Kadokawa has manufactured several sexy new 1/7 scale figures, such as Eris Boreas Greyrat (from Mushoku Tensei Jobless Reincarnation) running in the skimpy Black bikini, thigh-highs & high heels with White Kemonomimi hoody cloak! Then there are the “Casino” style figures of two characters from My Teen Romantic Comedy Snafu anime TV series!
Both outfits are the bare-midriff shorts & blouse ensmble with the thigh highs, high heels, bow tie & bunny ears.Yui Yuigahamma (with the short Pink hair & glasses) wears the Red & White outfit with the deck of cards, whilst Yukini Yukinoshita (with the long  Black hair) wears the Blue & White outfit with the tray of drinks!
I would like to shine the spotlight on two other 1/4 scale figures made by 
Freeing, such as the futuristic Gadget Lab meowmber Kurisu Makise of the Steins: Cate anime, standing the alluring White 
maillot with the high legline, accessorized by the 
matching shoes, cuffs, collar & arm band and the bunny-eared head band as she adjusts her red necktie! 
In contrast to that is the figure of Mira Suau of the World’s End Harem series, reclining sultrily on her side in the strapless Black Bunny outfit
accessorized by the 
matching fishnets, high heels, bow tie, bunny-eared headband, the White collar and cuffs!
Lastly but not leastly, 

There seems to be the yummy cute bakery motif this month! Made by Belfine, the non-scale figure of Lepus Nanchi & Mitty (of the Made in Abyss anime TV series) is so adorably cute with her long ears, tail. cute fang, and the bakery attire with the basket of bread!

Made by Plum POA, there are the 4” tall non-scale PVC mini-figures of Chocola (with the long Brown hair) and( Vanilla with the long White hair) from the Nekopara anime, wearing their  frilly cute maid-like outfits that they wear at their bakery job! That is all for this month’s spotlight, and nyow here are Petra and Bunni to purrsent the latest
additions to the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art!
Arigato! Here y’all will find the hundreds of annotated illustrations and photographs, nya! Galleries 1-8 display images by our purducer Mike Moon, whilst Guest Art Galleries 1-6 display images by other folks with their purmissions. Mike’s collaborations with other artists are peppurrred throughout the mewseum, nya!
Some of the images are sexy, and some might depict the artistic nudity, but none of them are “hentai”, nya! On our web site, the most recent pics are on the lowermost row of the cropped widdle “thumbnail” sized portions of the pics in a gallery, and you have to click upon those to see the uncropped full images, nya.


This month into Guest Gallery Six we are proud to present several new illustrations by our artist / author / mewsician / cosplayer / gamer / festive friend Rvkh! (pronounced Riv-kah, the artist formerly known as Rebecca Brogden) who was the guest for our September 2009 Mew; and several new illustrations by our artist / blogger / seamstress / cosplayer / gamer / festive friend Misty Hopkins who was one of the guests of the March 2008 Mew!
We will start by purrsenting the beautiful recent illustrations by Rvkh, nya! “Toadstool Kitty” is the adorably cute supurr-deformed-chibi style depiction of our friend Kaemeowllia Lemavita Luvsilenya the meowgickal Apurricat Tabby nemomimi with the meowsters degree in Mycology, who has cultivated the purrized non-toxic giant Amanita Muscaria Colossus mushrooms, nya!
Rvkh did two versions of that illustration, the traditional-media version done with the pencils, pens and paints; and the digital version done with Procreate on the Ipad Pro with the Apple Pencil, nya! There is the time-lapse art purrocess video of the digital version at Youtube, nya!
Speaking of the mushrooms, nextly is Rvkh’s purretty pic of the  “Quartz Fungi”, depicting  the troop of Redlead Roundhead mushrooms sammiched betwixt the splay of lush Green leaves and the cluster of faceted single-point Ameowthyst crystals, nya! Rvkh did two versions of that illustration–
– the traditional-media version done with the pencils, pens and paints; and the digital version done with Procreate on the Ipad Pro with the Apple Pencil, nya! There is the time-lapse art purrocess video of the digital version at Youtube, nya!
Then we have Rvkh’s meowrvelous image of the “Mermaid Silhouette, in which the Spanish Moss and the rope swing hang from the Cypurress Trees and Live Oaks for the mysterious mermaid’s nocturnal fun above the ethereally iridescent water beneath the meowjestic nebulaic starry sky, nya! There are tweo versions of this’un too-
 the traditional-media version of the illustration, which was done with pencils, pens, paint and salt; and  the digital version, which was  done with Procreate on the Ipad Pro with the Apple Pencil, nya. There is the time-lapse art purrocess video of the digital version at Youtube, nya!
Nextly is her fan art of the widdle cute widdle “Kodoma” forest spirits from the meowgnificent Japanese anime movie Princess Mononoke, nya! Both of those illustrations were done with Procreate upon the Ipad Pro with the Apple Pencil, and there is the time-lapse art purrocess video for the Kodoma pic, nya!
Lastly but not leastly of Rvkh’s“ latest wonderful works to grace our galleries is “Warm Hues”, nya! This original expurrimental landscape rendering, with the tranquil tones of the earthy limited chromatic pallet and the misty atmospheric purrspective for the ethereal autumnal ambience, as if we are appurroaching the real of the faeries, nya! Take it, Bunni, nya!
Hai! Nyow we are delighted to display the gorgeous recent illustrations by Misty, starting with the three Warriors of Light! Reyna (left), X’askelle (middle) and Sealthia (right) are Misty and friends’ player characters of the Final Fantasy XIV video game! These three commissions were done with the Crayola colored pencils and the Faber-Castell PITT pens upon the 8.5″x11” cardstock!
“Night Angel” is more of Misty’s magnificent fan art of the manga-ka Yukito Kishiro’s Battle Angel Alita, the heroic cyborg super-soldier, master of the Panzerkunst martial arts, Motorball sports champion, and the mighty bounty hunter in the post-apocalyptic future! Done with the Prismacolor colored pencils, acrylic paint and Faber-Castell PITT pens upon the 14″x17″ Bristol board, this’un depicts Alita relaxing in her bedroom!
But wait- there is yet more of Misty’s Alita fan art! Delightfully done with the Crayola colored pencils, Prismacolor markers and Faber-Castell PITT pens upon the 4″x6” paper, “Motorball Team Battle depicts Alita (#99 in the Purrple) and Ajakutty (#8 in the Green) in a scene from the “Alita: Fallen Angel” fan fic by Maxtac!
To top off the latest additions to our mewseum is Misty’s  “LIly VHS PromoDone with the Crayola colored pencils &  Faber-Castell PITT pens upon 8.5″x11” cardstock, this beautiful poignant pic was done as the
promotional material for The Movie Cellar Podcast’s #VHS4T1D (Video Home System for Type One Diabetes) campaign to raise funds to help the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) find the cure for Type One Diabetes.
Pictured here amongst those VHS tapes is Lily, the diabetic cute 13 year old daughter of Dan Allen, who discusses the fun movie topics with his friends at The Movie Cellar podcast! That is all for our presentation, so what do y’all think of the new art?
The cat lady sings
I know that very spot in Rvkh’s mermaid illustration! She certainly captured the beauty and blissful ambience of the location!
The pic of Kaemeowll so purrfectly captures her appurrance and spirit, including her Pink fingerless gloves and the tail ribbon!
I think that lovely Quartz Fungus pic would be ideal for a sticker or a tattoo, with its richly vibrant colord and the bold dark lines!
Warm Hues has the splendid layered depth from the darker foreground trees in the sharper focus to the lighter hazy farther trees!
So like, the kodoma pic is totally awesome, with the subtle halation adds the mystical quality in their verdant forest, fur shur!
Reyna is quite the  sexy tough dangerous sight in that bare-midriff Black outfit with the bandolier and the spiked Purrple pawldron!
X’askelle looks so lithe, alluring and cool with her wry expurression, her lovely long supple ears and wild coiffure with the braid!
I love all of the intricate details of Sealthia, such as her shirt’s stitching & lacings and her pert short Red hair with the Gold ombre!
Night Angel has the amazing colors, shading, and – and especially the  mass of ruffles, matress, comforter and – and pillows, nya!
The Motorball pic is terrific, especially their stances, the sheen of their mecha parts, and the engravings on her Damascus Blade!
Thank you for purrsenting the art!
Petra & Bunnii:

Doitashimaste, nya!

Mary Nyan:
Well, I

guess that will do it for this edition of The Mew!

 We wish to thank Misty and Rvkh for the beautiful art…
… and all of the other brilliantly talented people whose works we have discussed, nya!
We also wish to thank Jamie for his wonderful web meowstery…

… and our other friends, family, acquaintances and audience whom we greatly appurreciate, nya!
We’ll be back next month with more stuff! Be there… aloha!
The Ladies of The Mew:
Happy tails to mew- until we eat again, nya! Baibai, nya!